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Still Low FPS CSGO
s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
had literally 150 and dropping to 90 while fighting, unparked and optimized windows 10, DVR removed. Reinstalled windows literally empty OS. HERE ARE PC STATS: CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 500GB HDD: WD Black 1TB (2010) RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 C10 2x8GB MBD: Asus Z87-EXPERT
2018-07-29 13:43
Netherlands AntiGrease 
Try to reinstall windows Should fix it
2018-07-29 13:44
s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
read 2nd line OMEGA
2018-07-29 13:44
World DEY0 
buy new pc
2018-07-29 14:14
Germany Thatguy12345 
insert keyboard in your pooper and try again,ez 240 fps
2018-07-29 16:38
Sosa | 
Russia johanb 
dude says something like OMEGA while having 100fps on that kind of pc LUL
2018-07-30 00:32
add -high in launch options
2018-08-01 19:10
rain | 
Georgia okinzzz 
monitor hz?
2018-07-29 13:47
s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
2018-07-29 13:48
rain | 
Georgia okinzzz 
read my old post i have same problem ( couldnt fix it but it might help u)
2018-07-29 13:49
Sweden yayer 
i can help..
2018-07-29 21:34
Put "mat_queue_mode 2" without "" in lunch options cs go, see if it works.
2018-07-29 13:50
Brazil sinisterkid1 
in launch options it's +mat_queue_mode 2 but i'm sure he already did it in his autoexec
2019-07-22 15:33
Well I don't remember so I will check when I get home :) thanks
2019-07-22 15:34
Other VladimirLucas 
stop using shit launch options to try to pretend you're pro only launch options you need are -novid and tickrate
2018-07-29 13:50
i use tickrate console and novid
2018-07-29 13:53
use this ones, -nojoy (disables joystick), -freq 144 (for the 144hz)
2018-07-29 22:54
will try bro
2018-07-29 23:00
-nojoy doesn't work btw
2018-07-29 23:23
ye saw
2018-07-30 00:17
yeah if u have a joystick just unplug it that command doesnt do SHITE
2018-07-30 00:23
Poland misterr_ 
why would be there any problem with launch commands
2018-07-29 15:59
Other VladimirLucas 
you shouldn't try to change how the CPU handles csgo, leave it as it is and you shouldn't use -freq if your monitor can't support the frequency
2018-07-29 18:33
Poland misterr_ 
the 2nd is ok, but why wouldn't you change -threads, some cpu's really can not use all of available threads?
2018-07-29 22:06
i don't know, but i do know is that if you change settings without knowing what you're changing, you're going to fuck up your game
2018-07-29 22:33
Poland misterr_ 
alright, i just was interested in: only launch options you need are -novid and tickrate because options like -freq if u have 144hz or -threads if you dont have the best cpu are kinda important
2018-07-29 22:41
i use the same cpu with a 750ti 2g xD doesnt drop bellow 200 i can tell you with 144hz max res :)
2018-07-30 01:33
and -panorama
2018-07-30 00:52
not using that
2018-07-30 01:17
"+mat_queue_mode 2" work on my 6c/12t cpu. and "-d3d9ex" making faster alt+tab on fullscreen mode, i use this launch option. and last i recommend is "-high" it makes the game priority to high on task manager and maybe it should be increasing the performance on some pc.
2019-05-30 07:15
2019-07-26 14:00
Instal win7 :=)
2018-07-29 13:50
that would make it worse
2018-07-29 15:54
mimi | 
Brazil mtnGOD 
Not for a 4gen cpu
2018-07-29 16:28
wtf you talking about i have i5 4430 and win7 200+ fps :)
2018-07-29 19:43
2018-07-29 19:45
cya ban
2018-07-29 19:44
nt i have low fps.and u have shit setup and better.fps
2018-07-29 19:45
btw admins can see edit posts so still enjoy ban
2018-07-29 19:46
kys is keep yourself safe, nothing wrong
2018-07-29 19:47
Poland salty snax left them, dw bout fake communism
2018-07-29 23:25
mimi | 
Brazil mtnGOD 
As i said, w7 wont make worse for a 4gen cpu
2018-07-31 03:53
literally helps, install home basic
2018-07-29 19:24
off all c-states, set 4300-4400mhz with 1.215v-1.225v = profit
2018-07-29 13:51
whats that
2018-07-29 13:53
He mean to try overclocking your cpu, you have no reason to do that your pc is enough to get 250+ on 1080p all maps.
