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Bo7 grand final idea
United States camdavis9 
I was thinking about ways to spice up the major and I imagine 99% of people disagree with me but a best of 7 series that covers all 7 maps to finish off a major would be spectacular. There would be 3 maps on day 1 and 4 maps on day 2. Or it could be a 3 day affair with 3 games on day 1 and 2 games on days 2 and 3. It would be a World Series/NBA Finals type of showdown that would test full mastery of the game between two teams. Most people prefer the normal Bo3 setup but I think this would be awesome. Imagine how different some grand final results would be if the winner had to win 4 maps out of the map pool?
2018-07-15 05:06
Russia Baitzera_SK 
I disagree with you. You should stop eating mcdonalds.
2018-07-15 05:06
2018-07-15 07:13
kkkkkkkk +1 nice, prodka
2018-07-15 07:21
nt favela
2018-07-15 12:03
nt adkorp
2018-07-15 12:55
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
nt Danish flag with blue stripes inside of white stripes
2018-07-18 23:54
nt whatever that country is
2018-07-19 00:16
Russia Baitzera_SK 
2018-07-15 14:10
u r
2018-07-15 14:11
Russia Baitzera_SK 
no u
2018-07-15 14:12
Norway rogueplayer 
>Or it could be a 3 day affair with 3 games on day 1 and 2 games on days 2 and 3 XAXAXAXAXAXA OMEGALUL i arent never think that
2018-07-15 05:07
Fiziq | 
North America Yummyboi 
idk about bo7 but i dont understand why major finals are only bo3 when other big non major finals are bo5s but bo7 could work
2018-07-15 05:08
Katowice final has been announced as BO5, FACEIT Major is yet to be announced...
2018-07-15 07:09
"Katowice final has been announced as BO5" Really? Didn't see that.
2018-07-15 14:13
2018-07-15 16:55
2018-07-15 17:04
Nice Try. The New Challengers Stage: February 14th - 20th, 2018 Format to be announced Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Legends Stage Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated The New Legends Stage: February 21th - 24th, 2018 Format to be announced Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated The New Champions Stage: February 28th - March 3rd, 2018 Single-Elimination bracket The Quarterfinals and Semifinals are Bo3 The Grand Final is Bo5 2018*** Have a depressing afternoon! -VeryDepressingGuy
2018-07-15 22:11
jks | 
Australia Kangar00 
Thats just how iem works. Bo5 best
2018-07-16 03:32
I disagree with you. You should stop eating mcdonalds.
2018-07-15 05:08
United States hyp3r4ctiv3 
I actually like this idea
2018-07-15 05:08
All Muricans agrees apparently
2018-07-15 05:37
United States _ATaXiA_ 
:( don't lump me together with those idiots, also you were awesome with black sabbath.
2018-07-15 06:59
+1 thanks my have a good taste in music <3
2018-07-15 11:46
Australia CaZeR01 
2018-07-15 11:56
Still Ronny james Dio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ozzy
2018-07-15 17:05
yes dio is way better than ozzy performance-wise . but ozzy is the real frontman of black sabbath, you ask any black sabbath fan and without a doubt they will prefer ozzy . dont get me wrong i am also a fan of dio and the short period of time that he had in black sabbath is an amazing one,-maybe even better. but the geuine sound of ozzy sabbath makes him more special, hard to explain cus you just feel it :)
2018-07-15 17:41
Bo5 would be nice tbh, I think most people agree on that but Bo7 feels to drawn out and Astralis make finals they'll win the major 1000% because they are good on every map in the entire map pool. So as Astralis fanboy I would love major finals as best of 7 but I know most ppl that watch CS Go know that type of series is boring and feel drawn out to long, best of 5 is the best scenario.
2018-07-15 05:08
World nakTriceps 
After take off Cobble, yes. So, unfair. BO5 is more fair.
2018-07-15 05:13
It's pretty unfair because most teams in the scene have a shit map pool, Astralis is tier 1 on every map in the map pool it would be to stacked towards them if they made finals and a free major pretty much.
2018-07-15 05:15
World nakTriceps 
Yep, but like I said, because of Cobble. If Nuke was removed now for Cobble, Astralis and FaZe will reduce their map pool and teams like MIBR will be a very good map pool.
