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NTC fix.
Brazil infesterinc 
Hello peeps. Despite liking or not BR teams, i want your opinions bout NTC. The roster is full of stars,unless b1t=BOT. In my opinion now that Boltz is benched, is that he assumes B1T places. Boltz was IGL at IMT e Tempo ,so i guess that would be an addition to the team,as if u look closely , the roster is suffering due to lack of strategies mainly TR side. I would change the Coach appoka as he's also responsable for these bad performances. I also cheer to Boltz assume a LG place in the roster replacing yeL.
2018-07-16 15:07
2018-07-16 15:08
Brazil infesterinc 
lol,u kiddin?
2018-07-17 01:22
who is abismo?
2018-07-17 01:45
Brazil skbestteam07 
best friend of destiny
2018-07-17 01:49
so depressed feelsbadman
2018-07-17 02:16
Brazil CaioOlive 
2018-07-17 02:25
Other tilDogra 
it's obviously a bait 0/8
2018-07-17 03:17
-bit +cold igl gg top1
2018-07-17 01:23
Oh shit
2018-07-17 01:32
Dude imagine that happening
2018-07-17 01:34
fnx cold kNg felps chelo uff also speaking native language
2018-07-17 01:35
Unstopable team
2018-07-17 01:36
2018-07-17 05:36
Brazil BoluditoBR 
ok nt
2018-07-17 01:23
"The roster is full of stars" more like one washed up major winner back in 2016 or some shit and a guy who threatened to kill another guy because he misunderstood a joke, pathetic team with no potential
2018-07-17 01:33
Wrong. Felps is insane Kngv insane Fnx insane Chelo insane Bit shit
2018-07-17 01:34
Bosnia and Herzegovina cmts 
If they indeed are insane, they wouldn't be losing to some nonamers.
2018-07-17 01:39
United States Quanxd 
2018-07-17 01:48
Brazil skbestteam07 
because they have ability but lack a brain
2018-07-17 01:50
Bosnia and Herzegovina cmts 
Yeah, VP lost a match against Fragsters, how is that relevant in this situation?
2018-07-17 03:15
even insane players overall have bad times performing....
2018-07-17 13:53
Bosnia and Herzegovina cmts 
They were insane before, but now they are miles away from being insane, just like NTC guys.
2018-07-17 15:37
well, you seem to never heard about the word potential or u've never done something bad when u used to be good and than got better again. This experience i can't give to you ;D peace
2018-07-18 15:29
Bosnia and Herzegovina cmts 
Explain to me what potential is (and please don't you copy/paste, describe it in your own words), please.
2018-07-18 18:18
Brazil jeanzer44 
he threatened to kill?
2018-07-17 01:49
African Union fgxnNn 
Beef on twitter
2018-07-17 02:22
In Brazil, when a child misbehaves their mother says: You do this or I'm going to kill you! They obviously don't mean it.
2018-07-17 15:55
United States small__dude 
-bit -fnx/chelo +steel +boltz
2018-07-17 01:35
why -fnx he's been one of their better performers
2018-07-17 01:54
United States small__dude 
yeah true i'd rather see -chelo so they have more experience and just make felps and kngv the main stars
2018-07-17 05:35
wtf, chelo > steel
2018-07-17 05:37
United States small__dude 
they dont need more firepower they need people who can play in a team and an igl who isnt 40 years old
2018-07-17 05:38
man, chelo is entry fragger
2018-07-17 05:39
United States small__dude 
okay then just -bit1 +steel
2018-07-17 05:40
no man, -bit1 +cold igl
2018-07-17 05:55
Andorra Octopus1 
NTC atm is barely even a real team
2018-07-17 01:35
Brazil infesterinc 
Agree with u on that. But like i said,it's all lack off strategies.They're trying to solve everything with bullets only.
2018-07-17 01:39
Andorra Octopus1 
boltz won’t join NTC since kng and fnx arent committed like him LG I am unsure they want to get rid of nekiz or yel since both players are honestly pretty valuable maybe international lineup or nrg or something idk
2018-07-17 01:42
maybe yel and hen1 fulltime awp
2018-07-17 05:56
France slakxth 
Why would they get rid if their best player? Nekiz > luminosity
2018-07-17 06:28
Portugal R4nger)( 
right now maybe but if lucas1 and hen1 expecially lucas1 start fragging like they use too he will drop to 3rd best in the lineup . Hen1 is hitting those shots tho but lucas1 is really out of shape .
2018-07-17 15:47
kng, felps and fnx are good players, can definitely reach tier 1 with the right squad bit and chelo are good enough for tier 2-3, but nothing more. overall they need a better gameplan
2018-07-17 01:46
Poland big_boy_69 
felps - incredible player kNgV - also very good player chelo - average player bit and fnx - washed up players
2018-07-17 01:51
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
This would be awesome but so unrealistic -fnx +boltz -bit +steel/fallen (almost impossible that they can get any of this two guys)
2018-07-17 01:57
United States Jammin800k 
Why -fnx hes been playing decent and is willing to play the lesser support roles on the team if anything -bit +boltz as he has IGLd in the past
2018-07-17 02:28
change bot bit for bot steel? wtf
2018-07-17 05:38
United States Jammin800k 
When the hell did I mention steel? But yes steel>bit
2018-07-17 07:52
Brazil Cariocazera 
boltz don't like to be IGL, Zakk (or steel) say that in PGL Krakow Major (i guess)
2018-07-17 01:59
Boltz will not go to play with those bots. He will play for LG instead
2018-07-17 02:33
Brazil juyran 
I think they are all good players, but also impulsive. A bunch of instinctive players. This brings a lot of awesome plays but also a ruge amount of inconsistency. Thats just my opinion but in my point of view Bit is in trouble trying to hold this big bull by it's horn. It's not all his fault. It's beyond his own performance.
2018-07-17 06:04
2018-07-17 06:34
mibr: FalleN, Fer, tsk, yuurih, Kscerato (if coldzera leaves and if fallen (which will surely happen) kick stewie and tarik SK: steel, boltz, felps, lucas, hen1 Luminosity: arT, nekiz, chelo, fnx, kNg
2018-07-17 15:41
device | 
Brazil Avivis 
i dont think that fallen would do something like this, if cold leaves Mibr would be, fallen, fer, stew, tarik, and autimatic (miUS), and sk (NTC), horvy IGL, fnx, chelo, felps, kng. Lg: hen1, lucas1, boltz, steelga, nekiz. but, have a lot till it happen.
2018-07-17 16:04
Steel was igl in imortals was he not?
2018-07-17 16:06
device | 
Brazil Avivis 
yes, atm he is igl in lg too
2018-07-17 16:35
France raiinnn 
boltz (IGL) fnx kng felps chelo and BIT coach.
2018-07-17 16:08
Germany VeryFlaMezGuy 
the igl of IMT was steel lol
2018-07-17 16:36
LG: -yel +boltz Furia: +yel -spacca NTC: -Bit +Mch or Nak or PKL, or tryout someone like horvy as igl(maybe it works, anything is possible) +peacemaker -Apoka(put him im team one) TeamOne: -NikoM +Shoowtime
2018-07-17 16:55
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