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shit hit the fan (literally)
Palestine YourMomJokesForEveryone 
assalamu alaikum everyone knows the saying "shit hit the fan" (except for retards) so i literally just witnessed this happening flies are disgusting, annoying little creatures. they eat shit and you are what you eat therefore flies are shit i have fan in my room (cuz its hot af) so this fly hit the fan as it was flying by fly = shit so shit hit the fan this is my thread thank you very much for visiting
2018-07-13 07:14
CIS cczH 
What the actual fuck did i saw?
2018-07-13 07:17
Finland Kiisselimies 
Nice b8 8/8
2018-07-13 07:18
assalamu alaikum i swear it true not made up
2018-07-13 07:18
it was so amusing cuz i hate flies
2018-07-13 07:18
Poland Skrra 
wa alaikum salam
2018-07-13 07:18
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