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Normal user come here
United States Good_big_boy 
I don’t want to get baited so only real people. What your opinion on anime. Is it really true that everyone hate it, or are those haters just a loud minority ?
2018-07-17 20:28
United Kingdom cowabunga_dude 
Most people do hate it yes
2018-07-17 20:29
Nice flair lmao
2018-07-17 20:30
United Kingdom cowabunga_dude 
thanks man he's an upcoming Danish talent
2018-07-17 20:34
Sick stats at least he's not a baiter
2018-07-17 20:36
sources say he's replacing Xyp9x on Astralis soon
2018-07-17 20:37
Can't wait, astralis is too good for xyp anyway, he should go back to being a star player in fnatic
2018-07-17 20:38
no Xyp9x is going to fragsters
2018-07-17 20:39
Can he speak Danish though?
2018-07-17 20:40
idk maybe I know he can speak Swedish and Portuguese
2018-07-17 20:41
Well I hope there won't be too much of a language barrier, but we can see navi doing great while having players from different countries too, so it should be ok
2018-07-17 20:43
hopefully, tempo storm might switch their comms to Latin when Xyp9x joins seeing as HS already speaks it
2018-07-17 20:45
I just remembered that xyp9x once said in an interview that his son speaks perfect CIS language, so he can replace s1mple in navi since he looks like he's in a slump lately, barely getting any kills while baiting not only Zeus, but everyone in his team.
2018-07-17 20:48
I also heard that Xyp9x's father speaks fluent Polish and is looking to replace xcurrate on TyLoo, huh!
2018-07-17 20:58
but tyloo have players that looks asian, so their polish might have some sort of asian dialiect/accent, idk whether he can understand them
2018-07-17 21:02
idk man i think ur kinda retarded tbh xyp9x can only speak danish
2018-07-17 21:09
lmao stop making up languages
2018-07-17 21:10
blocked cya 10 years for insulting me
2018-07-17 21:14
i blocked you first so it doesn't count
2018-07-17 21:15
OogaBooga sticker hype!
2018-07-17 20:49
2018-07-17 20:59
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2018-07-17 21:16
Finland Fantastic_Finn 
2018-07-17 20:29
Most of them are just trolling, they actually don't give a shit People don't hate on anime, they hate on people who like anime
2018-07-17 20:31
Finland Gl1tCh3D_ 
"People don't hate on anime"
2018-07-17 21:21
and the ones that do, do it for no reason whatsoever
2018-07-17 21:21
Finland Gl1tCh3D_ 
the reason is that its all garbage
2018-07-17 21:55
>normal user >hltv nobody cares about what u do, go watch amine
2018-07-17 20:32
most of the people don't even know what is anime they just hate it for nothing some of them actually think anime is for kids ...
2018-07-17 20:36
i dont hate anime, i hate the weebs that like it, and so should you my nigga
2018-07-17 20:37
France KepleR82b 
I hate animes and i'm not baiting Last time, a friend told me the story of one of them, it was boring af to listen to this average 11yo little boy story
2018-07-17 20:38
Barely anyone hates anime, dumb ass shits thinks that every1 who wachest anime sleeps with anime pillows and masturbates on hentai pics
2018-07-17 20:38
real talk here i dont like anime but i feel like the community around it makes it worse, weebs are vile creatures. if weebs were just your average tv show fan, like idk, game of thrones fans are pretty normal people but no weebs have to be cancerous and creepy and shit fuck weebs man
2018-07-17 20:43
that is fine as long as you understand that watching anime doesnt make you a weeb there is more to it then that
2018-07-17 21:01
nah if u watch anime and like it whatever if you watch it then go watch 90 hentais u wrong for that
2018-07-17 21:06
Germany ropzGOD 
Never watched nor really considered tbh If id do id have a different opinion. Rn it just doesnt appeal to me
2018-07-17 20:43
I like anime to be honest. But I don't watch it regularly, just an interest.
2018-07-17 20:46
Russia sneakyboy 
anime is ratarded, but somehow it can motivate very good
2018-07-17 20:49
Brazil cadik 
99% of people actually watched and liked anime (1 or 2 titles or even more)
2018-07-17 20:50
Poland morosek 
People hate it only because some people enjoy watching it... weird but well
2018-07-17 20:52
Many ppl hate it because it is popular to say that anime is gay. The truth is most of them havent seen single episode
2018-07-17 21:01
United Kingdom AlywOw 
What’s anime
2018-07-17 21:14
Most of people don't know about it. But a vast majority knowing about it thinks it is some sort of mental disease to watch mostly anime passed a certain age.
2018-07-17 21:19
TL;DR: Informed people are neutral on average, uninformed people tend to think ill of it. I do think uninformed people tend to dislike it, because they think anime is just childish screaming and unintelligent violence but without any blood. Then there are misinformed people, who seem to believe that anime is hentai, so basically porn for weirdoes. Sometimes they even think of anime as an animated equivalent to child porn. I won't deny that such things exist, or even that it's a popular theme in anime to have underage (looking) girls engage in all kinds of relationships, but what most of them seem to miss is that most anime don't contain more nudity than a TV-show with emphasis on nudity would. Yes, anime DOES emphasize sexuality, but in most cases it's not like some weird orgy's going on. The way in which characters behave in anime is just fundamentally different, which at times makes anime look like it tolerates sexual content too much. But the question is: Is it really as bad as people make it out to be? [EDIT: Popularity plays a big part too. When you're surrounded by people who bash and hate on anime, you're more likely to either start to hate it yourself, or you'll just hide the fact that you don't necessarily hate it.] Example: The male protagonist accidentally walks into a girl's room just while she's changing clothes, and sees her in her underwear. In a TV show the girls would scream, probably slap the guy in the face and report him for breach of privacy and sexual harassment. He then gets kicked from school and starts taking drugs. In anime, everything would hold true until the "sexual harassment" thing, but instead of being kicked he just goes to class as usual and finds out that this girl sits right next to him. At first she doesn't like him, but they then befriend each other and so on... Of course my example was full of stereotypes, but I had to try and find something that would be applicable in both "worlds". As I said, anime does tolerate sexual content more than TV shows do, but that doesn't mean that every single one of those shows is meant to be watched by horny perverts. What's wrong about enjoying a comedy show (or any other) which contain some nudity? There are few scenes where you can even remotely see what's going on during sex in anime, whereas in TV shows it's actually not that uncommon to see 2 people being at it while the only things that can't be seen are genitals. Just pointing that out right there. The people mentioned above also associate their negative picture of anime with the people watching in, thus projecting the image of a lonely person who does nothing else but watching anime and sleeping with his body pillow (literally or figuratively) onto the person in question. I think that's the big problem with "outsiders" who have very little knownledge of what anime actually is or can be. I used to be like this myself, I hated anime because a friend of mine would always talk about anime and how there are overly sexy girls, thus making me think that, whoever draws and watches this kind of stuff must be a freak. Fortunately I managed to correct my mistake, but it just goes to show how important first impressions are, not just in anime but in general. Long story short, informed people tend to be neutral towards anime on average, or so I believe. Now, if anyone still thinks negatively of anime even after having informed themselves, that's completely fine, but please don't throw all of us anime fans into the same bucket. Anime containts a lot of things: There's violence and blood, interesting plot twists, a heavy emphasis on expressing feelings and yes, at times there's sexual content. Anime is very different from TV shows, but regardless of whether you like anime or not, there's one fact concerning people who watch anime that remains which I'd like to get across to everyone. We're human. Sorry for the long read!
2018-07-17 21:53
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