2018-07-29 13:56
Germany ropzGOD 
I think he means overclocking But do it with a non stock after market cooler
2018-07-29 15:57
try other games to see if its csgo issue or your pc issue
2018-07-29 13:58
fortnite and others no lag, played assasin creed origins max settings, but reduced to lower
2018-07-29 13:58
Slovakia Argait 
do you have multicore enabled in csgo?
2018-07-29 13:59
didnt have maybe
2018-07-29 14:06
if you dont have it enabled thats why you have low fps
2018-07-29 20:04
Netherlands Removed 
Have you tried turning it off and on again
2018-07-29 14:00
ofc haha
2018-07-29 14:06
did you get it fixed? have same issue :/
2019-07-21 23:11
Well it's kind of normal right now
2019-07-22 00:23
Weird... I just found this video about setting +mat_queue_mode 2 in launch options.. will try this later
2019-07-22 00:28
2019-07-22 00:29
Woah.. it added 70-100 extra FPS to my brothers PC
2019-07-22 15:08
I will try man, I have I think normal fps for my specs. I have insane PC back in USA so I only use this one for holidays in Europe
2019-07-22 15:24
But this is ridiculous of Valve, I can see online this problem dated back many years yet it is still not fixed.. my brother have a good PC with 970GTX yet CS:GO dipped below 60 fps at time make the whole game wobbly.. it's just wrong you need to specifically tell the game to use all CPU cores.
2019-07-23 12:20
Yes it is. They have lots of spaghetti code and just have a cluster of things in the game code and engine. I deleted cs yesterday and not planning to play any time soon, so cannot check whether it increase for me fps
2019-07-23 12:28
Could be easly some hardware failure,you should try other games ,turn some programs for temperature monitoring,check hdd for bad sectors etc
2018-07-29 14:06
as i said i am playing other games fine, fortnite no lag, assasin creed origins, witcher 3
2018-07-29 14:07
Ok sorry i didnt read that part,one thing i found out ,playing cs go,its really dependat from drivers,both video and sound.Try to find your fix there,either newer or older.It worked for me with alot worse setup where i had massive fps drops.Also r_dynamic 0 is like big boost for me.
2018-07-29 14:10
did r dynamic didnt rlly help :/
2018-07-29 15:50
Well r dynamic isnt fix for your problem,im just saying that gave me some boost. Probably some driver issue,csgo is unoptimized game and every shit will affect it.
2018-07-29 16:08
Just make sure you have this commands in your lunch options in cs go. -threads 8 +mat_queue_mode 2 If it doesnt work it's seems you have some issues somewhere and you can try to reset all videos settings in cs go to default by enter in "C/D partition" where is installed Steam, after you are there find "userdata" folder and detele all folders where is inside him. This will reset all video settings to all your games from Steam account.
2018-07-29 14:08
Netherlands Deji 
-thread makes fps worse, mat queue mode is not for all pc's
2018-07-30 01:26
Ddr3 lmao
2018-07-29 14:13
2018-07-29 15:48
Europe SteffeM 
That could be the problem but I have a shittier PC than yours with DDR3 1600 Mhz 8 GB ram and have 200+ FPS in almost every map with only Shadows at High and Very High
2018-07-29 16:04
Brazil MarieLaMary 
change .exe compability mode to Win 7 and disable fullscreen optimization ez
2018-07-29 15:52
Poland misterr_ 
2018-07-29 23:05
I have the same processor and my PC is dying too
2018-07-29 15:54
Even have the same ram LMAO
2018-07-29 15:55
Go run Userbenchmark see what's underperforming
2018-07-29 15:55
and? your fps good or bad
2018-07-29 15:58
Bad My i7-4770k seems to be underperforming for some reason that I can't figure out - Going to upgrade somewhere this year probably getting i5 9600k / i7 9700k and 16 GB DDR4 ram. I think the problem now is slow ram and a dying processor
2018-07-29 15:59
had dropped to 90 now 1280x960 all low settings, garbage game and i have over 140 in fortnite 1920x1080
2018-07-29 15:59
fortnite is less CPU based than CS:GO
2018-07-29 16:00
and? fortnite has free world and more people
2018-07-29 16:02
Your GPU is fine, the problem is the CPU probably that's my point
2018-07-29 16:03
before when i built my pc had 300 over fps
2018-07-29 16:05
Yeh, but CS:GO is less optimized now and the CPU is getting old.
