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Poland c1eslak 
ScreaM ZywOo kioShiMa Who more? btw. ZywOo is awesome
2018-07-15 22:05
Sweden FitDude 
nbk + apex maybe But considering the buyout, that's impossible.
2018-07-15 22:06
Turkey Payynnkilla 
scream together with nbk & apex oh OK
2018-07-15 22:10
Sweden FitDude 
What's the problem? They mightve not seen eye to eye before, but that could change.
2018-07-15 22:11
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
They left him out of the French shuffle why tf would he waste time again playing with them? NBK and Apex are shit anyway fucking players living on past achievements haven't done anything in years, ruined a bunch of strong looking lineups, arrogant players who think their like gods when they suck.
2018-07-15 22:16
+1 THANK YOU. Finally someone with some sense and sees it for what it is.
2018-07-15 22:32
Sweden FitDude 
They're talking about a new lineup. As you should know, all of these players were left out of the 'shuffle' There is only 1 french lineup with a real roster, and that's G2 They're still good players, anyone who thinks the opposite are people who scroll through hltv way to much. And with the statement "ruined a bunch of strong looking lineups, arrogant players who think their like gods when they suck." is just based off your own thoughts. It isnt based on anything other than what you make it up to be.
2018-07-15 22:52
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
That wasn't what I meant, they literally convinced Shox into back stabbing this guy to play with them instead and what happened? They went from being a decent top 10 team with 2 top 10 players to being completely irrelevant because of arrogance.
2018-07-15 22:53
Sweden FitDude 
You're talking about when shox went on to make the so called 'super team'? And that nbk and apex convinced shox to not let Scream join? Cause that just isnt true, Shox said that he didnt think Scream fit the team, cause he's a very one sided player and have a hard time doing stuff that isnt his speciality. You put all the blame on NBK, when it clearly was a team decision, you sound like a real hltv'ist. There is a reason why scream isnt in the current g2 either I reckon.
2018-07-15 22:58
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
It is true NBK has been asked about it many times saying he doesn't like ScreaM's play style and all this other shit, NBK is a snake anyway he'll back stab anyone to stay relevant cause he knows he can't make it on his skills anymore.
2018-07-15 23:08
Sweden FitDude 
YES, IT IS TRUE that nbk said he doesn't like ScreaM's play style, but so did a lot of other french players... Such as shox! But still you blame nbk for not having scream on the roster. funny.
2018-07-15 23:09
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
I blame NBK for snaking his way into so many rosters that were destined to fail because he was part of them yes, and now I can remain happy because his buyout is higher than anyone will ever pay so his career is basically over.
2018-07-15 23:10
Sweden FitDude 
So you just dont want him to succeed? It seems like you have a problem with him, regardless of his actions. He's a great guy, but you wont see it, cause you're too stuck up.
2018-07-15 23:11
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
That's not it tbh, I just like when Karma comes in full swing when you're a shitty person outside of the game.
2018-07-15 23:12
Sweden FitDude 
Yet you havent given me any proof of how he's a shitty person outside of the game. Just told me stuff like 'he said doesnt like scream playstyle' but if that's the reason for not liking him, I guess you also want shox to fail?
2018-07-15 23:13
kennyS | 
Hungary lazzyP 
800k buyout was fake
2018-07-19 03:25
RPK or NBK for sure, NBK likely cuz he can IGL better than all of these, happy is dead weight and shox + ex6tenz both in G2 so hes the only candidate for IGL, i guess apEX could duo with kio again.
2018-07-15 22:09
" NBK likely cuz he can IGL" yea we had a chance to see that lol. i would rather let kio call...
2018-07-15 22:13
France Vix_NBK_FanBoy 
he had fucking mixwell and a team that didnt want to play ya it really shows his igl skills
2018-07-15 22:16
look at mixwell in optic or now...yea right? kio showed MUCH MORE as an igl in shorter period of time with much worse lineup on paper. nbk isnt igl, never was and shouldnt be
2018-07-15 22:19
hes not an igl i agree with that but mixwell is dogshit and has always been carryed
2018-07-15 22:20
you clearly havent followed him at i have no reason to continue in this
2018-07-15 22:21
every time i see him play he plays average and i see nothing special and he will always just be a sub and never achieve anything of worth
2018-07-15 22:22
NBK has been igl since 2016. Watch thoorin Interview. He’s been crap as coigl and Main igl. How many more years does he need? He’s also an awful player.
