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Best CSGO Player of all time
kennyS | 
Australia 0ladmeister 
2018-08-06 07:44
Olof or krimz
2018-08-06 07:56
North America AlanSmith 
2018-08-06 14:35
Azerbaijan InsanevvvV 
Not olof and s1mple for sure
2018-08-11 12:42
2018-08-18 06:29
United States subzera 
2018-08-06 08:01
2018-08-06 08:01
Third world logic
2018-08-06 08:03
United Kingdom galaxzy 
jokes on you im not from cyprus but argue with stats and facts all you want, make yourself look like an idiot even, idc
2018-08-06 08:04
Denmark MeToxi 
I usually use stats a lot but in this case its not valid. Simple fx. wasn't part of pro cs before 2013 and therefor he's missing a lot from the years before that. If u look at someone like GeT_RiGhT, he's been here since 2003. 10 years more than simple. Thats 10 years more (which btw is also included in all time) that simple is missing that GeT_RiGhT have. If simple plays for another 10 years, who's to say that he's still better than GeT_RiGhT were between 2003 and now? EDIT: Just noticed that the title said CSGO, but then u can't take stats which isn't from csgo
2018-08-10 09:35
United Kingdom galaxzy 
yeah this is about csgo obviously s1mple is not the best player across both games
2018-08-10 13:18
Denmark MeToxi 
Yeah,simple is still the highest rated player but if it were best cs player of all time, then my point would stand.
2018-08-10 14:27
rip argument
2018-08-11 01:43
United Kingdom galaxzy nevermind just a swede fan boy whos top 1 pal olof or gtr? lmao
2018-08-06 08:07
U mad bro?
2018-08-06 08:32
2018-08-06 10:05
2018-08-06 08:09
kills aren't everything, impact kills matter more than flashy ones a lot of the time. Simple puts up the numbers true, but back when get_right and olof and the others were in their prime they were putting up a lot more impact kills than him
2018-08-06 14:42
United Kingdom galaxzy s1mples impact rating smashes Get_rights out of the park obviously all olof, gtr, coldzera and s1mple are hugely impactful players, you can even look at the game to see what frags they get just look at gtrs form aswell and look where he peak compared to when s1mple peaked just constant peaking throughout all 4 years and never dropped below a 1.00 rating the only aspect gtr wins vs s1mple are event wins and MVPs, and even then, s1mple claimed his first mvp at esl NY 2016 while gtr received his first in ESWC 2012 thats 4 years apart and s1mple only has 3 MVPs to close the gap between him being considered the goat and him being the goat
2018-08-06 14:54
United States im_bad 
If you compare them by all the LAN games they played then yes s1mple's impact is way higher. But if you compare peaks then its much closer and yes s1mple's impact is still higher that GTR's in his prime.
2018-08-09 23:37
Switzerland BottomFragger 
s1mple and dev1ce is the most consistently great player of CSGO
2018-08-06 08:06
United Kingdom galaxzy 
2018-08-06 08:06
>dev1ce >consistent =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
2018-08-18 06:43
- I did not describe him with consistent, that would be entirely different, read before you reply -but yeah he is pretty consistent :)
2018-08-18 10:09
Honestly in terms if impact of the scene olof. All these newfags saying s1mple or device triggering me.
2018-08-06 08:09
oldfags can't get that S1mple is just the revolution of player and human being in CS:GO.
2018-08-06 08:11
Ok, has simple won any majors? No, has simple done things to cause changes in the game? No. IE, olofpass, tec-9. All simple has done is get vac banned, play for shitty teams and lose in big matches. I will also say the simple is currently the best player but definitely not best of all time.
2018-08-06 08:18
Major is extremely overrated shit tbh
2018-08-06 08:18
Ok? Olof still has probably had the biggest impact on the scene of any player to date.
2018-08-06 08:22
Absolute bullshit. You might heard about Olof, but you must be newbie to think that his peak was the best and his impact was the best. Don't you remember how S1mple for 1.5 of the year solo-carried Na`Vi? With 4 underperforming players.
2018-08-06 08:27
Olof had more impact thats why fnatic was beast and navi isnt Simple has higher peek as an individual player
2018-08-09 03:14
doesnt make him GOAT, and he was only top 5 for a year
2018-08-11 12:35
Nothing expect majors really metter but nt
2018-08-06 15:41
Even if major is extremely over rated shit in your opinion at those times teams super try harded those tournaments bootcamping for weeks up to the majors and we got the best matches out of those events as well. None gives 2 fucks if they are over rated these days because there is so much crazy amount of money in other events these days you mongo, also bringing up that point makes your argument even more shit, if those events are so over rated and he still can't win one stfu.
