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Happy | 
France happy_2_major_niko_0_major 
hello lady and gentlemen of earlier today D0cC put a tweet out on twitter with a picture of his monitor with a BIOS password lock on it, in the tweet he stated that his parents put this on his PC to stop him from playing so much. the tweet has since been deleted so what we know about D0cC so far: His parents seem to be computer inept but can successfully put a fucking BIOS password on his PC He has been playing and streaming for ages so why now do they try to do something about it People in the twitter comments were telling him to just take out the CMOS battery which will reset the boot options and remove the password. he said that he doesnt know how to do this and is worried about breaking his PC, this makes no sense as he probably built it himself. even so Google is all he needs to fix this problem some smartass on reddit pointed out that it is awfully convenient how this event happens on the same day as the VAC wave. not saying D0cC cheats, but a theory for sure. DocC deleting the tweet after everyone calling lies doesnt help either -happy_2_major_niko_0_major
2018-07-20 22:56
After VAC ban he will say his parents played with cheats to get VAC and make him stop playing.
2018-07-20 22:59
Latvia ploxyS 
pretty much
2018-07-20 22:59
2018-07-20 23:00
2018-07-20 23:53
hahhahah xDDDD
2018-07-21 09:39
United States ImFat 
Bookmarked for when it happens we will all know you predicted it.
2018-07-21 09:52
2018-07-21 10:09
you fat?
2018-07-22 00:35
United States ImFat 
Yes, ImFat.
2018-07-22 01:35
oh hi im not fat mr imfat
2018-07-22 01:35
Show menbobs plese
2018-07-22 08:24
2018-07-21 12:00
2018-07-22 11:39
2018-07-22 12:17
United States 51438 
2018-07-22 14:37
United States mook_ 
ty mr happy_2_major_niko_0_major, one of the most elite hltv users
2018-07-20 22:59
Netherlands 072 
You are...
2018-07-20 23:02
u should have sex with him
2018-07-21 17:32
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
wow 200iq mr niko 0 major
2018-07-20 22:59
2018-07-20 23:14
who even gives a fuck about this shithead liar?
2018-07-20 23:00
Sweden hoey 
hes been online on steam all day btw so i guess he figured out the bios password :))))))))
2018-07-20 23:20
Or he has steam on his phone?
2018-07-20 23:28
Sweden hoey 
flag checks out, and no it doesnt say hes logged in on his phone
2018-07-20 23:29
Wdym flag checks out
2018-07-20 23:30
Sweden hoey 
youre from the same country as d0cc so its understandable you would try to defend him
2018-07-20 23:31
2018-07-20 23:31
Sweden hoey 
2018-07-20 23:31
2018-07-20 23:31
Sweden hoey 
2018-07-20 23:32
I think he's cheating. You?
2018-07-20 23:32
Sweden hoey 
i can agree with that, thought you were a fan of him
2018-07-20 23:32
Based on what. Your original comment looked as more as a defence than anything vladurik has said
2018-07-21 23:17
but.. he's still playing everyday
2018-07-22 21:19
Stop giving this guy attention pls
2018-07-20 23:28
Germany Fabbsen 
+1 thats the best you can do i guess
2018-07-21 09:45
your next post, next cool text... thanks for a good read for a Friday night :)
2018-07-20 23:31
Malaysia byaIi 
Doctor he is happy ?
2018-07-20 23:31
poor boy is just trying to immigrate to Europe, ignore that fool
2018-07-20 23:32
xd +1
2018-07-22 11:12
I literally don’t know who this guy “d0cc” is lmao
2018-07-20 23:32
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Is an young player that made it to fpl whitout mic and people suspect him of cheating
2018-07-21 11:05
Why do you guys seem to care so much about some random kid playing CS?
2018-07-20 23:33
cos he big drama
2018-07-22 14:01
Other VladimirLucas 
dude, d0c is full of shit, it's a fact, his story is as incoherent as a drunk man trying to sing the alphabet
2018-07-20 23:33
No u
2018-07-20 23:41
Sweden Maddafakka 
Maybe you should just let this 10 year old play some CS. He's not a pro, who cares.