2018-07-15 05:17
World nakTriceps 
Astralis now can play any map and win. Before the removal of Cobble, it´s not this way, bc they cannot win on Cobble against a lot of teams.
2018-07-15 05:18
s1mple | 
Iceland caverat 
team checks out
2018-07-15 17:10
What you mean team checks out? It's a well known fact that Astralis can play every map in the pool at a higher level than every team, the only way you can beat them is if they over think things and beat themselves, if they are playing in normal form no team can touch them tactically or skill wise. Even if I wasn't a fan of them I would be able to see that because I'm not a blind hater, these guys are tier 1 on 7 maps and if cbble returns it would take them 1 to 2 weeks to practice this map and be better than any team on, it's about team play and tactics, they are not relying on one player to carry each game they have a way better gameplan than any other team atm and literally been embarrassing their opponent's this year and have won such a crazy high percentage of their LAN games this year.
2018-07-15 21:56
United States ShawnM 
I agree, but dust2 has lots of upsets and if a team went heavy to d2, they could. But d2 as your best map is dangerous.
2018-07-15 22:02
Not saying they're immortal or something they can lose obviously the difference is they lost very little this whole year compared to any other team in 2018, they can take any team in their best map and destroy them on it, their skill ceiling is 10x higher than any other team atm because they are not playing some loose pug style that relies on 1 or 2 players to be consistently in god mode for them to even be a competitive team. I might be a fanboy but from the shit I been reading around even people who hate Astralis can see the difference in their skill level to any other team atm, even if they take a loss here and there they are still the best team in the world by a huge margin and I would give Device top 1 this year without Device Astralis is nothing.
2018-07-15 22:06
Most teams are a tier 1 on every map. NaVi, Liquid, FaZe. Just some are better than others. You say Astralis are better than everybody on every map but, One outlier there is Cache. Whenever i see them play Cache the look pretty weak compared to their other maps. Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure Astralis have never beaten FaZe on Cache, offline. It just seems to me they need to work more on their Cache game before they can beat all teams on it.
2018-07-15 22:06
Na'vi decent map pool imo good on 2-3 maps, decent a couple more and trash on the rest, Liquid map pool is trash they think they can play wide variety of maps still losing their map picks to teams who are lower in the ranking for them, FaZe can only play pug maps not even relevant to this discussion, FaZe beat Astralis in a best of 5 already this year when Device was playing the LAN sick and it was still a close match lost 3-0 by like 8 rounds total or some shit with their best player sick. Also how many times realistically has Astralis played FaZe on cache in 2018 on LAN? Reason I don't think this is relevant is because FaZe haven't had a stable lineup this year so it's nice to see Olof coming back, Cromen and Xizt were fucking terrible even worse than Karrigan. If Cache ever become a problem they will just practice it more but since Cache is such a shit map that literally no teams main there is no point their level on this map is already good enough to be competitive with anyone. As other people said the only problem really would be cobble but it's not relevant atm with it not being in the pool but I also think if they practiced it, it wouldn't take long for them to be best team in the world on it. Anyway if we see Cache getting more play in the future (it won't, it's a shit map) they will practice it more but until then they have nothing to worry about.
2018-07-15 22:12
United States Dracarys007 
Some maps would be extremely boring. Nuke would likely be a beat-down for a lot of teams. At least two of the 7 maps probably would be beat-downs since teams don’t usually practice all of them.
2018-07-15 05:09
Brazil Mentecapto 
Agreed, excellent idea
2018-07-15 05:11
bo21 or pussies
2018-07-15 05:18
fer | 
Brazil noslenurB 
I think we need a bo5 in every single map in this game (Even in Canals), is the most fair way, like play a bo5 in Cache, bo5 in Canals, etc... would be so entertaining to watch
2018-07-15 07:08
Veri bad idea
2018-07-15 05:19
2018-07-15 05:27
"yeah let's make sure only Astralis or FaZe can win" You realize this completely kills any chance of an upset right? Also no one wants to watch that much fucking CS this is basically psychological torture
2018-07-15 05:33
I dont think organizers will do this because then they will have to rent out the venue for a longer time which might not be cost effective for them.
2018-07-15 05:45
Bo7 finals were never a good thing.
