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Why should rich people be punished always?
Europe ApziIsKing 
Why should only rich people be punished? Why should we never punish the poor? Socialists always want to raise taxes and never cut social spending.. Theft is not right even if you democratically vote for it or make a law about it.
2018-07-18 18:16
NEO | 
Kazakhstan Tarob 
Flag checks out????
2018-07-18 18:17
Lmao nice one
2018-07-18 19:17
look #74
2018-07-23 23:19
Ahah he's baiting i guess
2018-07-24 00:00
lol EU is fucking socialist union
2018-07-23 23:19
GuardiaN | 
Germany Rusty_ 
2018-07-18 18:19
Rich people don't get punished, that's why we're rich.
2018-07-18 18:20
Andorra Octopus1 
“We’re” Your flag is a green square
2018-07-18 18:22
money is also green square
2018-07-18 18:23
Andorra Octopus1 
I see you are a fan of my favorite player :)
2018-07-18 18:24
Other awzaq 
lmao who is that nonamer
2018-07-21 04:12
United States eyaSpiers 
only in some countries eg USA the greatest country (altho it's a rectangle my brother)
2018-07-18 18:35
>USA >the greatest country
2018-07-18 20:50
United Kingdom TypicalBrit 
2018-07-18 19:00
Yeah, green is the best colour.
2018-07-18 18:23
If you don't want to pay taxes then go build your own roads, schools, hospitals etc. Basically go start new society only for rich people. But wait if no one wants to pay taxes how do you cover all the basic needs for your new rich only non-taxpaying society? Maybe if there was a "law" or somekind of rule that everyone has to participate to building you society. Hmm.
2018-07-18 18:22
Taxation is ok. But taking more % because someone has more is critical. To certain points its ok. But if it gets to much, its not fair.
2018-07-18 18:27
Brazil Mentecapto 
"To certain points its ok" That'd be perfect. But in reality, leftists would charge 'rich people' 500% more and probably the very rich would find ways of evading these taxes anyways. So we are pretty much doomed. Society is heading towards something very very dark.
2018-07-18 18:58
Yes, only wealthy people suffer from this taxation. The super rich are not even affected. They have ways to evade these, the "average rich person" can not even perform. So why provoke tax evasion when you could just charge fair taxes. Surely it would be done anyway but maybe less. This is too optimistic probably. The main point remains untouched though
2018-07-18 19:05
look #76
2018-07-23 23:26
+1 This is why banning guns (mainly I'm talking about the US but other countries too) also won't be good because people will still buy them they'll just buy it from an illegal seller. Leftists also want to lower the salaries of politicians and while I think that some EU rats don't deserve any money and should be hanged, if you lower the salary of politicians, they'll just get more money but from bribers/lobbyists
2018-07-23 23:24
United States Trump2020KAG 
When did he say he didn’t wana pay taxes??? He is saying it’s unfair. Which it is.
2018-07-18 18:35
you know private schools, roads, hospitals, already exists
2018-07-21 04:02
reported for fuckiing shit thread
2018-07-18 18:23
1.Taxes =/= punishement. 2.Poor people don't have money to pay to government.
2018-07-18 18:25
Europe loonek4 
Are you 15? Is this thread some kind of a meme?
2018-07-18 18:26
USSR lul commie spotted
2018-07-18 18:45
Europe loonek4 
ok Mr 15 year old pseudo intellectual
2018-07-18 18:46
Rich people dont get punished lmao just look at all the celebs who commit crimes and dont have to go to jail
2018-07-18 18:28
+1 a good lawyer takes you out of any crime ezz money iz da
2018-07-18 18:30
+1 amk
2018-07-18 18:34
dick cheney, shot and killed his friend while they were hunting, nothing happened to him
2018-07-18 18:33
2018-07-18 18:34
BnTeT | 
China NA_LUL 
FAKE NEWS, his friend is alive and it was an accident he never got any real punishment tho
2018-07-18 18:44
bobby shrudda or whatever his name is anyway some shit but popular musician (like all celebrity rappers) is in jail Jordan Belfort was in prison too
2018-07-23 23:29
bobby shmurda rapped about how he killed people lmao Jordan Belfort scammed hundereds of millions and got a few years of "prison" - “I played tennis three hours a day, and I’d write for maybe 12.” -Jordan Belfort
2018-07-24 01:22
0/8 bait. the poor people get punished. moneys rules over the world. so if you a got money you are a good person, if you poor you are a bad person. easy
2018-07-18 18:30
United States Trump2020KAG 
A rich person will pay more taxes in one year then what a middle class person(myself) will pay in a life time. Yea they deserve tax breaks 100%. Great point on the poor btw.
2018-07-18 18:33
I rich person will earn more money in one year than a middle class person will earn in a lifetime without tax breaks.
2018-07-18 18:38
United States Trump2020KAG 
But is it fair to rape his paycheck becouse he is successful????? Socialism creates lazy people. No need to try hard harder if everyone gets the same.
2018-07-18 18:50
2018-07-18 18:53
The rich person doesn't get the same? They get more money than they can spend in a lifetime.
2018-07-18 18:54
United States Trump2020KAG 
People are greedy bro. That’s the way it. A guy with a billion$$$$ is mad he don’t 3billllion$$$$
2018-07-18 18:59
Exactly, people are greedy. I know I guy that had a good paying job and he had like the same opinions like you, then he got sick and couldn't work anymore, now he is happy about socialism because without it he would be done. Point is, people are greedy. If you gain nothing on it you are against it but then you sit there in the shit yourself and you change opinion.