2018-07-20 23:45
Cheated himself into moneyleague. That's why people are mad i suppose
2018-07-22 08:31
why do people still care about him I don't get it he will never make it into the pro scene this guy is full of shit
2018-07-20 23:48
France mintzz 
Yeah he's a massive intention whore
2018-07-21 12:37
Germany Cyasera 
As long as he isn't part of a pro team idc... And once he gets into one everything will be proven either right or wrong.
2018-07-20 23:49
+1 my friend. This guy is so full of shit and this password thing was probably the most suspicious thing so far, even deleted it soon after.
2018-07-21 09:34
Brazil cadik 
+1 i are agree never will believe that papa Ahkmed put BIOS password disgusting lie
2018-07-21 09:44
Nifty | 
Turkey G4Z01 
Kid lier pices of shit
2018-07-21 09:45
2018-07-22 21:16
I think he should just stop with the bullshit and wait til his 18 and prove us wrong, what he does makes its harder to take him seriously. Sure its a possibility what happends to him is true, we dont know jack shit how it is in his household.
2018-07-21 09:50
2018-07-21 09:54
2018-07-21 11:59
You cant cheat on VAC secured severs nub
2018-07-21 09:57
United Kingdom cowbunga 
name checks out, you are the very clever man
2018-07-22 14:34
I used to think that he is a decent player but he is actually full of shit and lying as hell
2018-07-21 09:57
2018-07-21 10:05
He is lying. He don't even need to remove the CMOS Battery, he can also remove the BIOS battery and that is the most easy think
2018-07-21 10:12
Easy think
2018-07-22 08:39
But honestly, isn't that obvious that he is full of shit?
2018-07-21 12:01
Andorra hltv_citizen 
terrorist parents know how to use password on pc? again top rofl from d0gg
2018-07-21 12:02
one week later: “ok guys i circumvented the bios lock but now my mom quantum entangled the supercooler which has kept me from accessing the mainframe database so i cant enter the matrix and i got vac banned”
2018-07-21 12:04
haha +1 he "fixed" his PC btw, hes streaming rn xd
2018-07-21 12:28
Hahaha, Best reply in this thread
2018-07-21 13:04
France Telt 
that's theLegend27, of course it is
2018-07-22 11:23
Croatia BCkoGOD 
2018-07-21 19:14
You really think he cheats? He is a very strange person. I think after a certain point most people thought he was lying.
2018-07-21 12:33
i cant say for sure if he cheats or not, Miss LauraS. one thing i do know is hes full of shit and the truth will come out eventually
2018-07-21 12:50
I still can't believe he threw away the chance to prove his legitimacy by either going to ChrisJs house or having ChrisJ come to watch him play. Everything about the situation seems utterly absurd. I kind of hope he is legit and that there's some even more propesterous reason to why he has continued to lie about meaningless things. Have a nice day Mr Happy :)
2018-07-21 12:57
+1 that you too Miss LauraS
2018-07-21 17:28
vac wave kiss ma ass doc is using the bomb csgo and the coder is one of the best coders outhere even 15$ copy past didnt get hit by vac wave get a job btw
2018-07-21 12:37
stop hating on this kid, let him do whatever he want and we will see later if he manage to make it to a pro team, if not then he was only a cheater or not done to do so but for the time being just stop pressuring him like tards
2018-07-21 13:01
if he didn’t lie there would be no issues
2018-07-21 17:13
Indonesia linekerrr 
Every single person in this fucking world lies. Get real. Taking everything seriously in the internet is a serious symptom of retardism
2018-07-22 08:02
Poland ac1dddd 
sorry, but WHO??
2018-07-21 17:30
meme or dont know?
2018-07-22 10:23
its just a trick to get more viewers which gets him more money... No need to make a big deal out of his lies. its obvious that he is lying so that he gets more attention. better to just ignore him.
2018-07-21 17:31
2018-07-21 17:33
2018-07-21 19:12
u are my friend as always and i support u . WTF CHANGE BIOS IS EASY
2018-07-21 19:16
thank my friend :)
2018-07-21 22:53
Russia JinxieDie666 
2018-07-21 19:20
meme or u dont know?