2018-07-15 05:47
no way, it would be too tiring for both players & spectators
2018-07-15 06:55
United States camdavis9 
it's a multi-day thing
2018-07-18 23:47
Yeah, I re-read the post. But even then it would be bad because it would kill the hype. Remember C9 vs FaZe major final? Even though C9 were in the final ppl were saying that it would be easy for FaZe. But C9 went super saiyan and beat them in map 3 22-19 I think. Maybe they were all on a good day, maybe FaZe was in a bad day. But if the final was split in different days I can assure you it wouldn't be as memorable as it is now. Also, finals on different days could be bad for this reason: maybe I can watch half of the finals on Saturday, but on Sunday I have a family meeting or something and I won't be at home. It would suck to watch 50% of the finals and miss the other 50%. So yeah, probably never gonna happen.
2018-07-18 23:59
The problem with bo7 is many teams have permabans. bo5 works really well because each team bans their worst map then its a good balanced map pool. Watching a team get stomped on a map because they NEVER practice it would be very boring and a bad idea for a major final.
2018-07-15 07:00
why do they call themselves pro if they can't learn such a small map pool?
2018-07-15 12:48
try to learn 47447733774 smokes, flashes, tactics on every map then we'll talk
2018-07-15 12:59
there are no 47447733774 useful smokes in 7 maps, you're just bad that's why you think its hard to use smokes and flashes. For a good player, it only takes once or twice to learn a smoke/pop flash or sometimes your first attempt does it perfect. but yeah, you gotta be above silver iq for that.
2018-07-15 13:32
Have you ever played with a team? Unfortunately its not always as simple as just learning off smokes and calling smokes A Mirage. There needs to be coordination, there needs to be second precise timing. Flashes even more so because of the coordination and trust involved to flash perfectly for your team every time. No there are not 47447733774 permutations but you have to appreciate that there are a lot of individual scenarios that need to be considered depending on you economy, the other teams economy, advantages or disadvantages; whether its 5v5, 4v5, 5v4, any read or information gained during the round. So yes many of the pros will know most of the smokes/flashes, but the other teams will also have counters for these known smokes and flashes and will likely have a team approach to counteract them, so to play at that level it will never be that easy.
2018-07-15 22:18
You are only making it sound hard by expanding "coordinated flashes" into an essay. No, it doesn't take time to practice those unless you're like 7 year old who's still learning to hold a mouse.
2018-07-16 02:42
if they can't learn it, they better go back to MM and let good teams play the tournaments.
2018-07-15 13:34
grand final only 1 map de_dust2 and BO7 would be perfect !
2018-07-15 07:00
And what if a team that doesnt play d2 get to the finals?
2018-07-15 07:00
Sweden versie 
They will play on d2
2018-07-15 07:03
its sarcasm man:) in bo7 you will ban only 1 map you can ban your dd2 :))
2018-07-15 07:20
nt burger
2018-07-15 07:06
Hong Kong Ver1tasC 
bo5 is the best for a major final.
2018-07-15 07:09
India hell_razerd 
+1 Bt there should be enough rest in between maps..specially those with Ot..
2018-07-15 07:23
barce | 
United States Ajkraz 
Every team has 1 map they don’t touch, why would I want to watch that team play that map for 45 minutes just to lose 16-2 cause they’re terrible on it
2018-07-15 07:18
so they have to train it,because they wont be able to avoid it
2018-07-15 22:06
Germany slyyf 
You wouldn't want to watch (or play) a CS match, that could easily span over 8 hours (including breaks etc).
2018-07-15 07:22
Germany Xantennn 
I have better idea Bo69, losers have to rimjob their victorious enemies. What do you guys think about that?
2018-07-15 11:47
United Kingdom Bennn_ 
2018-07-15 11:52
Norway Easy_for_FaZe 
2018-07-15 12:54
North America hiqb8s 
final across 2 or 3 days, stupidest idea since facebook streams. bo5 grand final is just fine. or 1 (+1) bo3 in a grand final in case of double elimination brackets is fun too
2018-07-15 11:48
United Kingdom Bennn_ 
i like the idea but i think BO5 is the best solution :D
2018-07-15 11:52
2018-07-15 11:53
2018-07-15 11:57
to be the best in the world, you should be able to compete on all maps, imo
2018-07-15 11:58
+1 and there are only 7 maps to learn, the pros SHOULD know all maps.
