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Serbians and Albanians come here
GeT_RiGhT | 
Italy Rossii 
Why you guys hate each other so much?i want to know how it started i have heard albanians opinions many times i want to hear serbanians opionons but be honest
2018-07-16 13:05
Europe Flinch92 Read this and you will see why...
2018-07-16 13:09
So its serbia fault like always
2018-07-16 13:35
Europe Flinch92 
Serbian military, paramilitary and police forces in Kosovo have committed a wide range of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other violations of international humanitarian and human rights law: forced expulsion of Kosovars from their homes; burning and looting of homes, schools, religious sites and healthcare facilities; detention, particularly of military-age men; summary execution; rape; violations of medical neutrality; and identity cleansing. — Report released by the U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, May 1999 So its serbia fault .
2018-07-16 13:41
"U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, May 1999 "
2018-07-16 13:55
Poland kRAMERO 
i laugh so hard at this point. U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC also bombed serbian citys at the same time :)
2018-07-16 21:57
2018-07-16 22:14
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
nice analysis but wrong, to be honest serbia is more to blame but it's not like usa can preach about that shit. can u imagine if lets say mexicans try to make california independente state, what u think, how would usa deal with that? let them vote and be cool about it?
2018-07-16 14:04
no, they would beat the shit out of them.
2018-07-16 20:04
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
let me ask u something serious because switzerland has cantons similar to ex-yu. if one of those cantons has more than 50% of germans and they want independence, how would u deal with it? i'am not trolling or trying to provoke u, just want to know do u have something in constitution that people have right to vote for independence or u would start arresting people like spain did?
2018-07-16 20:25
I'm Jew, and my reply wasn't sarcastic - i told ya exactly what would US or Israel do against separatism. If some territory tries to separate from its lawful State then you have 2 choices: fight for it and crush the resistance or simply let it go. That's how this world works.
2018-07-16 20:32
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
yea, well serbia find third solution, let it go and than cry about it for 2 decades. sry for today, i was out of line :(
2018-07-16 20:37
it's okay, but i'd personally give up this land because it restricts Serbia from developing its economy, economies all over the world have been progressing during those 2 decades so by standing still you lose the most precious resource - time. In my opinion, joining EU and having a free trade with positive investment index are the must for the sake of future generations of serbians. A lot of countries went through this and i doubt young people in Serbia do really care about Kosovo nowadays.
2018-07-16 20:46
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
i know man, i agree 100%. even if they "return" kosovo we wouldn't know what to do with it. serbs want kosovo back but without the people we don't see as are own. one thing that u are wrong is about young people, we were under such hard propaganda over last 20-30 years that we don't see that we did anything wrong, people here think we r always victims of some global conspiracy. even during nato attacks which killed over 2000 people, serbian military and police killed over 12000 albanians in retribution. we r less and less educated and more and more hateful towards r neighbors.
2018-07-16 23:45
Poland wims 
You dont need to search far. Look at Ukraine-Russia conflict
2018-07-16 20:53
There has been many of these for decades all over the world. Falklands War for example or the situation with Kuril Islands. You ought to battle or the strongest one takes your land. There were exceptions tho, like Iraqi occupation of Kuwait when the world's political agenda was against Saddam so UN used force to "deoccupy" this land
2018-07-16 21:00
Poland wims 
Yeap i know i just bring the nearest one.
2018-07-16 21:01
Kazakhstan TimaTea 
Kosovo is Kosovo
2018-07-16 13:11
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
There was this great empire in which everybody lived in peace, then some anti-imperialist western propaganda started to spread like black plague and brothers started to kill each other day by day until they made it out of the empire thinking they'll have better live standards. They felt betrayed by westerns after discovering that the life they had after this process it was worse. Edit. The biggest part left from this empire tried to stop these fights sending troops to protect the land for the population which previously wanted out.
2018-07-16 13:14
Serbia rolan 
Anti-imperialist western propaganda= Vatican,Austria-Hungary and our fellow brothers,alies ,who bombed us more than any enemy,UK
2018-07-16 13:21
Uk bombed you guys many time?wtf i never heard about it
2018-07-16 13:33
Ofc you didnt hear about that,and why would you,because we arent important,and as you say in media,people dying here are just "collateral damage". Friendly reminder ,during WW2 "allies" killed more people here than nazis,mostly USA and Uk,with their bombing. Then last was 99',well known NATO intervention to save innocent Albanian terorrists,while killing both Civils from Serbia and Albania at the same time. Those are facts,dunno if i should mention constant presence of lobbyists during 90' wars in Balkan,whos intention was just to keep this people fighting against each other.
2018-07-16 14:26
Slovenia is the richest Balkans/eastern-european state which is the only DEVELOPED country among the Eastern/Balkans European states. Croatia is doing pretty well too, i think they are really happy that they got rid of pointless imperialism
2018-07-16 20:37
If you consider "doing well" 300000 people left from Croatia since they entered EU ,yeah they do.At one point they wont have enough doctors ,since they can freely go to Germany,Austria,Swiss now.
2018-07-16 23:51
2018-07-16 13:14
France Teellioz 
Is Serbia
2018-07-16 13:14
France is africa
2018-07-16 13:40
Cry kid
2018-07-16 19:19
France Teellioz 
#12 You're the one crying here kid
2018-07-16 19:25
No i just said the truth /close
2018-07-16 20:50
France Teellioz 
2018-07-16 20:53
Its not b8 just look at your country
2018-07-16 21:00
France Teellioz 
I looked at my country and I can confirm that it's b8
2018-07-16 21:18
Kosovo je Srbija
2018-07-16 13:18
Brazil Gunzel 
Kosovo is Serbia, Serbia is Russia, Russia is Putin Putin is X-God
2018-07-16 13:23
Brasil is jungle /close
2018-07-16 13:34
Poland kRAMERO 
2018-07-16 22:00
Lithuania OnyxLT 
I hate albanians they are just turks they are everywhere but their shit country and say its the best country in the world.
2018-07-16 13:51
Europe FJUL 
Kosova është Shqipëria.
2018-07-16 13:58
Wtf is that?
2018-07-16 19:18
Europe FJUL 
Kosova = Kosovo është = is Shqipëria = Albania
2018-07-16 21:32
Amazing language,probably coming from their "ancestors"illyrians LUL
2018-07-16 23:54
Europe FJUL 
Better that your shit slavic and chirilic language.
2018-07-17 00:03
Better for some Mongolian clans or barbarians from mountains.
2018-07-17 00:07
2018-07-16 21:58
Kosovo je Srbija
2018-07-16 14:00
Dosia | 
Russia Reqq1 
Kosovo Serbia, Crimea Russia
2018-07-16 22:00
Poland kRAMERO 
Kosowo jest Serbskie
2018-07-16 22:01
Please change ur flag to albanian one, thank you
2018-07-16 23:46
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