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Cromen to RNG
Denmark P1ngUIsDaBest 
Ez top 1
2018-07-13 06:46
United States burzeus 
kick jkaem or replace nifty?
2018-07-13 06:48
Italy steven513 
-jks or -USTILO
2018-07-13 07:09
United States Acetk 
ustilo back to croatia? POGGERS
2018-07-13 07:09
Italy steven513 
2018-07-13 07:10
Italy steven513 
Won't happen, AZR, jks, and USTILO will ALWAYS be on RNG. xaaxa
2018-07-13 07:10
United States subzera 
rng wouldnt kick either because they need 3 ausies so they can breeze through the asia minor to the major
2018-07-13 09:15
nifty if he gets to cloud9 or something like that, otherwise jkaem
2018-07-13 06:49
C9 wouldn't take nifty because they have skadonglers.
2018-07-13 07:19
United States Acetk 
ngl seems like a downgrade i think rng would be easier to fix than C9.
2018-07-13 07:27
Yes. C9 is a dying ship, even though they have way better players than RNG I don't see why Nifty should leave.
2018-07-13 07:28
2018-07-13 07:04
Heroic could be better replacing friberg ez top5 team.
2018-07-13 07:15
Lol nt
2018-07-13 09:18
Netherlands duudiGOD 
cromen to vp
2018-07-13 07:18
United States Jammin800k 
They're not gonna give up their Asia qualifer spot so the 3 aussie stay. They wont kick nifty hes awp and igl and jkaem and cromen arent far off skill wise jkaem with an arguably higher peak and cromen seemingly more consistent. Wont change much tbh.
2018-07-13 07:20
If they had 2AU-1NA-2EU they could choose between AU and EU minor so that's not a problem.
2018-07-13 07:24
Yeah, but if they go for EU qualifiers they won't make many tournaments if any at all, with good teams attending. Asian qualifiers are easier than EU by a long shot.
2018-07-13 09:07
United States Acetk 
They would only have to play the eu minor saying its harder by a long shot is a bit of an overstatement seeing the teams competing there. I mean NiP have not looked good at all with this roster even losing in a bo3 on lan to tyloo who had a stand in. ENCE had a great breakout performance at cologne and hope they can bring that into the minor. ex envy have had shit performances at every event they have gone to but they did well enough in the eu minor qualifier will have to wait and see. my point is the teams competiting in the EU minor are not as much of a threat as some may think and if getting a player like cromen would make the team better than wouldn't they have an easier team qualifying not to mention as op said they could choose and they would probably still choose the asia minor.
2018-07-13 09:58
Cromen and Golden to C9, C9 to have Golden Cromen Auti Ska Rush at Eleague.
2018-07-13 09:18
-oskar +cromen
2018-07-13 09:19
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