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best CPU for csgo?
Europe daviq 
whats the best CPU?
2018-07-23 21:56
Pumtac | 
Slovenia YuNOliek 
2018-08-27 15:48
Sweden KarlXII 
bumb.....really Mr Styk?
2018-09-03 00:27
i7-7700k is one of the most powerful and affordable cpus that have a great single core performance
2018-08-27 15:50
8600k > 7700k in terms of affordability, flexibility in clock speeds, and thermos. rofl
2018-08-28 00:12
expected from canada
2018-08-28 04:12
ZywOo | 
Europe 1Faren 
R u shitting me only difference is igpu
2018-08-28 04:44
lmao ? incorrect. The thermals on the 8***K while not as good as the 6*** are much better than the 7***. It isn't even close
2018-08-28 16:17
you are so fucking delusional wow
2018-09-02 23:45
ZywOo | 
Europe 1Faren 
That's not what delusional means smh
2018-09-02 23:49
you are just retarded, Idk I mean "the only difference is igpu", you are just braindead. maybe go for some research!
2018-09-02 23:58
ZywOo | 
Europe 1Faren 
Why are you so mad lmao take a chill pill ;)
2018-09-03 00:17
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Your mom shouldve taken an E-pill you inbred prick
2018-09-03 11:18
ZywOo | 
Europe 1Faren 
Lmao what is wrong with ppl
2018-09-03 11:22
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
r u ppl kddn me im rtrd nd cn nly typ lik 12 y/o school grll. LAMO LAMO XD LOL Go off yourself
2018-09-03 11:23
what is wrong with you, you mongoloid
2018-09-03 11:24
Poland Vojtman 
2018-08-30 01:16
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
Wtf is with 7700k that everyone fucking recommends it? 8600k is the best for csgo
2018-09-03 10:30
Spain JustNo 
7700k > 8600k
2018-09-03 13:38
8700k is better.
2018-09-03 17:18
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
not for cs only, it gives little to no advantage lets be honest, even a fucking 2500k is fine for this game
2018-09-03 17:34
The original question is which is the best, the 8700k gives the best fps of all processors.
2018-09-03 17:34
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
2018-09-04 01:21
Intel Core i9-7980XE
2018-08-27 15:50
Definitely is not.
2018-08-27 15:51
Europe Instabait 
Is NASA using one of those in space?
2018-08-27 15:52
nasa prob using i90 or somthin'
2018-09-03 11:15
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
nasa uses ryzen 5 1600 on mars. my dad is CEO of nasa
2018-09-04 01:22
Brazil The_Merchant 
Literally useless
2018-09-03 00:53
United States PapaOllie2x 
i5 8600k/i5 8400/ryzen 2600 or 1600 no need for i7 unless you're streaming/content creating just 12 threads and not 6 from an i5
2018-08-27 15:50
i have i5 6400 and works perfectly and pretty cheap one aswell
2018-08-27 15:50
i7 8700k/7700k or i5 8600k.
2018-08-27 15:51
Will probably be 9700k or 9600k, at the moment the 8700k is the best.
2018-08-27 15:51
anything above i3 8100will give you above 300 fps with ease, so if you dont plan to stream on high res , and wanna play on stable fps without spending shitload of money for cpu and cooling, you will consider i5 8400 as the best ban for the buck, as it will give you 300-500 fps with ease. there is no difference above stable 240fps on 240hz monitor, so 8700k for example is extreme overkill for potato game such as csgo
2018-08-27 15:55
Damn i have a i7 8700k + 1070 and get 300 with drops to 200 :D wondering how that setup gets stae 300-500 Edit its OC to 4,6 + watercooling
2018-09-03 00:23
he has no idea what hes talking about. on any cpu fps will drop to 200.
2018-09-03 00:26
I mean i feel like after watching screams stream once his game looks so damn fluid although he doesnt have the best setup def worse than mine and its completely stutterless etc wonder why ; btw. Do you know why i get extremely stable fps & no stutters on my smurf, but on my main not get stutters and fps drops its weird
2018-09-03 00:29
you are watchin a fucking 60 fps stream. like wtf???
2018-09-03 00:52
Im talking about fps theyre stable af aint goin below 300
2018-09-03 10:26
you sure ? check his fps when there is for example an execution on A site with couple smokes and mollies. 100% around 200-220fps
2018-09-03 10:55
Nope was speccing it stable 300 with no stutters or shut like that thats why im annoyed that i got a way better rig and shitty stutters etc
2018-09-03 20:02
you probably have 0 clue about optimizing windows and proper bios settings Your cpu is boosting automatically to 4.7ghz, so you probably have unstable overclock.
2018-09-03 00:35
blabla dont talk shit. show me any footage of a cpu that has stable 300 fps on a execute.
