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TAZ 200 IQ
Spain Bye_bye_hltv 
They bench TAZ........... After that Snax left the team to go mouseports...... Taz win MDL with Kinguin and they can go Pro League While VP is in relegations. OMEGALUL
2018-07-18 21:49
and taz might be go to major
2018-07-18 21:50
Netherlands MerpNL 
just like VP..... Whats ur point here sir?
2018-07-18 21:56
2018-07-18 21:51
Poland Htcobakel 
Really don't you remember how bad he played in his last months in VP? Look at this action:
2018-07-18 21:52
and rn top1/2 igl in poland
2018-07-18 21:56
Poland Htcobakel 
How can you predict what will happend after 4 months? TaZ was the worst for a long time and it's not an accident he was kicked.
2018-07-18 21:58
Thorin | 
Netherlands Rafv 
He was obviously throwing so they could finally kick him and now he created new team that is much better than Taz 2000iq
2018-07-18 21:58
MoMo | 
Kazakhstan akoN22 
2018-07-18 21:52
Netherlands MerpNL 
TaZ wont go to pro league cuz there is no promotion system this season
2018-07-18 21:56
2018-07-18 21:57
yes but online leagues suck
2018-07-18 22:00
Poland Totali_ 
they havent win yet, there are still playoffs
2018-07-18 22:02
Japan Nekobasu 
200IQ would have been to Coach VP for 25K/month or whatever their salary is. No1 talks shit about coaches and whatever Kuben is doing, doesn't seem to work rn.
2018-07-18 22:05
easy | 
Poland Karmowski 
no one can reach esl pro league after this season of esea mdl
2018-07-18 22:13
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