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Blond Europeans come here
Brazil Skbestteam2017 
If you are European blond with blue eyes, I can make you rich in Brazil by singing funk. Do not worry, you will not have to know more than 5 words in Portuguese to make a song
2018-07-18 02:46
I have a surefire strategy to get rich in 1 year.I just need a blond European blue eyes
2018-07-18 02:47
remember your best friend on hltv (of course me) when this happen
2018-07-18 02:47
Brazilians love blondes european with blue eyes.In 2016, this girl had a viralized video just because she tried to speak some words in Portuguese and nowadays her YouTube channel has 3 million subscribers.
2018-07-18 03:11
i can dye my hair and my eyebrows too, got everything else
2018-07-18 02:47
Does not matter. Brazilian loves blond European blue eyes
2018-07-18 02:48
yay im gonna be rich
2018-07-18 02:48
I am not kidding. I am serious.
2018-07-18 02:49
im not terrible at pronouncing foreign languages either. just got 1 year left in college then we can execute the plan
2018-07-18 02:50
Most of Brazil's funks are just a 1000x repeated phrase and their singers are rich
2018-07-18 02:53
how about u give me money and then ill be rich that is my plan
2018-07-18 02:47
2018-07-18 02:47
s1mple | 
Turkey @s1mpleO 
i have blond hair but not european. is it ok?
2018-07-18 02:48
Turkey is Byzantium.
2018-07-18 03:01
Byzantium is turkey
2018-07-18 03:03
No, u are dirty invader from Asia.
2018-07-18 03:03
Stfu poorkraine
2018-07-18 03:04
Ur mongolian ancestors also had occupied old ukrainian state Ruthenia (Rus) in 13th century. But all eastern european had kicked u all out, back to the desert to drink some horse's milk.
2018-07-18 03:07
Poor talking
2018-07-18 03:09
I don't have any haram.
2018-07-18 03:10
ur english is so poor m8
2018-07-18 03:10
Go drink some horse's milk, arab.
2018-07-18 03:13
stfu russian wannabe european Do you have money to buy me a horse
2018-07-18 03:14
Call me russian is all u can?
2018-07-18 03:16
Call me arab is all you can Oh wait,wasnt i mongol LMAO
2018-07-18 03:16
U are mixture of mongols and arabs. Look like arabs, but speak mongolian.
2018-07-18 03:17
Do you have money to learn history and language info?
2018-07-18 03:18
No money.
2018-07-18 03:19
So stfu u did speak enough
2018-07-18 03:20
Allah akbar!
2018-07-18 03:24
This is what you say when you are pray cuz you are so poor
2018-07-18 03:26
Sorry, i am atheist.
2018-07-18 03:27
you dont believe in god cuz you are so poor and world has no justice?
2018-07-18 03:28
No, cuz there is no any god on this fucking planet. And yes there is no justice.
2018-07-18 03:30
When you are ignorant, you have no words to day and try to change to subject
2018-07-18 03:33
I am not muslim.
2018-07-18 03:34
If you are Asian you will probably be more difficult, because the sad reality is that there is much more cultural blockade for Asiatics than for Europeans.
2018-07-18 03:08
Ok, i have only blue eyes. Fuck. Have to be poor. Hair like this:
2018-07-18 02:51
nt mr. my-parents-are-rich-and-i-play-golf
2018-07-18 03:19
I am from Ukraine. Ukraine means poor.
2018-07-18 03:20
rip hairline
2018-07-18 03:36
2018-07-18 03:37
Sweden FitDude 
I can dye my hair blonde and have contact lenses >:]
2018-07-18 03:08
Are u blind?
2018-07-18 03:10
Sweden FitDude 
2018-07-18 03:11
Are you Swedish and not blond? How did you get this miracle?
2018-07-18 03:13
Sweden FitDude 
Idk, and im also like pure scandinavian :P Really dark brown hair with brown eyes :dd
2018-07-18 03:16
He is from Algeria.
2018-07-18 03:16
2018-07-18 03:19
Sweden FitDude 
original xd
2018-07-18 03:25
Czech Republic k9fEinW0W 
Im the guy you are looking for. Im ready to travel rn. I need proof first tho.
2018-07-18 03:15
I got blonde hair, black eyebrows/lashes and blue eyes is that alright too?
2018-07-18 03:35
Lol, looks weird.
2018-07-18 03:36
Girls love it tho.
2018-07-18 03:44
Girls love my 29cm dickko more.
2018-07-18 03:45
Perfect my friend, let's be partners and conquer Brazil
2018-07-18 03:47
Okok, let's do it give me some contact info and let's see what's next
2018-07-18 03:53
my whatsapp in pvt
2018-07-18 03:54
Can i dj instead of singing funk?
2018-07-18 03:50
my friend, the strategy is to make easy money. In funk the DJ is one who does the hard work but credit goes all to the singer who just repeats the same 1000x phrase If you want to be a DJ you will work hard and earn little. Not worth being a DJ in Brazil, go to Europe/usa
2018-07-18 03:53
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