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GIRL question
Europe I_lost__ 
I met her 2 years ago and I added her on fb and asked out twice and I got deined. Second time I met this girl at friend's party. We were at the same spot and nothing really happened but look into eyes and lil bit of irrelevant talk. The thing is I really don't care about eye color but her eyes and charm got me at first sight. Week later somehow she and her friend had to slept over in my house and she was with me in the same bed. Now 4 months later we're chatting everyday. I really can't find way how to ask her out again. She knows that I'm interested in her but I'm not sure she is interested in me. I think she is but Im not sure. If we are gonna talk about looks I'm the one with better looks and I have above average social status. So yeah I'm scared if I get denied again I'll definately give up on her but It's the least I want. Im not friendzoned with her what is important to mention as well. Im 22 and shes 18 and I know this is not the best place to ask such questions but what is the best way to ask her out?
2018-07-24 20:30
she's too young to understand anything
2018-07-24 20:31
she is ahead her age and thats one of reasons why im interested in her
2018-07-24 20:31
no she isnt its a really immature girl i been there myself but she was 20 i think the best thing to do is leave her alone until she comes for you
2018-07-24 20:37
Germany RobiDable 
+1 just forget her
2018-07-24 22:58
God | 
Poland henlo 
"hey wanna go out sometime" done
2018-07-24 20:31
"Want go out with me?"
2018-07-24 20:32
yeah simple and easy but not in this case cuz i chatted with her for months
2018-07-24 20:34
Your mouth will do the job, no worries
2018-07-24 20:34
i meant talking
2018-07-24 20:34
Canada aigisK 
2018-07-24 20:37
2018-07-24 20:40
just ask again fucking retard dont make me angry bro be a man
2018-07-24 20:37
2018-07-24 20:37
good job brotha
2018-07-24 20:38
wtf so many grills questions today, is it still hltv or?
2018-07-24 20:37
i am doctor sommer how can i help you
2018-07-24 20:38
hey sommer
2018-07-24 20:42
Hey i wannabeyours
2018-07-24 20:42
> GIRL question > HLTV
2018-07-24 20:37
So you asked out a 16 year old girl when you were 20???
2018-07-24 20:43
yes as i said she is way ahead her generation
2018-07-24 20:46
i still find that really weird lmao ur response sounds like something a pedo would say
2018-07-24 20:47
lol im 20 and most of my gf's was 14-16, its totally fine You probably will understand it when you get older
2018-07-24 20:52
14 year old gf when you're 20? WHAT THE FUCK
2018-07-24 20:54
a lot of my friends have the same situation
2018-07-24 20:56
I guess its socially acceptable over there. Here in the Netherlands a 2/3 year gap in the age group of 18-20 is normal as well, but 6 years is seen as a little bit too much (the girl involved is quickly referred to as a whore and what not)
2018-07-24 22:17
i'd call 14-20 a straight out pedophile our cultures in this situation are very similar i believe, mr antigrease.
2018-07-24 22:40
I’d say he’s a pedophile too if it were one-sided, but if it’s not a forced relationship then it shouldn’t really matter that much imo, since they both agreed on “it”. Ifykwim
2018-07-24 22:45
I'd argue at the age of 14 the girl wouldn't really know what she's getting into. Understandable though, have a good day.
2018-07-24 22:47
If you’re (plural) at a point where it isn’t seen as weird to ask her out, you might as well do it soon. The waiting game is hard and will most likely not pay out in the long-run
2018-07-24 20:46
its weird and not weird at the same time
2018-07-24 20:47
Can you explain it a little bit more? Is it because of you guys’ history, or are you guys not far enough yet where you would want to date each other, etc.?
2018-07-24 20:55
Spain xHipeRzZ14 
maybe you could be fuck friends
2018-07-24 20:49
Ask her in the following way: - Let's have a coffee. - Let's have some drinks. With that "let's" you are including her in the activity without asking directly, I think that has a higher percentage of success. Don't do something like: "Do you want to go out?", cause you are putting responsibility over her, and that's not good. Good luck.
2018-07-24 20:51
sounds best so far
2018-07-24 20:53
Sweden Hauta 
huge stack of cash. ;) -Topic title
2018-07-24 20:57
United States MAKEOUTHILL 
the secret is to never chat and go out with her instead :) what i used to do was never chat with girls, either tell them i didnt have time or just ignore them. it will make chatting special and going out with them normal. thats what you want to achieve
2018-07-24 22:54
Cool story bro (didn't read).
2018-07-24 22:59
Kazakhstan aiNee 
she is definetly interested in you if u are chatting every day, just ask her to go outside, cmon
2018-07-24 23:02
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