2018-08-10 00:44
we are talking the best player not the best team mate.
2018-08-06 08:23
+1 it's funny how he says olof and some tards say "dev1ce" lmao. "cuz he is gud timmaet!"
2018-08-06 08:28
2018-08-06 10:36
2018-08-06 13:42
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing 
answer on my thread
2018-08-06 14:15
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing 
LOL newfag saying olof.... GeT_RiGhT is the real GOAT
2018-08-06 12:13
2018-08-06 14:40
2018-08-06 08:10
kNgV- | 
Brazil olocoxd 
2018-08-06 08:10
GeT_RiGhT, Olofmeister, KennyS Those 3 are the top 3 contenders. Yes fight me about GeT_RiGhT, he didn't win as much but from 2012 all the way until 2016 when his health problems hit in really badly he kept a rock solid performance in NiP that helped carry the entire team far with world class performances and he popped off so many teams. If this were of all CS history then he would definitley be a contender for the top beside F0rest, NEO, etc. Someone like Olof has achieved more and is more consistent even currently at the moment so I'd easily vote for him too. KennyS literally changed the way a lot of people played the AWP, an incredibly important and vital part of the game, nuff said. He was incredibly consistent and a god of the game for years until recently. Anyone voting s1mple is shortsighted, this is of all time. S1mple didn't achieve much starting until a couple years ago and doesn't have a single major under his belt yet.
2018-08-06 08:24
Again, it's how good the player is, not the team theyre on
2018-08-06 08:23
Agreed, but S1mple hasn't achieved much to show how good of a player he is. He has raw skill, that does not make him the best player of CS:GO history compared to people who defined the way the game is played currently. GeT_RiGhT definitley deserves to be on the top 3 conteders if we aren't considering team performances xd.
2018-08-06 08:26
He achieved quite enough for solo player. Considering his performances through those years in different teams with a lot of problems. And considering his MVPs, EVPs, top places even in biased HLTV ranks.
2018-08-06 08:29
Name some other player who is in the discussion with such a small amount of achievements? I mean sure individual skill in hltv is based on a fucking number that doesn't mean shit outside of this website, but in reality all the greatest players of all time in any eSports or sports in general were good enough to consistently lead their teams to success. You think anyone would give a fuck about Ronaldo or Messi if they had the best stats and low amount of achievements? Individual skill doesn't even make oyu the best anyway this game isn't just about aim, I prefer a player like electronic over s1mple all day long because his game sense is way higher, his rotations are actually insane in certain games and he's still a mechanically skilled player imo he's better than s1mple, a more complete player, a smarter player with high level of skill, s1mple is a better raw aimer than him ok that doesn't make him better imo. Just as an example.
2018-08-10 00:51
The messi/ronaldo comparison doesn't really work, considering we are talking a time frame from 2013-18 whereas football is a 100year sport. People knew ronaldo was going to be one of the GOAT before he joined Real Madrid and won 4 Champions league titles. And why does everyone say s1mple doesn't have game sense or he play stupid. No one who says these things can point out a scenario where s1mple baited and didn't benefit his team. But hey, if you just say things then they're true I guess
2018-08-10 08:47
I never said he doesn't have any game sense wtf? Electronic is just a smarter player which was my point, he reads the game at a much higher level, he understands his role perfectly and plays it perfectly, he has the most insane rotations I've seen from any young player and on top of that he's highly skilled mechanically. s1mple although he has a ton of opening picks gets his information from Zeus and Edward, watch Na'vi play T side on literally any map, CT is just basic shit peeking mid with an awp or holding a site with awp easy frags for him he's a beast awper and doesn't miss often. Also way to ignore most of my comment and only touch on things like that, it was an example. s1mple is a great player in 2018 but he isn't no GOAT, remember it's just a # that means literally shit all outside of this site, it doesn't define the entire game and how someone rates/judges what high level skill is in the competitive tier 1 scene. As I said aim isn't everything, people value other skills that not every player is good at or even suited for in their skill sets. Anyway s1mple is awesome he's like a budget 1.6 Markeloff who has a way better team than Markeloff had and achieved no one near what he did.
