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The best option for a CS:GO mouse?
Canada Dial_Up 
Recently my mouse cable has been giving me issues and would need fixing, but I am taking this as an opportunity to find a replacement mouse that is more suited to CS:GO. I am looking at the Zowie EC2-B but what other good options should I consider?
2018-07-17 04:42
United States Idoitforlols 
2018-07-17 04:43
Canada Dial_Up 
I agree
2018-07-17 04:45
Sweden HampusLordtop7 
asus rog gladius ii wireless out in Q3 2018 no wire, interchangeable OMRGON Switches so it will last many many years great shape n weight
2018-07-17 23:58
FalleN | 
Brazil Laureano 
Zowie EC2-B
2018-07-17 04:51
Sweden HampusLordtop7 
wire in 2k18 haha lul
2018-07-17 23:59
daprgodtop1 in 2k18 haha lul
2018-07-18 00:04
Wired mouse has the lowest ms which the one of the most important things for gamers especially CSGO players. and wire is not a problem when you have mouse bungee even without mouse bungee. BTW wireless are more comfy really and Logitech is actually improving it a lot!
2018-07-18 00:27
are you talking to me? I am engineer and u try to teach me sience ahaahh wireless gaming mice from logitech, asus have 1ms responsetime just as wired mouse ITS THE SAME
2018-07-18 00:28
Yes ok!
2018-07-18 00:28
ok man, good! u nice guy ok wireless is used by: Elige, tabseN, nifty and many others if it had more delay than wired they would not use!
2018-07-18 00:29
I wasn't trying to say they are worst ones but usually they are if it's not the expensive ones like the Logitech and Asus one like you said. With the exception of weight wireless mouses are heavy..
2018-07-18 00:42
And Karrigan too (G403 wireless)
2018-07-22 14:54
leo^ | 
United States wes33 
When was the last time the battery in your wired mouse died in the middle of a game? Oh wait...
2018-07-18 00:36
im on the g603 rn batteries last 3 months but the asus rog will only last 24 hours
2018-07-18 00:38
Wired is better in any case. I grew up with wired mouse and still use it to this day. No need to bother with charge, battery and all that crap
2018-07-31 12:00
Brazil ProkdereVier 
Deathadder D.Va
2018-07-17 04:57
wired mouse in 2k18. sure bud
2018-07-17 23:59
daprgodtop1 in 2k18. sure bud
2018-07-18 00:05
Ukraine Tosinijo 
rival 110
2018-07-17 04:56
lol wire in 2k18
2018-07-17 23:59
lol daprgodtop1 in 2k18
2018-07-18 00:05
Ukraine Tosinijo 
don't see any problems in wired mouses
2018-07-18 00:44
If you are ok with Logitech shapes, get a g403/703 or g303/gpro/g203/g305. If preferred, wireless. They just have the best overall quality and performance. However, I went through their whole assortment and I always disliked the shape so much that I rather choose an arguably inferior Zowie/BenQ mouse over logitech stuff (which I had plenty, as well). Steelseries is also an option. I just tried the Sensei 310. Didn't like it that much, but for people who like the fat back it's also a good choice. Also clicks are too easy to press for my liking. All these mice have a 3360 optical sensor (or a variation of it), and are considered top. Unfortunately only the EC2-b series from Zowie is updated with that sensor, whike FK and ZA still use 3310. It's not a deal breaker, but personally I can feel the difference and think my tracking is better on a 3360 sensor mouse (tested EC2-A vs EC2-B). The side buttons on the EC2-A/B and the scroll wheel are too bad for my taste as I use them quite often. Also the EC2-B has small feet that scratch my cloth pad. For me, FK1 and ZA13 are the top choices, depending on my grip. If Zowie ever release a FK or ZA with a 3360 sensor = instant buy for me. Maybe the new Logitche g pro wireless will be just that (shox uses the mouse).
2018-07-17 23:57
Sweden HampusLordtop7 
asus rog gladius ii wireless braah
2018-07-17 23:59
2018-07-18 00:00
Spain Nscop 
Ec1-B csgo edition, nothing better Stfu “lol wire in 2018”
2018-07-18 00:31
yeah pay 80 dollar for plastic zowie mouse with no dpi steps and no wirelss ahahah
2018-07-18 00:37
Spain Nscop 
Yeah pay +40$ only for wireless
2018-07-20 23:11
I payed 1500 dollars just for my hunting Shotgun 40 dollars is nothing
2018-07-20 23:13
Spain Nscop 
80$ for a no wireless mouse is nothing
2018-07-31 11:24
100 S for a wireless mouse is nothing just 20 more
2018-07-31 11:26
Spain Nscop 
Which sensor it have?
2018-07-31 13:59
Zowie great, may also check Steelseries 310 ( sensei or rival ), logitech stuff. And yes, wire in 2718
2018-07-18 00:32
yup kids getting robbed buying zowie, plastic shit for 80 dollars when u can get wireless with interchangeable buttons
2018-07-18 00:37
So obsessed with wireless? Unless you starve and try to eat your mice cable you're good.
2018-07-18 00:40
Btw i never owned zowie myself, stick to SS devices ( that's why i added 310 ).
2018-07-18 00:41
Belarus Dat_Boi 
Zowie EC2-A Nemiga is the best team in the world.
2018-07-18 00:56
United Kingdom cowbunga 
The only mouse on the market that feels comfortable for me to use is the razer mamba, I've got the wired only Tournament Edition but there is a wireless version.
2018-07-31 11:27
Razer Deathadder has the best mouse shape, i'm using a4tech a9 which is nearly the same shape but i'll buy deathadder soon
2018-07-31 12:02
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