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dupreeh | 
Denmark madeINBronze 
even if nip crush RR , can't imagine them wining against optic :D . RIP NIP
2018-07-20 21:55
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
optic is overrated and they're not even rated that high
2018-07-20 21:57
& nip is trash
2018-07-20 21:57
They don’t even need to win vs Optic to get to the Major. It’s double elimination playoffs.
2018-07-21 00:37
Still better than NiP.
2018-07-20 21:57
+1 overrated > trash
2018-07-20 21:58
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
come again
2018-07-23 18:40
Lithuania arres 
you are probably right. Although I hope not :D
2018-07-20 21:58
Hungary Bonte 
they can make the major even if they lose to optic. Keep in mind that the playoffs is Bo3 all the way, so they're definitely the favourites against sprout, and can beat ence too. I think it's impossible to predict which two teams will go through, but you're right, optic is the favourite
2018-07-20 21:58
Lithuania arres 
NIP were fucked real hard by ence not that long ago. They are scary :D
2018-07-20 21:59
Hungary Bonte 
they are, but one series doesn't make ence a better team. We'll see how it goes. Also, nip will be under heavy pressure, considering they missed the last 3 majors even though they are, arguably, supposed to be there
2018-07-20 22:27
Lithuania arres 
They definitely should be there with this line up. Though they fuck up majorly (pun intended) in a qualifiers. I don't get it, they are awesome if you look at them one by one, except get right maybe. But when they play as a team they fuck everything up somehow.
2018-07-20 23:06
Hungary Bonte 
Well yeah the individuals are good, but together they're kind of a mess right now with no clear roles. They shouldn't have made Dennis igl, and after he gave up, they just make another star player igl. They're doing the same thing that gambit did, and look where they are now. And they could've easily signed golden instead of lekro, who proved to be a pretty good igl.
2018-07-20 23:39
2018-07-20 21:59
jkaem | 
Finland Zeekz 
rr sucks cock
2018-07-20 22:00
Estonia jossd 
Nip will lose to RR
2018-07-20 22:00
Depends on the maps.
2018-07-20 22:05
Suck a dick faggot. Cry is free.
2018-07-21 00:35
NiP YES MAJOR /close
2018-07-20 22:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina cmts 
Playoffs are played in a double elimination format if I'm not mistaking.
2018-07-20 22:28
Netherlands Njit 
Yup Ez major for Optic & ENCE
2018-07-20 22:29
its already rip, they wont qualify for the main major anyway
2018-07-20 22:29
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
konfig just will destroy his team with toxic power
2018-07-20 23:07
ropz | 
Estonia carmen 
2018-07-20 23:11
f0rest | 
Europe Skookey 
I like nip but damn they swing up and down
2018-07-20 23:09
All niggas saying nip cant beat optic and ence, maybe they will go out sure but they also can beat ence and optic easily, everyone is saying nip sucks, they dont suck there just not as good as people want them to be, they still play big lan events and the esl proleague and esea and consistently beating top teams.
2018-07-20 23:11
Prochas | 
Lithuania iNs6 
I think NiP and ENCE will qualify but i hate NiP so hope they will not qualify.
2018-07-20 23:17
Israel TheLoveGuy 
Optic > ENCE 1st thing 2nd thing, nip will prob choke against Nip
2018-07-20 23:26
tssmat major bla nip
2018-07-20 23:23
i smell a choke
2018-07-20 23:25
Optic is shit. Everyone knows that k0nfig is cancer and the team will dissolve from the inside.
2018-07-21 00:36
Denmark Xipingu 
I have a clonky feeling that Optic isn't going to qualify, call it intuition but I hope I'm wrong, because I want that Optic sticker. I also want the ENCE one though, so sorry NiP...
2018-07-21 00:52
Norway Hydropanic^ 
2018-07-23 18:42
i smell a choke
2018-07-23 18:44
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