2018-08-10 09:24
Are u calling a player GOAT based on his individual skill and not on accomplishments and impact ? Ok u are a retard
2018-08-09 03:16
2018-08-06 08:24
"S1mple didn't achieve much starting until a couple years ago and doesn't have a single major under his belt yet." by this logic, taco could be considered better than a player such as s1mple or niko
2018-08-06 08:26
+1 lmao
2018-08-06 08:29
This is considering their achievments along with their personal performance. S1mple completley outmatches TACO but TACO has achieved more than S1mple has, but TACO wasn't a Coldzera who painted masterpiece after masterpiece at every tournament and really got them the win. In the larger light even if he has achieved more he hasn't been a star player in the same way and just isn't someone who'd come up in this discussion, you have to be looking for flaws to point something like this out. S1mple has done more individually in his time than TACO has so he'd definitley be above Just apply some common sense to the situation
2018-08-06 08:31
>best player of all time >Goes to show recent stats Nice meme, mate
2018-08-06 10:39
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-08-06 10:49
United Kingdom galaxzy 
even with his wrong stats, s1mple still smashes everyone on the list in terms of everything apart from big event wins and mvps
2018-08-06 15:09
2018-08-06 08:27
I am surprised there is so many delusional S1mple fans, lul. He is monster for sure, but not a GOAT yet. Olof, cold, GTR are GOATS. Proud Na`Vi fan, S1mplus_Electroncere.
2018-08-06 08:34
Not a blind Navi fan I’m impressed
2018-08-06 08:48
actually normal civilizated opinion from ukrainian citizen, i see education spreads slowly but surely
2018-08-06 10:22
A Navi fan who makes sense. That's a rarity
2018-08-06 10:40
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Not a blind Na'vi fan I'm impressed (1)
2018-08-10 09:07
Germany Constikdw 
Flusha not there...
2018-08-06 10:16
And no dosia
2018-08-06 10:20
Germany Constikdw 
2018-08-06 10:38
Finland Nuori_sergej 
Wtf, where is natu?
2018-08-06 10:25
shox | 
India iejesus 
Where Is Edward?
2018-08-06 10:50
f0rest on this list when there is no flusha LOL
2018-08-06 11:43
Suprised that the top voted player was only a top 5 player for about 1 year and a bit
2018-08-06 12:11
device easily
2018-08-06 13:05
People saying Olof when he even said he never thought of himself as the best player but he though of Fnatic as the best team
2018-08-06 13:08
United Kingdom galaxzy 
+1 olof and coldzera are SO good because they had amazing teammates s1mple has literally up untill mid 2018 literally carried Na’Vi to everything they have won
2018-08-06 13:42
Thats called being humble , and not an arrogant dick
2018-08-09 03:17
It’s called telling the truth
2018-08-09 04:03
Fnatic was the best team because olof was a great player. Simple is the best player because navi is a shit team. Thats the real truth
2018-08-09 04:25
No the real truth is S1mple is the best and he’d be the best on any team but keep talking shit it doesn’t matter
2018-08-09 12:55
hahahhah triggered
2018-08-09 13:02
Yes I would be triggered by someone talking shit
2018-08-09 13:06
u are the biggest fangirl i have ever seen xd
2018-08-09 17:40
Ok 3rd worlder
2018-08-09 18:09
Now go out and walk around the streets naked thats what u people like to do
2018-08-09 23:26
Ok 3rd world
2018-08-09 23:28
I saw u walking naked
2018-08-10 00:05
Ok 3rd world
2018-08-10 00:29
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Well he also said nobody's better than him. And at that time. It was true ofc. Moreover, Get_right seems kinda washed up and can't even support properly he's kinda a liability. While olof is still doing his job quite well. Even after coming in from a break/hiatus. So definitely it's Olof
2018-08-10 09:05
Belarus ciborg 
Sasha s1mple kone4no je
2018-08-06 13:09
2018-08-06 13:14
Obviously the top 3 CSGO players ever is flusha shox and GTR, if you disagree you are newfag
2018-08-06 13:32
North America AlanSmith 
agree with u
2018-08-06 14:37
Not top 3 , but top 7 Olof Get Cold Guardian Kenny Flusha Shox
2018-08-09 03:19
smooya | 
Germany elseen 
everyone who votes s1mple watches CSGO since 2017 either f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, olof or kennyS, maybe cold aswell /closed
2018-08-06 13:40
Romania xBlackDragon9 
d0cc ofc
2018-08-06 14:17
Xizt ofc he has the most wins on hltv
2018-08-06 14:32
Other VladimirLucas 
where's flusha?
