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Can't sleep :(
tarik | 
United States eveRcsgo 
I'm thinking and craving about food and ELEAGUE
2018-07-19 08:13
Brazil Waldemar H. 
2018-07-19 08:14
Stop being a fan of a peanut brain and you will be able to sleep.
2018-07-19 08:17
tarik | 
United States eveRcsgo 
nt nerd. tarik is the only player that has ever received the MVP at a major while in game leading. No one will ever do that again
2018-07-19 08:20
He's a peanut brain that won a fluke major.
2018-07-19 08:21
No one cares.
2018-07-19 08:21
Asia [|] 
fuck watch shroud and leave him alone bitch
2018-07-19 08:32
Shroud is the most dissapointing player of all time, he had all the talent required but he is a lazy fuck who threw it all away to cam whore in front of children.
2018-07-19 09:54
Finland Tusku 
if youre on holiday then whats the problem, ive just been sleeping all day staying up all night
2018-07-19 08:19
tarik | 
United States eveRcsgo 
Yes same. My sleep schedule is so fucked because of it
2018-07-19 08:21
Finland Tusku 
its not fucked, its great, slept from 1pm to 10pm "last night", its much more peaceful to cycle outside at night time
2018-07-19 08:28
shox | 
India KnYt_MaYoR 
2018-07-19 08:22
jks | 
Hungary NemesisR 
I cannot either... myb cuz im in work... but who knows
2018-07-19 08:36
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