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free bets
Austria goodyear93 
hey guys im betting since 10 years now. i started with football. now im mostly betting on csgo matches. i follow the scenw whenever i can, so i can claim i have good knowledge in what is a good bet etc. i post everyday free advices for single bets and kombis.
2018-07-19 06:54
Advise me some good site for betting? I never really tried and I need an easy interface to understand the system
2018-07-19 06:59
2018-07-19 07:00
Real money cashout possible?
2018-07-19 07:00
yes you only use real money?
2018-07-19 07:32
No but I need that possibility
2018-07-19 07:38
Austria goodyear93 
if you go for real money. bet365 pinnacle
2018-07-19 07:05
+1 they are really good but the games can take some time to update/uploaded
2018-07-19 07:11
Austria goodyear93 
ye in the hole asian minor i betted on pinnacle cuz vet was to slow
2018-07-19 07:12
Went 2-0 for tyloo as well, but couldn't resist on 9.0 odds on scar. Gotta believe in the dream man
2018-07-19 07:10
Austria goodyear93 
scar got lucky in the bo1's they need some more time. im pretty sure they wil stomp them.
2018-07-19 07:13
Yeah it's very likely gonna be a 2-0, still you never know for sure :p
2018-07-19 07:14
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