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Sweden KarlXII HAHAHA Instantly triggered, jesus.
2018-07-15 19:22
It just demonstrates the horrific colonial past of France. Still it's kind of racist because if the players choose to play for a country which enslaved and tyrannized their ancestors it's their choice and criticizing that does good for no one.
2018-07-15 19:27
This is what your little angels used to do to the French. The 1804 Haiti massacre was carried out against the remaining white population of native French people and French Creoles (or Franco-Haitians) in Haiti by Haitian soldiers under orders from Jean-Jacques Dessalines. He had decreed that all suspected of conspiring in the acts of the expelled army should be put to death.[1] The massacre, which took place throughout Haiti, occurred from early January 1804 until 22 April 1804, and resulted in the death of 3,000 to 5,000 men, women, and children.[2] Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families.[3] Even whites who had been friendly and sympathetic to the black population were imprisoned and later killed.[4] A second wave of massacres targeted white women and children.
2018-07-15 19:35
Are you really that blinded by Western propaganda that you can't actually see the irony in the text? The Haitian Revolution was obviously a bloodshed and I'll never defend mass murder, whatever the reason. But the question is... What the fucking hell are French and Spanish people who were massacred by the Haitians doing in Haiti in the first place? Let me give you the answer, enslaving, terrorizing, exploiting and committing genocides against anyone who stood in their path to becoming a "World Empire". At least the massacres committed by Haitian people were to gain independence, just like any other state in history. It's called fighting back
2018-07-15 19:44
The Haitian massacre was genocide. I think they are probably the worst country in the world right now because of that. So why are Haitians in France? You don't get it. Do you think all the white french just stood around doing nothing? Leaders enslave their own people also. It's not about race it's about the rich and the non rich. Powerful blacks also enslaved their own people and rich white people enslaved their own people. Work or die.
2018-07-15 19:47
Are you this ignorant about history or unable to phrase your sentences? "So why are Haitians in France?" Haitians were not in France. French were in Haiti busy colonizing them. "Do you think all the white french just stood around doing nothing?" What the hell does this even mean? Of course they were not doing nothing, they were destroying every native people they came across. "Leaders enslave their own people also. " Because the other option is getting annihilated. I would highly recommend you to read Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" to get a grasp of what colonization actually looks like before defending it. The choice is to cooperate with the French/British/Dutch whatever or to get wiped out. Here's a quote from him; "When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool." Rich black people enslaved slow portions of their own population. They didn't go out seeking new worlds and new people to enslave like their European counterparts. When Columbus first set foot on the New World what he did was not get excited about meeting new cultures or the be amazed by the native people. In his letters he states this; "They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane… . They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." Yea this was the European mentality for centuries, is this what you're defending? I hope not
2018-07-15 19:57
Facts are facts. Many black nations were actually making profit until they killed the white people. It's just history. How is Haiti doing these days? Also why is the huge focus only on black slaves? Many races including white people were enslaved over a thousand years before we even discovered the black tribes. "Rich black people enslaved slow portions of their own population. They didn't go out seeking new worlds and new people to enslave like their European counterparts" How would they go about seeking new worlds when they could not even build a boat? Exploration is an amazing thing and should never be looked down on. It's the way humans work. When two cultures meet for the first time they usually fight. Just like in the jungle the lions don't camp with the tigers. They hate each other.
2018-07-16 02:58
you won this. He just dodged all your points gj.
2018-07-16 03:15
maybe thats because they were slaves and fought for their freedom?
2018-07-15 20:22
What is your definition of being a slave? Having a job? Contributing? Just get your facts straight.. Almost every culture and conquering nation enslaved many of the conquered. Way before we ever knew black people were on the planet.
2018-07-16 03:00
Netherlands Critycal 
>horrific >colonial pick one
2018-07-16 15:23
Romania DESEDE 
it's normal,who cares where their parents are from,they are born and raised in France. if it wasn't France for them to live in , they would probably die of hunger somewhere in Africa
2018-07-15 19:28
Sweden KarlXII 
Thats not what i mean. I mean that Apex is instantly triggered lmao
2018-07-15 19:28
because he's right?
2018-07-16 00:06
Sweden KarlXII 
Still. Expected that a French person gets insta triggered by that.