2018-07-29 16:05 try this tho it helped me a bit
2018-07-29 16:06
btw re-read my earlier comment I edited
2018-07-29 16:00
Slovakia Argait 
4670k here, no problems, crashed few times -> upped the voltage, it is okay for now 4.4GHz
2018-07-29 20:34
+1 Awesome cpu for that age. 4,4ghz with decent air cooler eezzz. i get fucking 600-900fps on awp lego map in 1v1 lul
2018-08-01 18:51
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
Kinda weird, i have 4790 and noticed less fps too
2018-07-30 00:29
I guess our crappy systems are just getting to old to handle this shitty game
2018-07-30 00:30
2018-07-29 16:14
Where's your CPU in the benchmark
2018-07-29 16:23
i7 there
2018-07-29 16:24
Can you send me the LINK of the benchmark page ?
2018-07-29 16:24
Strange, you should be fine
2018-07-29 17:41
exactlty, everywhete is fine except csgo
2018-07-29 18:34
because cs:go CPU ONLY game. go overclock hard. what you have K processor for if u run it stock speed. -.-
2018-07-29 23:21
go overclock! here mine: you can easily get 4,2 ghz ... even 4,4/4,5 should be possible. we both have old cpu and ram ... thats the issue. so overclock as fuck if you want good fps with those latest shit updates from volvo.
2018-07-29 23:21
swag | 
Sweden iDanteh 
how tf does that happen
2018-07-29 15:59
literally dropped to 90 and 4 teammates only now, in fortnite 50vs50 144 fps
2018-07-29 16:00
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
lol and im like why i have only 280 fps
2018-07-29 16:01
Czech Republic fnx_2_majors 
2018-07-29 16:16
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
nt 3rd worlder i would kms when i would have no money for a good pc :)
2018-07-29 18:27
Czech Republic fnx_2_majors 
2nd worlder you stupid nazi, y you did this
2018-07-29 19:44
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
go sell ur body for some money
2018-07-29 20:13
Czech Republic fnx_2_majors 
i am gonna tell your mum for talking to me like this you faggot
2018-07-29 20:24
Czech Republic fnx_2_majors 
you have no respect
2018-07-29 19:44
Idk maybe make sure your video settings are all good and dont have any weird launch options / console commands on
2018-07-29 16:04
none atm and also all are low 1280x960 stretched
2018-07-29 16:16
are you 100% sure vsync is off? :D
2018-07-29 18:47
turned it off, 3d something was there
2018-07-29 19:08
your cpu is dead
2018-07-29 16:26
I used to have +200 fps too now its only 120fps, with every update csgo becomes less optimized and you are losing fps...
2018-07-29 16:33
Russia LANAdelREYlul 
tried fps max? try with other games, see if they underperform. if other games are fine then reinstall cs or verify cache or something this happened with my friend before. if other games are working shit then try driver reinstall, if still shit then something broke
2018-07-29 16:37
ye other games are fine...
2018-07-29 16:39
Russia LANAdelREYlul 
cs problem then, my frined has 1060 and good cpu, usually plays at under 300fps but once he turned on cs and got only 100fps. try reinstall cs verify cache or maybe just restart pc it might help aswell
2018-07-29 16:51
f0rest | 
Mexico bfish8 
Are your in game video settings maxed out? Could be an issue. Otherwise like others have said your cpu is likely dying and not using multiple core.
2018-07-29 16:43
nope all low, 1280x960 stretched
2018-07-29 18:34
try mat_queue_mode 2 in console panorama for me reset my value to 0 and this was the fix for my issue.
2018-07-29 18:29
What are your launch options ?
2018-07-29 18:31
novid console tick 128
2018-07-29 18:35
try to delete cs go
2018-07-29 18:32
Turkey inmortial27 
ı have 40 fps LUL
2018-07-29 18:34
I have 30-50 and its kinda fine
2018-07-29 18:37
Windows 10 lmfao
2018-07-29 19:01
Because this game is fucking shit after update...