2018-07-15 12:53
bo11 would be most fair
2018-07-15 11:59
why not bo21?
2018-07-15 12:07
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Fuck. That.
2018-07-15 12:08
World lalt 
BO7 would make sense in competitive perspective if BO3 veto was used. Both picks would be played twice, then 3rd map would be played 3 times if necessary. And yeah, two day BO7 would be better than one day BO5 but I'd still prefer BO3.
2018-07-15 12:10
France StickyRice 
BO7 with BO3 veto would be a really bad idea, in my opinion, sorry. The point of a BO7 is to play the whole map pool (or as much as possible of it), not to play the same 3 maps over and over.
2018-07-15 13:51
World lalt 
BO7 is bad idea, using BO3 veto would make it at least somewhat sensible.
2018-07-15 18:00
France StickyRice 
BO7 with BO3 veto is a bit a BO3 of BO3 games. 3 BO3 to be played, first team to win 2, wins the event, it is somewhat similar.
2018-07-15 18:01
Asia ZirkonX 
You are crazy, bo7 is way too long to watch and play even spread across 2 days. and Watching it in 2 separate days destroys the hype. BO5 is ideal tho. Boston major should have been 5 maps, hope the next one is. most of the times in 5 maps you def know the right team wins.
2018-07-15 12:56
Other MAE1 
BO7 on a major grand final?? are you drunk?
2018-07-15 13:02
Europe RadduZEW 
bo5 is alredy booring
2018-07-15 13:02
Brazil beckergod 
bo5 is the best, bo3 is boring in grand final because when team lose a map they choking so hard and get rekt on 2nd and have a 1 hour grand final lul, bo5 <3
2018-07-15 13:07
It most certainly sounds sick, but sounds too long. Personally I would have 2 maps for 3 days and the final map on the final day. That way they would pretty much force viewers to watch since there would be no good CS other than that to watch, so it would prove the most profitable since you wouldn't need to sit for 5h to watch all the maps.
2018-07-15 13:10
Only kids who live at home with mom and dad has the time for a bo7, or an unemployed weedsmoker. Great idea tho, so teams can't practice just the 3 maps they prefer.
2018-07-15 13:37
United States ViKaLiBuR 
Sure, if you have 5-7 hours to sit through 10 guys playing against each other
2018-07-15 13:46
France StickyRice 
Yeah great idea. 3 days is maybe too much, but if you play 4 maps the first day, the whole game might be over if it's a 4-0, and if you only play 3 maps the first day then one team has played 2 picks whereas the other only played one of its picks :(
2018-07-15 13:49
refrezh | 
Poland PSZ 
>Or it could be a 3 day affair with 3 games on day 1 and 2 games on days 2 and 3 xdddddddddddddddddddd
2018-07-15 13:52
10 hours event
2018-07-15 13:58
Good idea but you are american so i disagree with you idiot
2018-07-15 14:12
France mintzz 
Is this Dota
2018-07-15 16:57
I don’t agree just cause it would be to much work and having a event for a few extra days cost a lot for the company who makes the tournament and I don’t think too many people would watch 7 maps of cs (or well it’s atleast 4)
2018-07-15 16:59
not a bad idea but not all maps are fun to watch they need to make hostage maps viable tbh
2018-07-15 16:59
United States Brad_Bait 
BO5 as major final is okay, because it's the most important tournament. But still, even that it's gets boring after 3 maps. A B07 would be even worse.
2018-07-15 17:00
grand final should be played in 1 day
2018-07-15 17:01
Am I the only one that thinks that BO5 is too long ?
2018-07-15 17:01
yeah, if bo5 is too long, imagine how bo7 is long
2018-07-15 17:06
Most ppl would only watch the first map and the last 2
2018-07-15 17:07
2018-07-15 17:07
I like it! Have a lovely day and a BigMac on me, -MisterVerySexyGuy
2018-07-15 17:07
Europe LawUysal 
Best idea I thought this many times
2018-07-15 17:42
i thinks that should be 7 maps in a row so who is more prepared wins
2018-07-15 18:02 it was a snoozefest after the 4th map. pls no
2018-07-15 18:02
Brazil bandicoot 
even diehard fans like us would bore to deth
2018-07-15 21:58
Hungary Bonte 
not that bad idea, but never gonna happen
2018-07-15 21:58
bo12 bestet
2018-07-15 22:04
Theres been bo7 in the past and its garbage. Teams playing maps that they normally ban, as well as teams getting sloppy after like 4 maps. It wouldn't be spectacular, it would be too long and by the 7th map the gameplay wouldn't even be enjoyable anymore.
