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Brazil bandicoot 
so bad, this shouldt count in official records
2018-07-15 17:40
first one was a dive but that's just clever, penalty was 50/50 so relax
2018-07-15 17:41
2018-07-15 17:45
Cry is free
2018-07-15 17:41
Bosnia and Herzegovina Suk_Mike_Hok 
More goals in first half than last two finals combined. What are you on about ? Edit:just saw the flag , never mind.
2018-07-15 17:49
Lol monkey stfu and go back to your banana plant
2018-07-15 17:51
brazil crying because not in final expected
2018-07-15 17:53
Europe Gandhi_of_CSGO 
Shouldn't count because Brazil didn't win it. For you, only 5 WC should count in official record.
2018-07-15 17:53
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