2018-07-21 23:14
Syria uRaguuu 
-> radical islamic parents -> putting a bios password on a pc instead of stoning the pc smh
2018-07-21 23:23
2018-07-21 23:47
Brazil IguiN 
How he unblocked his pc when he was at a friend's house? He's lying so much bro
2018-07-21 23:26
2018-07-22 07:39
2018-07-21 23:51
expected from Mr HugeWillyBoi420 how big ur willy?
2018-07-22 00:32
it very many long it 2 sendi meder
2018-07-22 00:33
2018-07-22 00:46
thank you very many
2018-07-22 00:47
he is just milking the fuck out of this community and u retards are falling for it
2018-07-22 00:33
United States _ATaXiA_ 
DoCC is like the Trump of CSGO, A complete bullshit artist that can't keep all of his lies straight. We all watch him just to hopefully catch the moment the floodgates let loose and he drowns.
2018-07-22 07:45
United States autimaticTV 
trump is the goat libtard
2018-07-22 07:55
United States _ATaXiA_ 
nt cancuck
2018-07-22 09:09
liberal yahoo stfu
2018-07-22 09:09
United States _ATaXiA_ 
How do you make time for HLTV when you should be out picking bananas?
2018-07-22 09:11
Belarus diehartz 
Lmfao actually waiting for someone to meet him outside and punch his face if he ever does go out
2018-07-22 07:51
"if he ever does go out" lmaooo
2018-07-22 08:13
Europe MrBrotherMan 
2018-07-22 07:53
North America ropzGOD 
Well I agree its weird Mr. happy_2_major_niko_0_major and looking at the past, this could be a lie but maybe its even true and he deleted it because he figured it and perhaps switched out the CMOS Battery. But nice sherloking!
2018-07-22 08:43
Why do we care about some kid who's not even a pro or close to being a pro?
2018-07-22 08:48
he could be if he didnt keep lying i think Mr jay_320 nice name also
2018-07-22 09:12
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
If D0cc would indeed have been cheating he would have been banned during the VAC wave no matter what. VAC does not ban a cheater as soon as they find out that the player is cheating, instead they wait a few days (or even weeks) to make it harder to identify what cheats that are VAC-proof and what cheats that are not.
2018-07-22 09:29
What js wac vawe
2018-07-22 11:13
Of you'r mom in the ear
2018-07-22 11:13
2018-07-22 14:51
legitimate who?
2018-07-22 11:39
you really dont know or meme?
2018-07-22 21:56
sry im not newfag cs player :/
2018-07-24 00:04
ok basically d0cc is dutch guy who has been streaming for months, dude is insane, he gets in to FPL, catch is he doesnt speak and as a result is removed from FPL "d0cc" or who we think is d0cc starts to speak during streams, "d0cc" later tells us that the reason he didnt speak previously is because he was embarrassed of his voice. this is when d0cc states on twitter that the person viewers were hearing is d0cc's friend who watches his games and gives information for him, so this makes people wonder why d0cc doesnt speak in the first place. d0cc explains that his parents are super strict and dont want him playing CS or streaming so he has to do it secretly, talking to himself would obviously give it away. not because he was embarrassed because of his voice ChrisJ invites d0cc to come to his place/go to him to prove himself as at this point a lot of people are beginning to accuse him of cheating as the whole situation is getting suspicious. d0cc of course refuses when anyone in their right mind would jump at this chance. d0cc streams at his friends house with a webcam/mousecam to prove he is not cheating even though this proves nothing (i wrote about this up top) when VAC wave hits, d0cc's parents BIOS lock his computer apparently even though they clearly have no idea even what a computer is. he also says he cant play for 6 weeks, next day, he is streaming. more suspicion. tldr; d0cc is shrouded in lies and mystery and is probably cheating
2018-07-24 00:32
while you watch our games and pretend like you know what’s going on. Since you never achieved anything signficant in CS, I don’t find your statements competent, neither do I think you’re worthy of being an analyst. No respect.
2018-07-22 11:44
2018-07-22 14:22
Norway duffz00r 
2018-07-22 14:41
2018-07-22 16:47
Why are you guys are so interested in this kid do0c? I dont care about him and FPL at all. The only thing what you should be interested in is to watch good CS GO matches. If he is not cheating but is good enough we will see him soon in some team. :)
2018-07-22 14:43
cos he is good meme
2018-07-22 18:40
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