2018-09-03 00:53
any i5 or higher, youtube is ur friend totally random find for example
2018-09-03 01:03
thanks for showing me literally silver gameplay. i want see more than 1 smoke at a whole fucking site. show me mirage A execution with 3 smokes and couple mollies with 3-4 enemies running at you. and im pretty sure the fps are fake. even in this case they are way too high. edit: i7 8700 runs 4.3 ghz on 4 cores, having the same ipc as skylake. it has basicalls the same power as a i5 7600k at 4.3ghz and with that you dont get these fps.
2018-09-03 11:03
csgo is utilizing 3-4 cores max, any quadcore from 6th gen upper at any speed close to ~3.6-4ghz will give you stable 300 fps no matter what the circumstances are 8700 has 15% better ipc than skylake and its wayy stronger than 7600k, especially in new games utilizing more than 4 threads. You have 0 clue about this topic and you are not tech savvy, so please dont make fool of yourself, you are probably running some old dual core i3...
2018-09-03 11:24
youre making stupid dumb claims. /close
2018-09-03 12:53
Mexico LEWORb 
2018-09-03 17:28
I5 8600k overclocked ist probably the Best
2018-08-27 15:54
get the fastest quad core (or better) you can get with ddr4 ram, this shitty game eats cpu and ram for breakfast and gpu for midnight snacks.
2018-08-27 21:44
United States xxpowmanxx 
It will hike single core cpu usage, uses very little ram and basically ignores the gpu.
2018-08-28 00:22
you can't get stable 250+ fps on dual cores, i've tested it myself. quad core is a must. it uses little ram but FAST RAM affects its fps! FAST =/= MORE GBs
2018-08-28 10:15
doesnt ignore the gpu either, upgrading from a 2012 mid tier gpu to 2014 mid tier gave me +90fps boost.
2018-08-28 10:18
United States xxpowmanxx 
I said basically, also that is more likely to be due to aging parts than anything else.
2018-08-29 04:11
got it in unused condition, not an aging problem, benchmarking as it should.
2018-09-03 10:31
Bro ive 10 year cheap cpu and play with 400 fps Xeon x3460
2018-08-28 00:10
i5 8400 is way much better?
2018-08-28 04:31
i have an i7 2600k 16gb ram gtx 760 2gb.. 150-210 fps If i change it for a gtx 1060 3 gb will have difference ?
2018-08-28 04:34
i5 3470+750ti here. always 250-300. something wrong with your pc.
2018-08-28 10:17
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
You are not playing at 1080p and max visual settings, are you? I have a 3570K (OC´ed to 4.2 ghz), 16GB of DD3 @ 1600, a 980TI and usually get around 150-240 depending on the maps and sometimes a bit lower on DM servers.
2018-09-03 17:52
Why would you play a game like csgo max settings? Mine are 1680x1050 low with some AA.
2018-09-05 19:03
Your fps are too low for a 3570k and 980ti though.
2018-09-05 19:05
United States hltvconfirmed 
You overclocked? res and settings? I have 2600k at 4 ghz and 780 gtx and 300+ fps 1080 all low
2018-08-30 01:52
My new cooler is coming, i will set it in 4.2 ghz and post the diference here. Ty man.
2018-09-02 18:50
I use 1024x 4:3 scretched all low
2018-09-02 22:55
csgo is a cpu intensive game. either optimize your shit or get a new cpu. new gpu wont help shit. i upgraded to 1060 6GB no difference literally. in other games it was an improvement obviously.
2018-09-03 10:37
OC 4.2 ghz i7 2600k gtx 760 dm in d2 200fps - 350 fps improvement of 35% I have a 240hz monitor so need to buy a new vga to push more than 144hz probably buy a 1060 And off course I am using 1024x768 and all low specs to play with high perfomance only noobs play 1080 p with high profile !
2018-09-13 15:18
lsd | 
Latvia Psilocybin 
g4560 150-200 fps stable 50 euros
2018-08-28 10:17
intel xeon gg ez
2018-08-28 10:17
United States n3h 
prob the new ones about to be released in like 2 days.
2018-08-29 04:13
Nah everybody know that newer is always worser
2018-08-30 01:09
United States n3h 
New cpu wont have hyperthreading either which will run better since csgo dosent use it.
2018-08-30 01:12
Bruh I feel you , csgo best game ever I am feeling thank you
2018-08-30 02:33
you can disable HT, also what do you mean by "New cpu wont have hyperthreading either" 8th gen has HT
2018-09-03 10:59
United States n3h 
9th gen wont... its reported as breaking record for fastest single core though so should be best for cs and comes out in a month or earliar.
2018-09-04 01:21
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
2018-08-30 01:12
I have stable 300 with limit on with 7700
2018-08-30 01:13
just say "RTX On" and not only will your FPS boost but the game will also look beautiful (reflections)
2018-08-30 01:13
i7 8700k
2018-08-30 01:15
United States lockerboit 
Intel Xeon Phi 7920F
2018-08-30 01:16
I7 8086K definitely the best option actually, the other ones Ryzen and the I9's are not better for gaming!
