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i r8 your taste
Philippines Holy_Kaiser_Karl 
favorite song favorite gun favorite food favorite sport favorite team from sport
2018-07-21 05:39
Brazil Makharf 
despacito ak rice bmx BIG
2018-07-21 05:40
6/8 despacito -1
2018-07-21 05:41
unlike pluto - searching for you ak-47 pizza ^^ basketball NTC
2018-07-21 05:44
2018-07-21 05:45
thanks mate
2018-07-21 05:46
2018-07-21 05:47
France Vix_NBK_FanBoy 
YBN Cordae-Story Scout Pizza American Football LDLC roster that won major
2018-07-21 05:44
7/8 why scout? rip LDLC
2018-07-21 05:46
scout cuse old scout jump shots
2018-07-21 05:53
Gucci Gang AR-15 Big Mac Football Space Soldiers
2018-07-21 05:49
8/8 very KKona
2018-07-21 05:57
United States GhillieSoup 
Logic - Metropolis AWP Chicken Ramen (Not the microwavable garbage) Track/Field FaZe Clan
2018-07-21 05:51
Fuck everything you mentioned, rate this.
2018-07-21 05:51
0/8 shes not nice
2018-07-21 05:58
North America hiqb8s 
+1 -1 op
2018-07-21 11:03
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
Hyori ittai usp pizza/milanesa Football/tennis (tho i've only played football) Boca Juniors (football), NIP
2018-07-21 05:52
4/8 no weeb music
2018-07-21 05:58
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
music is music regardless of language, if you don't understand that you're stupid
2018-07-21 06:00
2018-07-21 06:01
Freebird AR-15 Burger Football C9
2018-07-21 06:00
2018-07-21 06:00
Hong Kong big_D_danny1 
favorite song: all songs of michael jackson favorite gun: ak47 favorite food: most western food and east asia food favorite sport: basketball favorite team from sport: dallas mavericks
2018-07-21 06:00
8/8 very nice
2018-07-21 06:01
Hong Kong big_D_danny1 
2018-07-21 06:01
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
2018-07-21 11:09
Hong Kong big_D_danny1 
it's not a bait, i love him so much, what's wrong with that?
2018-07-21 11:10
4U AK-47 Pizza football (soccer) NiP
2018-07-21 06:03
Brazil fonsecaa 
so high - wiz khalifa ak strogonoff, typical brazilian food, search it. soccer real madrid, lg ( fallen, fer, fnx, cold, taco )
2018-07-21 06:10
song: immigrant song- led zeppelin, carried away- passion pit and never enough - rex orange country weapon: ak/deagle pasta, strogonoff soccer tottenham hotspur/atl de madrid/palmeiras/man u
2018-07-21 06:14
India mak4u2 
soccer - 1 /8
2018-07-21 06:51
Iceland jerrick 
Night Lovell - Contraband deagle pizza football(soccer) Natus Vincere <3
2018-07-21 06:32
nice song
2018-07-21 06:50
gabs | 
Andorra DiaRhea 
none ak pizza csgo mibr
2018-07-21 06:25
Champion - NAV & Travis $cott awp lasagna/pizza to watch csgo, to play basketball team liquid
2018-07-21 06:38
If you want love - NF AWP crepes Track and Field team liquid
2018-07-21 06:46
nice song
2018-07-21 06:50
India mak4u2 
listen paralyzed also
2018-07-21 06:51
Paktofonika - Jestem bogiem AWP Placek po wegiersku Football FC Barcelona since 1999
2018-07-21 06:49
xo tour life - uzi vert ak lasagna football (soccer) fnatic and real madrid
2018-07-21 06:49
Song hollywood undead pigskin atm Gun HK416 I like spicy food dont have 1 fav Sport mma I dont have fav team
2018-07-21 07:10
Many different songs from different genres and times. In-game ak-47, irl some pistol with decent capacity and accuracy + silencer, maybe even homemade from some oil filter. Pizza, but if it's monday... L A S A G A cs:go (e-sport is confirmed to be sport in russia) FaZe
2018-07-21 07:11
Turkey b0wsette 
No favorites when I know 786193542 great songs Guns are bad All food is great as long as it is edible, why the fuck would anyone choose a favorite? Various sports are great in different aspects (i.e. football unites people, whereas tennis work legs) I cheer for anyone Have a lovely morning, MisterVerySexyGuy.
2018-07-21 07:15
It's proven to be hard to make a decision regarding your favorite, best one thing you love the most. It requires some time of thinking and some boys don't like thinking...
