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Has anyone actually seen the little "banner" at the bottom right of your screen where it says "© 18+ Bet Responsibly". Click on the little box to the right of the text and it takes you to a place where they will help with your gambling addiction. I have never seen that thing. wbu guys? Xd!
2018-07-21 07:15
Yes and they hide it tiny little corner you will never see. Expected hltv
2018-07-21 07:16
2018-07-21 07:20
Some dirts really need it
2018-07-21 07:17
I'm an addict. Addicted to cheese. They call me Nacho Master.
2018-07-21 07:21
Wrong thread m8
2018-07-21 07:26
No mistake
2018-07-21 07:26
You’re a mistake.
2018-07-21 07:27
You're mistaken, i'm not your whole family tree.
2018-07-21 07:28
You’re mistaken, I have nothing to do with your two gay dads and a fake birth certificate
2018-07-21 07:29
You're mistaken, since 5 y.o age i don'tage have dad. That's why now i fight crime with my nacho chips shurikens covered in cheese. Nacho cheese is my blood, Gauda is my flesh.
2018-07-21 07:32
Cool, but wouldn’t it be better if you created your own thread saying that? You’ll get more respect there, not here. /closed
2018-07-21 07:34
ty now I know what to link to black1337
2018-07-21 07:23
Sweden hltvking 
I think this button helped a lot of people to stop their gambling addiction #respect4hltv
2018-07-21 07:26
Well Played mr Jonathan E.
2018-07-21 07:43
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