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s1mple 3x major winner
Denmark phophopho 
if s1mple replace edward in 2016 instead of joining liquid they would of shit on LG/SK lineup ez
2018-07-21 00:01
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
2018-07-21 00:03
France ManuelFerrara 
seized was good at that time
2018-07-21 00:04
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
nah, just average
2018-07-21 00:05
u call him a bot, then call him just average, which one is it? o_O obviously hes shit now but back then he was playing better than edward by far
2018-07-21 00:10
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
i never get that hate towards edward, when people are calling fucking seized good player. btw average - for that time navi bot - for all that time scene
2018-07-21 00:11
no one's hating on edward, everyone was good at one point, but if u suck now then ppl are gonna criticize u, its that simple
2018-07-21 00:21
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
>2016 >Edward one of the best players "WAT IF SIMPOL CHENGED HEIM IN 2016 NOVI WOULD WEN MEJOR" ok,ty
2018-07-21 09:30
edward was their best player at that time. seized and guardian were horrible
2018-07-21 00:23
if u replace one of them with s1mple they would of destroyed LG/SK
2018-07-21 00:37
how did you get to that conclusion? using your low intelligence? s1mple in 2016 was not even close to s1mple in 2018 and replacing na'vi's best player(which was also a good teamplayer) would surely not have that big of an impact
2018-07-21 01:06
i said "1 of them", not edward specifically. i understand its hard for u to develop reading comprehension with just a brain stem but keep trying bud
2018-07-21 12:33
"if s1mple replace edward in 2016 instead of joining liquid they would of shit on LG/SK lineup ez" =retarded shit he replaced zeus, how did it go? =retarded shit don't try to argue with someone that doesn't lack mentally like you do
2018-07-21 12:35
thought there were 5 players to pick from to replace, not just 2. guess u can't count either :/ btw just got home 20 min ago and damn u reply fast. wish i had that much time on my hands
2018-07-21 12:48
1 of them implies anyone retardo, go abck to your cave. you are a complete idiot and you exposed that just now so just stop bumping your stupid thread so people won't notice not edward, not flamie, not zeus. hmm, nice. also replacing guardian or seized wouldn't be enough, both had to go
2018-07-21 12:51
naw s1mple's talent was held back cuz of the stress he experienced moving to NA. if he joined navi then he'd be in his comfort zone and shit on the brazilians. "just now so just stop bumping your stupid thread so people won't notice" what ppl do notice especially irl is the extra chromosome u have. u do realize ur bumping the thread for me as well LOL. inb4 u angrily replying within 5 min cuz u have nothing better to look forward to in life xD
2018-07-21 13:29
Europe KrakeNCSGO 
2016 * seized shows great performance in 2k15 and 2k16 first 7 month.
2018-07-21 00:04
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
i arent think thatz
2018-07-21 00:05
Denmark EU_LOVER69 
He was the second best player in Navi (after Guardian).
2018-07-21 00:05
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
he even failed to be in top20 of 2016?what are you talking about? AND ITS WITH PLAYING IN MAJOR FINAL + SEMI FINAL
2018-07-21 00:07
Europe KrakeNCSGO 
he can't get mvp or evp.he is hidden hero
2018-07-21 00:10
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
So why this hidden hero is not invited in any team? Maybe cuz he is fucking noob who cares only about navi and dont wanna do anything?
2018-07-21 00:12
Europe KrakeNCSGO 
2018-07-21 00:12
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
my point is that if he was good in2k15 why noone want to give a chance for him now
2018-07-21 00:14
your logic is like this: today i have one leg, but yesterday i had both legs so please let me run the 100mx4 relay with the other guys i am still capable ?????????????
2018-07-21 00:19
Oof, u rekted him
2018-07-21 02:37
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
comparing fucking game to this is so stupid so only polack can think like this
2018-07-21 09:28
The point is, what happened a few years ago is irrelevant to now.
2018-07-21 15:28
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
yes ,but irrelevant player in 2018 can be relevant in 2019, BUT MAN WITHOUT LEG IN 2018 WILL NOT GROW UP NEW IN 2019
2018-07-21 15:48
well yes, maybe his example is exaggerated. irrelevant player in 2018 can be relevant in 2019, but > my point is that if he was good in2k15 why noone want to give a chance for him now because he's irrelevant now lol
2018-07-21 15:52
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
cmon, look on xizt, he was irrelevant but faze taken him for a while, and he was good
2018-07-21 16:07
Fan of RiP NT BOT_right LUL axaxaxaxa
2018-07-21 02:34
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
russki go home, no vodka here
2018-07-21 09:29
lul kosovo go home axaxaxaxaxa
2018-07-21 15:20
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
russki, are you blind? go home cyka blyat, invade some neighbour country
2018-07-21 15:22
yea i see not real country flag/kosovo axaxaxaxaxa
2018-07-21 15:24
u are so braindead lol.seized was solid in 2016.u are idiot
2018-07-21 10:20
they are winning the faceit major, mark my words
2018-07-21 00:12
+1111 no astralis in their group ez win
2018-07-21 00:17
mibr isnt winning shit thats for sure
2018-07-21 00:34
No, mibr (top1) will win
2018-07-21 00:47
yeah dude, pug godz tarik and stew will fuck everyone up
2018-07-21 02:26
Edward was the best player in Na'Vi on that MLG major
2018-07-21 00:16
who would u replace with s1mple then, and do u think they wouldn't have destroyed LG/SK?
2018-07-21 00:23
Maybe with Seized or even Guardian because he was injured at that event and he had to play with a higher sensitivity and he was one of the worst rated player in the whole even
2018-07-21 00:25
Sweden ThorinEk 
only near shoots no rabbit
2018-07-21 00:23
Brazil TURBOguy 
the LG / SK shit line won two majors, was the best team in the world in 2017 and the second in the world in 2016, in those two years the world's best coldzera, fer, was third best, and fallen was the second best player in the world in 2k16, is this a fucking line? I do not think so, at the moment they are in a bad phase, but even so if put in the paper, only the coldzera and better than any team of the afghanistan of all time
2018-07-21 00:26
pasha london school bro nt tho m8 0/8
2018-07-21 00:29
Time to show your real Brazilian flag
2018-07-21 02:38
United States johnjay 
flag checks out.
2018-07-21 01:32
If s1mple joined Liquid now, and replaced taco, they'd shit on every team and win the next major
2018-07-21 01:33
United Kingdom galaxzy 
nitro and elige cant win tier 1 tournaments
2018-07-21 15:30
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
simple wasnt that individually good in the past, now he is on serious ride
2018-07-21 09:33
In early 2016 he was one of the best and in late he was arguably the best
2018-07-21 10:15
edward a.k.a as navi best player in major in 2016? maybe seized or guardian but not edward edward in majors of 2016 >>> s1mple
2018-07-21 09:34
Brazil cadik 
comparing edward key fragger to s1mple useless eco/exit fragger MUST BE RETARDED
2018-07-21 10:21
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