2018-07-29 19:06
disable dpi thingy and full screen thingy also xbox thingy
2018-07-29 19:08
dpi thingy? xbox thingy
2018-07-29 19:09
i7 8700 gtx1080 16ram ssd256 300(fixed, but i can 700 fps on medium\x4\x4 video setting\1920\1080\144hz
2018-07-29 19:10
Turkey devriyeL 
how dude
2018-07-29 19:13
2018-07-29 19:15
idk -tickrate 128 -nod3d9ex1 -mat_queue_mode 2 -console -novid -fps_max 0 -language bananagaming -rate 786432 -cl_updaterate 128 -cl_cmdrate 128 -cl_interpratio 1 -cl_interp 0.1 -cl_interpolate 1 win8.1 pro windows updates disabled(xd)
2018-07-29 20:21
You could have a virus. Otherwise just reinstall cs
2018-07-29 19:17
reinstalled windows literally
2018-07-29 19:19
Well you can choose if you wan't to keep the files XD
2018-07-29 19:20
no files
2018-07-29 19:28
Check your power supply
2018-07-29 19:20
Reasonable but no probs in other games though? He should at least check volts\temps with hwmonitor and cpu usage with afterburner to begin with...
2018-08-01 19:07
v-sync nvidia off
2018-07-29 19:22
I feel for you. But I get 10-20 fps when fighting, espically long distance. I play on mac laptop, cant do much though. how much was your PC build? I am hoping to get PC soon.
2018-07-29 19:25
Give me your resolution and video settings and try in console fps_max 999 instead of fps_max 0. Try in video settings multicore rendering on and off.
2018-07-29 19:26
1280x960, everything lowest, had multicore rendering low and off
2018-07-29 19:28
Try multicore rendering on
2018-07-29 19:33
have it on now no big difference :/
2018-07-29 19:42
Try checking if csgo is using your dedicated graphic card because a 1070 means easy 350 fps
2018-07-29 19:46
how would i do that
2018-07-29 19:46
2018-07-29 19:51
Keep multicore rendering always on ! else play with pentium 4
2018-08-01 19:08
United States YankeeM 
WTF on i5 loptop i get 170fps and you with PC i7 150 wtf dude
2018-07-29 19:45
processor isn't the only thing in a pc u kno.
2018-07-29 19:45
Seems like you have a serious case of no Graphics drivers.
2018-07-29 19:45
Possible :D
2018-08-01 19:09
put some rice on it 250 fps min
2018-07-29 20:16
Sweden tjabba 
This help me :) new steam ui is shit
2018-07-29 21:26
ye could be
2018-07-29 22:49
Make sure that your cpu isn't throtteling and reaching high temps. Check latest gpu drivers. Make sure (like many already said) that you're launchoptions isn't screwing you over. Also take a peek in your taskmanager and see if anything else than csgo is using up your cpu power.
2018-07-31 04:04
Argentina GREATfr 
Lmao 2018
2019-07-21 23:17
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
Alt tab and tab back in
2019-07-22 15:09
Wow Sherlock
2019-07-22 15:18
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
2019-07-22 15:20
i got around 150-200 FPS on iMac lol
2019-07-22 15:26
In 24 people dm?
2019-07-22 15:27
no problem man
2019-07-22 15:27
150 200 fps on iMac and in dm you would have like 80 lol
2019-07-22 15:28
man sell this pc and buy a imac you will see
2019-07-22 15:29
Mac are pure shit. Sorry man that you fell into a trap and got iMac.
2019-07-22 15:31
lol, I am fine with it :)
2019-07-22 15:31
Well I'm fine with mine as well just had issues before now it's all good, doesn't matter the res and shader fps is good
2019-07-22 15:33
fine? so why you post problems? omegalul!
2019-07-22 15:38
Throw your computer
2019-07-22 15:27
Maybe throw your self
2019-07-22 15:27
Deleting all workshop maps can help Everything else have others already posted For good fps on older cpus you need stable high clock rate otherwise you will always get drops
2019-07-23 12:38
Overclock cpu?
2019-07-23 12:38
If you have an aftermarket cooler i would sure do that if the temp is not too high
2019-07-23 12:40
i have i5 9400F and my fps drops down to 150 :(
2019-07-23 18:23
Philippines laiff 
ik this thread might be a little old but this tweak might help it helped me gain like +10 fps and whenever im in gun fights it rarely drops frames when doing this tweak
2019-07-26 05:27
Okay thanks :) not home ATM will try in a week
2019-07-26 08:16
United States fatburger 
Happens to me two same graphics card too
2019-07-26 05:29
United States fatburger 
Happens to me too same graphics card too
2019-07-26 05:29
Philippines Eclipsa 
cap it to 80-60 so you won't experience too much of drops.
2019-07-26 05:34
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