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South Africans how do you feel?
United States _Twine22_ 
So I saw this post about South Africa and I didn't realize how bad its gotten... I remember a couple years ago when your country was giving back land to the black people, which sounded great to me, but now it seems as if when you try to be nice to the black people of your country, they seem to say "Fuck you, we want more" which is the case here in the united states. Obviously our government currently under the Trump administration is not giving out handouts to minority groups "Mostly blacks" like the Obama administration where blacks were given more of an opportunity then any other race Years ago (I can't remember which president some democratic one) made a law where colleges and businesses basically give minority groups (Mostly directed towards blacks) a better chance at getting what they are applying for, not because they are better for the job, but because of their race. I remember seeing this man about how as an Indian he wasn't able to get into basically any medical schools because of his GPA, but because he insisted he was black, he got into many different IVY league college medical schools. Can any South Americans spread more light on this issue? TLDR; I know I kind of went off topic, but it seems as if when you give things back to black people for our ancestors wrong doings, they take advantage of it and use it to advance leaving who gave them an opportunity behind.
2018-08-02 04:57
Stream a live radio session and you’ll find people of all races there complaining about anything and everything but strangely not this fictional genocide alt-right sites claim is occurring there. Steve Hofmeyr types tend to blow things out of proportion with the hopes of stirring the pot and fueling flames of division and international sensationalism.
2018-08-02 05:04
United States _Twine22_ 
I'm sure you are right but I remember a few years ago like I said in the post about the same thing happening and now its coming up all over again, I've heard what that president has said about whites and obviously its not good...
2018-08-02 05:05
United States _Twine22_ 
2018-08-02 05:35
What goes around comes around.
2018-08-02 12:46
thats why we dont give poland back their land
2018-08-02 12:48
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