2018-07-21 07:34
Turkey b0wsette 
So you're assuming I do not use my brain at all only because I believe it's pointless to pick a favorite? 8/8 Have a lovely morning, MisterVerySexyGuy.
2018-07-21 07:36
No, it is you who assumes things I never said, I only said that defining certain things is not easy and it requires some intelligence and pedantry
2018-07-21 10:49
Turkey b0wsette 
Intelligence and pedantry? You only mentioned thinking, which requires neither of them. The "It requires some time of thinking and some boys don't like thinking..." part blatantly refers to my inability to think. At least you're giving me that impression. If #45 didn't mean any offense, I are apologize for my false assumptions. Have a lovely day, MisterVerySexyGuy.
2018-07-21 17:01
favorite song: senior skip day by mac miller favorite gun: if csgo = awp | if irl = M107 Barrett .50 Cal favorite food: I think there are alot of various foods but one of my all time favorite to just "casually" make is hotdogs and pommes fries (in owen) with hamburger dressing. favorite sport: tbh esports, never been into any "real" sports, I did however watch soccer when sweden played, can't say I enjoyed it though. favorite team from sport: fnatic if csgo | none if irl
2018-07-21 07:19
Denmark Niicism 
Esketit Negev Ass Handegg Fc Copenhagen
2018-07-21 07:23
Everybody Dies in their Nightmares AWP Changes a lot currently craving Burritos Basketball Lakers
2018-07-21 07:24
Amaryllis by Shinedown In Game: M4A4... IRL: Musket and Bayonet Garlic basil penne chicken Baseball Chicago Cubs
2018-07-21 07:28
United States gtmaniacmda 
Overture 1928 (I guess) M58; In CS:GO, classic negev (not new gay negev) Depends, but can't go wrong with a 100% beef patty between a split bun iykwim ;) Soccer is my favorite recreational sport, but I assume you mean professional, so Ice Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins
2018-07-21 07:30
Opeth - Burden Pdw-r or M40A5 Kebab/Manti CS:GO NiP (old team, when cs was gud)
2018-07-21 07:41 SKS dim sum table tennis hanwha eagles
2018-07-21 07:54
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up AWP Chicken Kiev and Draniki I don’t really watch real sport, but maybe football Tottenham
2018-07-21 08:07
Runnin down a dream Idk AK 47 Cevapi To play is football but to watch is american football(nfl) New England Patriots
2018-07-21 08:08
Monk | 
Germany _Lx 
favorite song: combat - heaven shall burn favorite gun: m4a1-s favorite food: most things with curry, esp. with chicken and or on pizza favorite sport: e-sport favorite team from sport: jin air green wings
2018-07-21 09:35
Mad World ak no tennis no
2018-07-21 10:01
bubble | 
Netherlands Syliaca 
2pac - Dear Mama MAG-7 Chinese food Esports/football/ice-hockey Liverpool FC
2018-07-21 10:52
Tupac - Changes M4A1-S Pizza Soccer FC Porto
2018-07-21 10:52
See you again - Tyler the creator AWP Pasta carbonara Esport Cloud9
2018-07-21 10:53
oskar | 
Czech Republic Lukooo 
ptk nenastavuju si budík ak-47 durum/pizza hockey hc energie
2018-07-21 10:55
favorite song- Sabaton - Ghost Division favorite gun- Lee Enfield Mk3 favorite food - Smoked salmon with cooked potatoes and some sauce favorite sport - Basketball favorite team from sport - Boston Celtics
2018-07-21 10:57
2018-07-21 10:58
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
1. Against the current - legends never die 2. SNIPEX .50 BMG «RHINO HUNTER» (its pretty hard to find in europe, however its cool) 3. Chocolate 4. Biathlon 5. Norway one love in biathlon, but fc chelsea from big sport
2018-07-21 10:59
Song: Gun: AK-47 Food: Sushi/japanese Sport: Football Team: don't care about teams
2018-07-21 10:59
Electronic music Assault rifles Sarma Idk probably eSports Mousesports, Astralis, FaZe
2018-07-21 10:59
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
Clocks Sniper rifles Thai Don’t have Don’t have
2018-07-21 11:02
Liberi Fatali Ak Pizza cs go NiP
2018-07-21 11:03
favorite song: No favorites but i listen hard rock/metal mostly favorite gun: M4A1-S favorite food: Mantı(google it) favorite sport: Football favorite team from sport: Galatasaray
2018-07-21 11:08
France theJpay 
Tadow by FKJ and Masego AK-47 Pizza Fencing Well, France i guess
2018-07-21 11:15
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