2018-07-16 00:08
2018-07-16 00:53
Cool, it's 2018 and Frabce still benefiting from slavery.
2018-07-15 19:46
France Vipair 
you are retarded
2018-07-16 00:05
the only reason your national team looks like it looks today is because France was "colonizing" aka enslaving African lands, so yeah you are still benefiting from slavery.
2018-07-16 00:55
Norway JorgyZ 
What is so funny?
2018-07-15 19:32
Sweden KarlXII 
That Apex becomes instantly triggered by a joke. Sure it might have been a bad joke from Bubble, but Apex doesnt have to be triggered like that.
2018-07-15 19:34
Syria Ariz0n 
everyone can be baited
2018-07-15 19:38
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-07-15 19:47
Croatia KockicaRekt 
ez for bench player
2018-07-15 19:59
Denmark Baitvice 
Lmfao triggered french. What was racist about that again?
2018-07-15 20:04
Maybe the fact that people make fun of team France just because their players are black skin people? No?
2018-07-15 23:56
Denmark Baitvice 
Saying someone black is from Africa is racist?
2018-07-16 01:17
Making fun of it (in any context) is racist.
2018-07-16 01:18
Denmark Baitvice 
Oh i thought i was talking to a normal person. Sorry have a nice day.
2018-07-16 01:18
Nice arguments. Bye.
2018-07-16 01:18
2018-07-15 20:05
ZywOo | 
France Alpha7a2 
all born in france btw
2018-07-15 20:12
2018-07-15 21:14
bubble | 
Netherlands Syliaca 
Apex has no idea what racism is.
2018-07-15 20:25
He actually has. He has an idea what is "hidden context".
2018-07-15 23:59
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Racial sensitivity in 2018 is a perpetual facedoublepalm. I'm just so done with everyone calling everything with color racially explicit
2018-07-15 21:01
Making jokes about people's skin is more than uber retarded isn't it?
2018-07-15 23:55
Its true. gj mr APex
2018-07-15 21:14
Apex is right tho. Retards making fun of team France just because their players are black skin people. Srsly? Do you retards know that there are a lot of French people with that type of skin color cuz France have isles?
2018-07-16 00:04
Sweden KarlXII 
And you used the word "faggot" as a bad word. Is something wrong with being gay?
2018-07-16 00:03
Yes I did a huge mistake and already removed that. My apologies.
2018-07-16 00:04
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-07-16 00:04
If people like to f*ck each other in the ass it is their business, not mine. You know. So you were absolutely right with your #76.
2018-07-16 00:06
Sweden KarlXII 
Exactly. So why use the word "faggots" as a bad thing? I know you removed it but still.
2018-07-16 00:06
As I said, it was my mistake. Did it on emotions. It's inappropriate anyway.
2018-07-16 00:07
Mexico LEWORb 
It's racist indeed
2018-07-16 01:23
Sweden KarlXII 
How? He got pictures of French WC players and the flags from their origin?
2018-07-16 01:37
Mexico LEWORb 
He's doubting of their Frenchness because of their origin
2018-07-16 13:56
Sweden ShageN 
2018-07-16 15:20
Don't get me wrong, apEX is a great player but I honestly can't see him having over 80 iq. *Constantly making annoying noises and screaming on stream, honestly worse than ninja whom I can't fucking stand * Doing weird ass dances and faces all the time aswell *Thinking bubble's tweet was racist * Saying it publicly causing his retarded fans to send hate towards bubble who literally did NOTHING wrong
2018-07-16 11:01
France Telt 
I understand your feeling but I can absolutely tell you that his behaving on stream mostly comes from his lack in English. He's had a lot of interviews, in french, where he's calm and speaks intelligenlty; more than many other french players in fact.
2018-07-16 15:23
Netherlands Deji 
How is he triggerd
2018-07-16 13:58
Dosia | 
Maldives Eleon2k 
2018-07-16 15:16
CIS Fr33quency 
Why apex is such mad coz of truth ? 4 France players in France Team , not even funny, and unfair to be honest - black people can gain more muscle mass and more endure than white ppl , which coordinating this black ( captain is white ) Stupid Apex Baguette
2018-07-16 15:18
Sweden ShageN 
They are all French, stop that racism shit dude. France has black people by it's origin, learn something then talk.
2018-07-16 15:20
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