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Germany LUL
Germany Hazelnuz 
Moderator: have you ever been to Africa ? Women: no unfortunately not... Moderator: have you been to Berlin before ? Women: Yes i was Moderator: So actually you have been to Africa before ! Women: TRIGGERED
2018-07-31 00:04
she looks like docc
2018-07-31 00:06
now we know where the new SS would have to start
2018-07-31 00:07
Fan of white power ok :d
2018-07-31 00:09
Germany PeKay 
Tbh this guys are ok
2018-07-31 00:12
I am a Nation Socialist. Problem?
2018-07-31 00:45
Poland sokol86tcz 
Make a zoo... it's your last hope...
2018-07-31 00:11
The last time we had a human Zoo full of Africans for the amusement of whites was 90 years ago. You could watch africans in Mud huts, feed them bananas and pet them. It was extremly racist and banned after WW2.
2018-07-31 00:14
why last hope
2018-07-31 00:45
Germany Chris Walker 
who is triggered there though
2018-07-31 00:13
The women who is interviewed.
2018-07-31 00:15
Germany Chris Walker 
how is she triggered lol, she's just acting "surprised"
2018-07-31 00:15
Lol look at her face she is in complete shock xD "Omg did he really just said that ?"
2018-07-31 00:16
Germany Chris Walker 
That's acting as a reaction to the so interesting facts the moderator presented when talking about the african street names. You should probably look up some triggered compilation on YT to see what being triggered looks like (mainly in the US).
2018-07-31 00:22
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