2018-07-15 22:07
Croatia mds818 
tbh possible and most likely true but the "problem" with a lot(not all but) of bo5s is that they end up in quick 3 0
2018-07-16 02:47
That or its like this Where just about every map was a wash and boring to watch
2018-07-16 03:16
Croatia mds818 
ya i get ur point, i guess the problem is usually that ur going to have favorites at the same bracket in semi finals or smth and gg
2018-07-16 03:18
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
That's probably why the OP suggests to have the finals split in 2 days. 3+4(potentially 2,3) maps in a weekend isn't too much of a big deal as far as tiredness goes so they'd probably not get sloppy at all. Teams playing maps that they usually ban would be a con but if they knew beforehand that they'd have to play those maps in the final, pretty sure they'd prepare for it and it would be sick to see how some of these teams can surprise in maps that they never played. I know that the MIBR team has always been dreadful of Nuke, just like Astralis were on Cobblestone and so on, but personally would be amusing to me to see some of these teams play those maps, but then again, it's just an opinion...
2018-07-19 00:09
Ukraine Gunsor 
BO5 is actually the best option
2018-07-15 22:07
Korea KasPro 
2018-07-15 22:12
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
bo7 would be cool for a showmatch or just for fun. Also, Astralis will dominate everyone then because they arent bad at any map.
2018-07-16 02:43
Croatia mds818 
if we can play 8-11 maps at byoc tournament so can they
2018-07-16 02:45
United States JustBitsy 
a bo7 has to be played between 2+ days.
2018-07-16 02:48
I actually talked about the same idea some months ago, but its peobably never happening in a major
2018-07-16 02:50
The last Bo7 I renember was pretty damn messy and I personaly didnt have energy to watch the whole thing.
2018-07-16 03:18
Netherlands melajr112 
bo5 finals bestest
2018-07-18 23:52
wow lets just make it even easier for atrallis that will certainly improve tournaments
2018-07-18 23:54
Canada TorontoSucks 
The problem with best of 7s is that this doesn't necessarily determine who is the best team (and is out of the realm of what teams practice for) For example, a team like north, a team with a wide map pool, would be better in a bo7 than a team G2 that has a smaller map pool despite G2 being better on the 4-5 maps they probably play.
2018-07-18 23:54
United States camdavis9 
How does it not determine who is best? If you can't beat another team on 4/7 maps then you're not the best. People complaining about the lack of upsets are missing the point. If G2 are better on the 4-5 maps they play then they can win by winning 4 maps. If you can't win a majority of the maps then you're not the better team.
2018-07-18 23:58
Canada TorontoSucks 
Because there is a pick and ban? G2 Wouldn't get their 5 best maps in a row and then their perma bans at the end I guess I fucked up my example by saying 4-5 maps. I guess what I am trying to say is, some teams would be better at 3 maps that both teams play but the other would just have a basis on all 7 maps and therefore would outclass the other team overall. The problem is more that teams dont practice 7 maps or for a bo7
2018-07-19 00:01
A team shouldn't be better than another through being able to veto a map they don't want to play. A team to be the best should be able to play each map competently enough against any other foe
2018-07-19 00:00
Canada TorontoSucks 
ummmmmm SK was utter trash at Nuke and banned it all the time
2018-07-19 00:02
What's your point? I literally just argued that teams shouldn't be able to veto a map as an advantage.
2018-07-19 00:03
Canada TorontoSucks 
The order of the maps matter does it not?
2018-07-19 00:04
2018-07-19 00:00
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
I was gonna disagree until I read that the total of 7 maps should be splitted in 2 days. That'd be an interesting idea to be honest. Covering all maps requires a lot more preparation from both teams and it would be a great challenge for both of them. I don't think that'll happen anytime soon but I'd like to believe that tournament organizers consider that for 2019.
2018-07-19 00:03
rain | 
Palestine S1rEz10 
I disagree with you, you should stop doing pride parades
2018-07-19 00:12
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