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Aid to poor countries
France BigBaguette 
Admins deleted a thread about IQ who turned into a discussion about developed countries and poor countries (but not just that, "minixeta" used the nutrition to explain IQ disparities between continents, and that was quite an interesting point). Since there were no insults or anything breaking the rules in this part of the thread, I allow myself to copy it here. Here you go : "#17 Worst part is, the so called "aid" does more harm to African countries than it actually helps. Brain drain to western countries already hurts them, now we send them aid which causes overpopulation and only strengthens dictators in certain countries. Wish the west would stop sending "aid" and actually leave Africa alone." "#19 Well you are right on something : we help some countries to enrich their rulers. But we are not doing it because we are dumb. We are doing it because those rulers allow us to spoil their country in exchange. As French living a country with a lot of his actual and past wealth coming from exploiting Africa and Asia I'm still admitting it, even that's not really honorable. Problem of cutting aids is not as simple : GDP is some sort of a race. And our (occidental) past (and actual) actions slowed these countries a lot. Today we set a lot of international rules and use our power in order to maintain this order (we first them behind) and cutting the help will not give them a fresh start since we now live in a world we biased to fit our interest. As exemple, now their rulers have weapons we sold them allowing them to maintain their power to their population. And if we cut aid it won't help them to fight the inequity they are suffering from. And even if they would, their millionaire rulers will be able to fly away in our countries if needed. No mention to our interests we should surrender like Uranium and other natural ressources we need. It will become even worst with climate change (I'm not entering in the debate about men responsibility about it here) leading to massive changes such as crop farming. Here have the money to adapt, to create artificial irrigation, etc.. There they can't : here if a farm fail, the farmer is broke but still live, there if a farmer don't get his harvest, he starves to death. And so, without our help, it will create an immigration like we never seen. I'm part of the people thinking that if we don't want immigrants, building a wall will not work, because a ladder is so easy to build (this is a figure of speech) and better find out a way for these people to not leave their country. In fact, that's the only way to prevent immigration. This way of thinking stands for many topics : instead of fighting symptoms we need to fight the cause."
2018-08-04 03:23
steel | 
Greece fows 
this is a csgo forum people only know how to shit talk pros and beg valve for operations
2018-08-04 03:24
I believe the off topic section can serve a higher purpose. At least I try to.
2018-08-04 03:28
i believe so too but most political threads get deleted
2018-08-04 03:36
Because admins don't take time to single delete insults, they rather gain time by deleting polemical threads entirely. Too bad since these threads are the most interesting ones most of the time.
2018-08-04 03:43
Canada iEatTaxes 
pay debt
2018-08-04 03:45
They are, interest of loans only gave more than 7 billions to EU countries since. So in fact, you should thanks greek for their money.
2018-08-04 03:54
steel | 
Greece fows 
smart man
2018-08-04 04:09
Greece deST) 
Be less brainwashed , or at least less brainless .
2018-08-04 04:20
xeta | 
Korea minixeta The Problem with Foreign Aid - PolyMatter How Africa is Becoming China's China - Wendover In the first video, PolyMatter talks about how foreign aid can help dictators stay in the power while doing little to nothing for their population, in the second video Wendover talks about how China is investing in Africa. In both videos, the main goal of China and Foreign "aiders" is to have the support of those countries. While in foreign aid they are doing almost nothing, with China's way, it's incredible effective, even with very little investment. While investment is the best way to go, it's not as easy as it sounds. Everything is harder in the real world, and the biggest problem of them is culture. In my country we tend a lot to populism, even tho its policies leads to huge economic crisis in the mid term. Exploration is not as simple and straight forward as people believe, it's indeed Europe's fault Africa is the way it is nowadays, but not directly. The reason Africa is so poor right now is because they had a lot of Civil Wars, extremelly corrupt presidents that created an overregulated economy... All caused by the abrupt downfall of the european nations with the World Wars, leaving the guerillas without a match in Africa. Just like South Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and China, countries can still get rich if they play their cards right. Botswana is a great example of this, they are on the rise, doing well. People loves to misinterpret early stages of industrialization/capitalism with exploration. Indeed wages are low, but not because greed corporations, but because theres only a few jobs for a lot of people, thats how supply and demand works. And the more people gets a job, the more the economy rises, creating more jobs, rising the demand of employees and finally, raising the wages. People just need to be patient, China is the perfect example of how industrialization works, back in the days they were as poor as Africa, wages were so low people started to say it was slavery, but they kept following this path, nowadays chinese people gets a very decent salary, lives a very decent life, and they became richer than south american countries like Brazil and Argentina, both middle-of-pack countries (Not poor, but not rich either). Back to the topic, back in the days my country was very open to foreign investment, and the investment was coming, but the people of my country started to say foreigners were actually stealing from us, and the whole country got mad at them, populism won and foreign investment nowadays is very little. It's not surprise I dont live in a first world country, even tho our favourite slogan was "Country of the Future". Life is not as easy as it seems, you cant start a race at 300km/h, you need to start at 0 and progress from there, but only a few societies are patient enough for this and they are now called "Developed Countries" AMERICA, Why are some COUNTRIES RICH and others POOR? - VisualPolitik EN
2018-08-04 05:56
lol fake minixeta
2018-08-23 19:24
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