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Pita and GTR emotional
Twistzz | 
Slovenia RemoveKebab1 
:( <3
2018-07-22 18:25
Papichulo | 
United States SE1N 
2018-07-22 18:26
nope sorry, but you can see it on reddit or twiter later on.
2018-07-22 18:30
Then you can post your thread later as well. xD
2018-07-22 18:32
Papichulo | 
United States SE1N 
2018-07-22 19:22
Sweden Akoulad 
Pita will find a way to somehow scam NiP fans with their shitty stickers.
2018-07-22 18:31
cry me a river when NiP rejects xizt and draken go out in major groups :))))
2018-07-22 18:33
Sweden Akoulad 
Assuming NiP qualifies for the actual major,
2018-07-22 18:34
Assuming fnatic is relevant
2018-07-22 18:34
Brazil AnthonySilva 
Very much is.
2018-07-22 18:36
Sweden Akoulad 
The only reason why NiP is relevant is that people think they are a joke of a team. (people making jokes about them)
2018-07-22 18:42
LUL fnatic
2018-07-22 19:04
way more relevant than NIP actually, you dumbass xantares fan
2018-07-22 19:00
LUL thinking im a fan of xantares lul baguette scene talking lul
2018-07-22 19:04
you live in Dominican Republic or you're an autistic fakeflagger, how can you even try to make fun of someone?
2018-07-22 19:05
HAHAHAHA thinking im from Dominican Republic u should be ashamed
2018-07-22 19:05
"or you're an autistic fakeflagger", 0/8 dumbass keep acting like an autist on HLTV forums good for you
2018-07-22 19:06
HAHAHAHA coming from a angry baguette on HLTV forums LMAO
2018-07-22 19:06 I understand everything now, cuck kid fan of NIP, that explain the autism and everything, life is well made after all
2018-07-22 19:08 This surely explains why you're mentally ill, a fnatic fan that is :>
2018-07-22 19:09
Here you're making an assumption, mine was a fact french fan of fnatic?, nice try Newfag and that smiley makes me wonder if you're not even a fan of thorin who even acknolegde he has chronic autism, so many coincidence, dont you think so??
2018-07-22 19:11
Did u just assume that im a fan of NiP and Duncan "Thooorin" Shields ???
2018-07-22 19:11
Comes the salty fnatic fan who supports pigs and cheaters!
2018-07-22 18:34
Brazil AnthonySilva 
You're kind of late to the party, that was in 2016.
2018-07-22 18:35
2018-07-22 19:02
Pita doesnt deserve shit, shittiest coach ever, glad for Get right tho he deserves it
2018-07-22 18:59
i feel like this shady piece of shit is just stealing paychecks and doing nothing worthy.
2018-07-22 19:14
2018-07-22 19:13
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