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New C9 Idea?!
United States FaZe_0_Major_FaZe_0_Major 
nifty (awp) Rush (rifler) Auti (Rifler) Nitr0 (IGL) +he can atleast frag for an igl, and can 2nd awp Elige OR Ethan OR Twistzz OR naf -Elige because he can show up on stage and has his teammate nitro for chemistry -Ethan becuase he can solidly hold a site and entry when needed but since RUSH does that hes maybe not needed -Twistzz he can show up and has proved that he can in the past, but not on a major stage so... -naf carried renegades in the last major and in optic plenty of times so he can frag and they need that in this new team Anyone else you could think of to revive this team, C9 cant disband they have too many fans across the world so it wouldnt go well, plus itd prove to that stupid mibr team that they dont need those 2 twoheaded fuckers
2018-07-19 05:51
2018-07-19 05:52
2018-07-19 05:52
2018-07-19 05:53
disband and improve rogue, liquid, and nrg
2018-07-19 05:53
allu | 
Indonesia clickshot2 
+1 absolutely this, let c9 be EU team
2018-07-19 05:55
World DopphMe0w 
+1 +delete stewie from pro scene until he returns to c9 with tarik and both of them will play like in boston finals. until they do this move c9 should disband and hope when mibr disbands too and cold retires
2018-07-19 05:55
nifty overrated
2018-07-19 05:56
2018-07-19 07:03
alot better then ska
2018-07-19 07:35
reminds me of ence
2018-07-19 09:31
How dare I to talk like this to o gods like Allu and SERGEJ. Allu is, was and will be better always than ur chrisj
2018-07-19 09:37
that joke made me laugh, you are funny
2018-07-19 09:57
I am feeling thank you
2018-07-19 10:41
Brazil kNgTOP1 
isn't just better to cheer for liquid ?
2018-07-19 06:08
c9 org fans
2018-07-19 07:11
Germany mary69 
haha +1 why would elige nitro etc. leave for a worse team..
2018-07-19 09:10
Elige, and naf > rush ethan = rush
2018-07-19 06:10
France oldman 
2018-07-19 07:16
Yes you are :)
2018-07-19 07:31
yeah c9 doesnt have money atm so they keep rush and hes a good anchor
2018-07-19 07:36
I'm sure they have plenty of money from sponsors, and it hasn't been long since the major win. RUSH is a good anchor, but he's worse than ethan and naf and elige at about anything else. And elige is the best player in NA IMO, he's a must on any top team. You can't say "C9 fix" and then take players from liquid if your not just trying to give an NA dream team, it looks like thats essentially what you're doing so heres my dream team. Elige - Entry Tarik - 2nd awp, star player / IGL Nifty - AWP / IGL Autimatic - Support Twistzz - Lurk / Rifler (lurk is outdated) Here's my Realistic C9 fix, (no liquid players, only 1 expensive buyout) Autimatic - Stays on the team from before. Nifty - IGL/AWP replaces SKA, RNG isn't a big org and nifty was a risky pick at the time they signed him his buyout shouldn't be that big. RUSH - Stays on the team Ethan - Should be very expensive from NRG seeing how he was CLGs star player when they signed him. Options for 5th HIKO - its a risk, he's back and forth on rouge but his buyout shouldn't be too much and he has a lot of experience. Getting back on c9 could be a confidence boost. N0thing - Could bring nothing back, he didn't do horrible on mous and he wasn't terrible the last time he played for c9 but if they want to be a top 3 team again, this isn't how they would get that. He's a safe pick for a decent player or stand in if we are staying NA otherwise just keep styko as a standin Stanislaw - people forget about him as a rifler before he was an IGL, he was solid at being a role player before he was forced into IGLing.
2018-07-19 07:50
i would agree but liquids not solid either, they are doing aight but could be a bit better. we'll see at eleague. but rush did solid in optic so im sticking with rush, hes like SK's taco. he just uses nades and rarely frags but helps his stars frag. nifty would be AMAZING cuz jdm sucks, and so does ska, liquid doesnt really have a full time awper so.... and no tarik cuz he wouldnt come back. twistzz CANT perform at majors worth shit so id disagree. elige is too much for a buyout. 5th could be tenz??? LOL jk but for real 5th could be moose (beacuse hes not on a major team so no conflict with that, and for momentarily (shit spelling ik). if he gets some more experience with harder teams he can sell for more. so idk just dont go euro for c9
2018-07-19 07:58
Well obviously no tarik, the first one was a dream team, not realistic. The 2nd ones realistic. I don't think anyone would leave liquid for C9, if anything auti and MAYBE rush would get bought out in replacement for taco and naf/twistzz And I completely forgot about moose, he's awesome. Definitely a player worth risking a spot on the roster for.
2018-07-19 08:02
"yeah c9 doesnt have money atm" how delusinal are you rofl...?
2018-07-19 09:28
c9 dead auto & rush to liquid elige rush auto naf twist
2018-07-19 07:07
2018-07-19 07:10
and yet leave vp still a team after their disgraces as a team, yeah... okay
2018-07-19 07:47
VP also disband
2018-07-19 09:08
United States MyerHappyBoys 
Why would any liquid players want to go to Cloud9? Im sure their buyouts are quite large anyways.
2018-07-19 07:16
Germany Mafuba 
USA scene boring like shit
2018-07-19 07:19
has a german won a major yet? dont think so
2018-07-19 07:47
Germany mary69 
-1 what a shitty argument
2018-07-19 09:11
India !NotMyC9 
I don't think Renegades is gonna leave nifty just like that.. Likewise to nitr0 and NAF leaving Liquid.. They are too important to their current respective teams..
2018-07-19 07:59
you're just destroying Liquid with this move wont make NA scene any better
2018-07-19 09:11
ska better than nifty
2018-07-19 09:13
Chile Lionel_Hutz 
Liquid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...>>> c9
2018-07-19 09:18
France slakxth 
(after the major) cromen autimatic rush wardell/jdm golden
2018-07-19 09:21
United States subzera 
nifty said that he never wants to be told what to do. nifty always wants to be igl
2018-07-19 09:23
nifty (awp) stopped reading right here. another clueless nifty hype thread lol
2018-07-19 09:26
United States Aquafier 
fuck i was gonna say this dude wtf
2018-07-19 10:42
Japan 10yearban 
liquid bigger org why give shitty org their players?
2018-07-19 09:33
Korea DadaDahyun 
C9 should disband his NA roster and buy out BIG brand
2018-07-19 10:49
Australia RaginStarZ 
please tell me why team liquid would sell off their players to a rivals
2018-07-19 10:53
Spain JasonRacism 
Liquid aren't going to break up for C9 lmfao
2018-07-19 10:54
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