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New EU team of free players
forsaken | 
Denmark germanysuperior 
Right now there are a lot of eu players that are either without a team or inactive. This is a team that of players with no "real" spot on a team rn. I know Mixwell played for North and Styko are going to stand-in for C9, but tbh I only think he can get a spot on that team if it works out with him and Golden. Mixwell Cromen NBK Scream Styko Could be sick, other players with uncertain futures could be: Rubino Mertz and rest of the former Envy squad Please do come with your own teams or players that could be free :D Hf
2018-07-17 21:11
United Kingdom Dimwit 
Mixwell (AWP) ScreaM (Star Player) KioShima (IGL) Rubino (Support) Apex (Entry)
2018-07-17 21:14
Forgot about Apex :D If he is used probably he can be a BEAST! I'd like to see him on a team that are not only french, I know he is weird asf, but he is so good and I feel like the french scene is bunch of divas that can't manage to keep a good teamspirit
2018-07-17 21:17
United Kingdom Dimwit 
I know what you mean. Part of the reason that I like this current G2 roster is that they all seem to actually get along and want to play with each other. Same with the new 3DMAX roster.
2018-07-17 23:52
Yeah Lets see how long it'll be like that, Shox cant hold his inner diva in too long if they Wont start winning soon
2018-07-19 10:55
United Kingdom Dimwit 
Exactly. It seems like atm either Kenny or Shox do really well and the other one goes full bot
2018-07-19 13:13
Denmark oskarsports 
Mixwell will team up with lowel, Soker, Alex and mopoz
2018-07-17 21:13
Denmark oskarsports 
ez boiii
2018-07-19 12:25
NBK and STYKO in one team? You wot m8
2018-07-17 21:13
sick firepower in Cromen, Scream(if he can find a good form) and mixwell was awesome at Valencia!
2018-07-17 21:18
Yeah but STYKO and NBK are both support players...Why would you want 2 of them in same team
2018-07-17 21:19
Cus there has to be an IGL.. I would rather have Golden than NBK tbh
2018-07-17 21:19
I would rather have NBK than STYKo than
2018-07-17 21:20
United Kingdom ExzoGames 
did you mean NBK and ScreaM?
2018-07-17 21:21
no, he said Mixwell Cromen NBK Scream Styko STYKO and NBK are both support players and NBK > STYKO why would you have both of them in the same time And yeah NBK stated that he doesn't like ScreaM's playstyle but that wasn't my point
2018-07-17 21:21
United Kingdom ExzoGames 
what are you, gay? (yes im saying this because i realise im wrong and have absolutely nothing else to say because you just screwed me)
2018-07-17 21:31
Nah I'm straight white male
2018-07-17 21:35
Denmark mersault17 
2018-07-19 11:18
Nbk doesnt like scream Could be Nbk - rifler Styko - supp Golden - igl Cromen - entry Mixwell - awp
2018-07-17 21:14
I like this better tbh
2018-07-17 21:20
or maybe kick NBK and have find a better rifler
2018-07-17 21:20
Idk who is teamless, myb scream kio
2018-07-17 21:42
TaZ | 
Poland trollorowy 
byali taz woxic naf niko best team in universe
2018-07-17 21:15
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
Doesn't NBK have 800k buyout or something, seems not very free xdd
2018-07-17 21:15
cyx | 
Portugal fakepereira 
mixwell will team up with his spanish brothers
2018-07-17 21:16
United Kingdom cowbunga 
Cromen lurk ZywOo awp aPex entry ScreaM star k1o igl and support
2018-07-17 21:20
could be sick but very french
2018-07-17 21:40
United Kingdom cowbunga 
oh fuck I forget to include the 80% chance to surrender
2018-07-17 21:49
Theia | 
United States Shanes 
NBK is no free player right now, still under contract with G2.
2018-07-17 21:43
very true but I can imagine he is looking to become a part of another team in the future
2018-07-17 21:51
Sweden KarlXII 
>NBK >Free player Pick one
2018-07-17 21:44
Yeah i dunno why I put him there, really dont like him as a player but he has done great things before but thats in the past
2018-07-17 21:50
NBK Scream Kio Apex Hadji OMG FrEnCh SuppPaTeAmm!
2018-07-19 13:17
Poland big_boy_69 
GOLDEN (IGL) kioShiMa (support) ScreaM (entry) cromen (lurker) ZyWoO (AWP) opinions?
2018-07-19 13:45
Greenland Jardeet 
Slemmy Byali Ptr Smithzz Devilwalk
2018-07-19 13:47
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