2018-07-18 19:06
Slovakia S1W0 
Yep my das Who lives in The Netherlands Has to pay over 50% in taxes. Yes we have Nice roads good healthcare and all that But its just pure stealing from a man that works 6-7 days in a week 10-12 hours a day If you travel time included.
2018-07-18 19:00
United States Trump2020KAG 
See dude that’s insane. 50% of paycheck gone. Damn
2018-07-18 19:01
Nigga you said socialists. Its their philosophy. You have to tax rich to give social to poor to be called socialist.
2018-07-18 18:53
whatever, all leftists want to do that
2018-07-18 18:53
Leftism is a philosophy that requires its believers to trust the government and accept its taxation as a needed sacrifice for the poor Nigga don't mind this but you are staying stuff like why is cloth wet after dipping in water and not dry.
2018-07-18 18:56
2018-07-19 00:11
United States Trump2020KAG 
We give taxes breaks to company’s and rich people being they pay 90% of the taxes in America. I’d say that’s fair giving them breaks.
2018-07-18 19:00
You have gone too far though. You are a failed state right now
2018-07-18 19:01
United States Trump2020KAG 
Lmao if America fails the world fails bro. That’s the truth
2018-07-18 20:11
Russia the only thing keeping us alive. Upto y'all motherfuckers, world would've ended in 1950
2018-07-18 21:10
United States Trump2020KAG 
Lmao wtf u talking Vlump
2018-07-18 22:11
The problem with that is you need so much knowledge to take advantage of the tax breaks that normal people can't compete
2018-07-21 04:13
Fu** socialists
2018-07-18 18:55
most of these people that are mad at rich people are lazy poor socialists
2018-07-18 18:55
When have rich people been punished? French revolution? Ending of slavery?
2018-07-18 19:00
No in both cases. Pedos did get fucked after French revolution though
2018-07-18 19:02
They legalized pedophilia in French revolution? What are you on?
2018-07-18 20:00
most old fart pedos got exposed and fucked. That's what I said
2018-07-18 21:09
Agree, fucking middle class rats crying how unfair it is 24/7. Should just take out people in poverty tbh. Theyre only troubble
2018-07-18 19:08
I hope lose everything so you will be at the bottom and see if you keep your opinion :)
2018-07-18 20:14
Thats not very nice
2018-07-18 20:14
No one has to be in the bottom. We can move the 99% to the 1%.
2018-07-18 21:22
Hes not lazy so that wont happen
2018-07-19 00:35
Yup, if you fall in to a deadly illness lets call it being lazy. You can also be a very hard working person but for a very small wage, how is that lazy? Never heard of rich business owners using people from 3rd world countries to increase their wealth on the cost of low wage and their workers health?
2018-07-19 02:19
Ok so are u saying that people who choose to not work and live on benefits don't exist ? Also thode workers can just quit their jobs and find another job
2018-07-20 00:25
People that live on benefits have probably lost their jobs for some reason, you know that happens and everyone can't always find a new job instantly? Are you saying there is no people that get's real problem with their health so they can't work anymore? Or no people that lose their job becuase the company has to cut down? This person that lose their job will search for a new job becuase they can simply not live on the state forever. If you don't actively search for a job you lose your benefits, atleast in Sweden and people that fake being sick to get benefits, you know that is a crime? And I know there are people to ruin this system and make people have doubt in it by just being lazy yes. How much money do you think a person that have never worked a day in their life get in benefits, if they follow the rules and actively search for a job?
2018-07-20 09:58
2018-07-21 03:46
rich people mainly are rich because there is a system in place which allows them to amass riches and wealth. they are not being punished by being taxed, they profit first and foremost of the capitalistic system that we live in and enables them to become rich. being a manager of a billion dollar company for example objectively puts you in an easier situation than being a facility manager or cleaning toilets. in regards to you biological and physical needs you are well off for the vast majority of your life. if you dont do criminal stuff you wont drop to rock bottom, unlike people who work shitty underpaid, underappreciated jobs which they could be fired from any day of the week
2018-07-19 00:43
There is lots of work required to become a manager of a big company and even more to stay as one
2018-07-20 00:26
the system to make them rich is a socialist one, where normal people get taxed to hell and can't compete with rich people
2018-07-21 04:06
Sweden hltvking 
- The rich benefit from the capitalist system already, that's a bigger reason for them being rich than their pure hard working effort. There are way bigger victims in this society. Society has much bigger gain to tax rich people than rich people have to win by not getting taxed. While some people barely scrape by and can afford healthcare does it matter if billionares are taxed 25% or 35%? Of course not.
2018-07-21 04:02
"The rich" benefit from socialism because taxes actually go straight to them, who owns the money supply and pays off government interest
2018-07-21 04:05
Sweden hltvking 
Good thing to live in a country where the government interest actually is the peoples interest.
2018-07-21 04:08
Doesn't exist, when it does it's removed to install the BIS central banks systems
2018-07-21 04:09
Sweden hltvking 
Hehe, i'm not going down that route. Have a good day!
2018-07-21 04:10
erDOGan do that ? LUL
2018-07-23 23:25
welfare is so retarded, to reward losers and punish good practice :D if there were not taxes everyone would be rich because it is so easy to make money
2018-07-21 04:04
R u one of the nutters here who believe the disabled or mentally sick should perish?
2018-07-24 00:11
Lots of people with able bodys live with undeserved wellfare.
2018-07-24 00:14
Their family should take care of them, but in today even if you are disabled you can work online. Very very few people are unable to make money.
2018-07-24 05:15
The rich people in Brazil are a bunch of corrupt bastards and firing squads would be too merciful for them. Fortunately things have been changing with Lava Jato and Eike Batistas' arrest
2018-07-24 00:11
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