2018-08-30 01:36
North America allulu 
2018-08-30 01:39
Pentium g4560 ez
2018-08-30 01:44
Sweden godname 
i use a i7.4790k and it working fine 300fps
2018-08-30 01:44
Found this old pc for dirt cheap, anyone has an idea how many fps I would get ? I have a shitty conection and I wouldn't even start downloading GO if I wouldn't get playable fps. Ofc it will be only for casual play (._.') Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz RAM 4,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5G41T-M LX (LGA775) Graphics 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 PSU random 600w
2018-08-30 01:53
United States lockerboit 
dont i know u from somewhere? also that would be around 150 on low settings 1024 x 768, maybe 200 on 800 x 600 but i would never play on that
2018-08-30 02:46
Everyone knows (._.). Why wouldn't you ? +/-100 is all I need because it will be like for 10 hours of play a week. Ty for the info (._.)_b
2018-08-30 02:52
Ty (._.)_b
2018-09-03 17:07
If you want a cheap used CPU with good performance - i5 2500k and overclock it. But I suggest you to invest into a new one.
2018-09-03 17:14
Thing is that here all stuff is overpriced af. Its a matter of finding cheap auctions. For example, the cheapest i5 2600k (cpu only) I found in a quick search (in my country) is 173$ but I could find a 3rd gen I5 pre-built pc for the same. New one is not really my priority since I don't really plan to play everyday or even every week. Maybe someday if I get tons of money could be (^_^)
2018-09-03 17:57
Just don't forget that used hardware might die very fast.
2018-09-03 18:03
Brazil dox__ 
I have an i5 3570k. Just wanted to share with you guys. It's old but gold
2018-08-30 02:40
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
Probably an 4th Gen+ i5 I wouldn't reccomend i3s really unless maybe you get the newest one.
2018-08-30 02:48
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet 
Pretty much any CPU that you will buy now will get you 300fps
2018-08-30 02:52
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX
2018-09-03 00:02
Other Bobylon 
+1 He asked which one is the best, he didn't say nothing about prices!
2018-09-03 00:57
Pentium 4 Nah joking im using i5 2400
2018-09-03 00:27
even 6700k is overkill tbh, especially for csgo. For gaming you dont need i7 at all.
2018-09-03 00:53
Croatia KockicaRekt 
i5 8600k, i7 7700k
2018-09-03 11:01
Most FPS you will have with the 8700k overclocked to it's maximum. Since you asked for the best without price, that's the CPU you want.
2018-09-03 11:03
i stil use intel pentium 3 coz my eye only can catch 15fps
2018-09-03 11:16
Germany Rainbowpig 
stfu, ty
2018-09-03 17:20
i7 6700K overclocked to 4.5 - 4.8ghz 300 fps all the time
2018-09-03 13:41
Sweden kvarten 
Intel Core i7 8086K 4.0 GHz 12MB - Limited Edition It's so fucking good!!!
2018-09-03 13:41
yeh but it's overpriced - 8086k is a superclocked i7 8700k ; if you are lucky your 8700k can get higher clock than the 8086k and a higher performance ( but the chances are 8086k wil clock higher )
2018-09-03 17:09
Sweden kvarten 
Nah i dont agree! Not so much more in price difference and i can overclock this aswell
2018-09-04 10:30
i5 8600k recommended by me I run it at 4.4 ghz ( 63 degrees at full load max) ( 71 degrees at 4.8 ghz ) Good fps and really smooth paired with a 1060. Paid like 1000 eu for this PC and I really recommend it.
2018-09-03 17:10
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
what's your cooler?
2018-09-04 10:32
I5-8600 insane
2018-09-03 17:12
Denmark Baitvice 
Boeing Airplane.
2018-09-03 17:14
Poland szejk1x 
i7 8700k oc'd to 5.0 works perfectly with cs:go
2018-09-03 17:15
some overclocked quad core i5, cs go doesn't need extra cores, i5 4690k for example is more than enough for this old shit engine game. source engine can't utilize extra cores, it can't even properly use 4 cores for sure
2018-09-03 17:20
arT | 
Brazil s1ng 
unlocked cpu like 8600k with highest ghz u can get
2018-09-03 17:35
Czech Republic mOrOkura 
AMD Athlon 2000+
2018-09-03 17:44
There is a lot of good CPUS for cs go its only about how much money u want to spend imo for cs go can be enough even i3-8100 and its only about 100-120€ but like I said its only about money... every better CPU than i3-8100 is good for cs.
2018-09-03 17:47
elemeNt | 
Russia G0A1L 
Using Ryzen 1600 +300 fps always:/
2018-09-03 17:47
8400 or 8600k /close
2018-09-03 18:07
United States Acetk 
core 2 duo any of them.
2018-09-03 18:08
Poland siuchol 
amd k6
2018-09-03 20:03
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
intel is better for csgo
2018-09-04 01:28
United States ARKTYC 
potato, it's cheap and it's not bad if it burns as you get free fries
2018-09-05 19:04
i7 7700k overclocked on msi board to 4.8ghz = constant 500fps if unlimited ing
2018-09-05 19:07
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