2018-07-15 22:33
hes not you dumbass lmaoo he took over from Happy because the team needed him to. he has only ever need igl when its the worst case pos. and hes a fucking support player and its kinda weird that no team has done anything without him
2018-07-15 22:35
*without KennyS. Only took over worst case bc he’s so bad at it. When’s the last time French have has success without KennyS? Like 2013? The closest was old g2 with ScreaM
2018-07-15 22:38
cuse every top team has had him it moron
2018-07-15 22:37
Bc how overhyped he is by people like you lol. It’s no mystery finally KennyS just got up and left him.
2018-07-15 22:40
yes because the players listen to hype by the community??? fucking idiot the pro go with that they think will give them the best chance and you know whats funny af from that statement NBK said no to join G2 he left kennys
2018-07-15 22:41
Well it seems the community said no to NBK bc he’s garbage and that’s why this lineup formed by your logic
2018-07-16 00:42
really even tho shox ex6 and NBK came out and said NBK declined it? smart guy stop talking idiot
2018-07-16 00:50
2018-07-16 01:11 You have no idea what you’re talking about. No wonder you couldn’t provide proof.
2018-07-19 03:16
yeah he can IGL, in comparison to the other french boys
2018-07-17 17:42
Kio showed much bigger promise as caller in shorter period of time with worse players...
2018-07-17 17:52
Germany Fabbsen 
NBK Apex Kio Scream Mixwell would be a dream, The trio united and Mixwell as AWP could be nice idk what to think about ZyWoo, he needs to prove himself on LANs first
2018-07-15 22:12
has played monster like on lan tho and mixwell is dogshit
2018-07-15 22:17
Germany Fabbsen 
Like a real LAN and mixwell isn't dogshit
2018-07-15 22:17
is the most overrated player he hasnt achieved anything good and ZywOo 1000000x than mixwell mixwell needs to stay away from french cs
2018-07-15 22:18
Germany Fabbsen 
Mixwell >>>> Ex6, Smithzz and Bodyy which makes 60% of your best team xD
2018-07-15 22:19
ya i dont fuck with g2 tho? and SmithZz is a role player and 100000x better than having mixwell on your team and ex6 is a god tier igl
2018-07-15 22:21
Germany Fabbsen 
when he is a godtier igl why people like KennyS are raging and looking like they've lost the game before they really lost it against LG it was 11:11 and for Kenny the game was already lost Mixwell is a nice guy, calm and not a crybaby like players like shox or Kenny
2018-07-15 22:23
so you want to base him an igl off of one turni? fucking moron that odesnt show hes bad and that kennys fault for not getting his head in the game and he even said it on twitter
2018-07-15 22:24
Germany Fabbsen 
one tournament xD i saw it on 3 tournaments in a row now his fragging is kinda nice tho imo his strats are ok but he doesn't manage to controll his players i'm a fan of G2 and kinda like Smithz back but it 100% wont work
2018-07-15 22:26
it def wont work NBK not there and also no apEX and botyy and shox being retarded and trying to be a star but its not ex6s fault
2018-07-15 22:27
Germany Fabbsen 
it surely isn't mainly ex6s fault sure but as an igl you should manage to hold your team together, the next 2-3 tournaments will show if that team actually can do anything they showed potential at cologne but they need to overcome their mental issues
2018-07-15 22:29
they failed at DH cuse they didnt practice for 5 days and i think its just time they need for ex6 to get his shit going on that team
2018-07-15 22:30
Hadji is good entry fragger, all they need is kennyAss
2018-07-15 22:13
France SplasHg0d 
The ONLY french team that matters is 3DMAX!
2018-07-15 22:14
The only team that matters* ENCE* Have a lovely day, MisterVerySexyGuy.
2018-07-15 22:17
Romania moetxxx 
pogba kante
2018-07-15 22:18
pashaBiceps NEO
2018-07-15 23:00
Imo this kind of roster is a good step for zywoo. But on the long run it is a chain at his foot coz ScreaM and K1o are two washed up players.
2018-07-15 23:04
Hadji its a fucking worker guy. Zywoo Hadji Kioshima Scream NBK
2018-07-19 03:27
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