2018-08-06 14:33
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
Omfg it disgusts me how many people are voting s1mple xD
2018-08-06 14:34
United Kingdom galaxzy 
flair checks out #78
2018-08-06 15:10
NEO | 
Poland sheezer 
How can you possibly vote for anyone except olofmeister? He plays on his high level since 2012, while for example s1mple start to play good around 2014-15.
2018-08-06 15:20
United Kingdom galaxzy 
olof started playing in 2013
2018-08-06 15:27
NEO | 
Poland sheezer 
ok i guess im retarded than XD
2018-08-06 15:32
NEO | 
Poland sheezer 
2018-08-06 15:59
U can edit your comment btw.. Yes u are retarded
2018-08-09 03:20
wtf s1mple
2018-08-06 15:31
olofmeister lmao
2018-08-06 15:33
Olof good but not best (jw best)
2018-08-09 03:20
bramz | 
Tunisia bramzz 
Where is flushaflusha?
2018-08-09 03:20
Brazil LukeCS 
The only players who were 2 time best players in the world were GeT_RiGhT and coldzera BUT GeT_RiGhT was never an MVP of a Major while cold was the MVP on back to back Majors in 2016. Plus coldzera was the best player in the world in two much more competitive years, therefore, cold is the best CS:GO player... Maybe it can change within the next year with s1mple being such a beast
2018-08-09 03:31
Stop joking , 2016 was the least competetive year in csgo after 2013
2018-08-09 04:26
Brazil LukeCS 
More competitive than 2013 when GTR was the best for the first time, 2017 was much more competitive than 2014, so........
2018-08-09 04:39
2017 had 3 elite teams(astrais faze sk), g2 was occasionally elite, vp was good for 3-4 events ,north was occasionally tier 1 , and the rest were shit 2014 had 4-5 elite teams (fnatic , nip , ldlc , titan ,vp) , and some other tier 1 contenders as well (navi , dignitas), so yeah 2014 > 2017 2015 2014 2018 2017 2016 2013 this is how the order of yearly competition is , for me
2018-08-09 05:28
Brazil LukeCS 
Lol no, sorry but no It's the natural evolution process, the mass of players in 2014 can't be better than the mass of player in 2017... The elite of 2014 became the mid tier of 2017 so sorry, but GTR doesn't have more credit because it was a more "competitive year" in terms of teams when we're talking about individual skill of both players
2018-08-09 08:42
it seems u dont understand the meaning of the word "competition" come back when u know what it means
2018-08-09 09:34
Brazil LukeCS 
It seems you don't know what I mean... Or you're just trying to find an unreal way to say that GeT_RiGhT was better and more consistent than cold when his opposition was better, we all know that it wasn't and it's not because I am Brazilian ffs... It's just facts
2018-08-09 09:39
i never said get right was better than cold. get right was in prime in 2013 and there were no real teams in 2013 , just mixed teams. in 2014 get right didnt even deserve #1, flusha deserved it more im just saying that 2016 was a shit year of csgo
2018-08-09 17:43
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Lmfao 0/8 baitzera fan lul
2018-08-10 09:03
Brazil LukeCS 
Face the facts
2018-08-10 09:22
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
I think Olof is truly the GOAT because at their peak Olof had more skill that Cold. Cold is very consistent sure. But so is olof. He isn't a liability like say Get_right. Even after the break he's doing quite well. This skill peak is something Cold can't get past. So for me Cold is #2 is all time Greatest after olof. Just my opinion.
2018-08-10 09:27
Brazil LukeCS 
Consistency > peak
2018-08-10 22:45
So you voted for device?
2018-08-10 22:51
Brazil LukeCS 
Device is consistently good, not great
2018-08-10 22:57
consistently top 5 for 3 years straight isnt great?
2018-08-10 22:58
Brazil LukeCS 
Never been top 1, was always topped by someone
2018-08-10 23:02
Brazil LukeCS 
PS: twice coldzera being #1
2018-08-10 23:15
but didn't you say consistency > peak
2018-08-10 23:32
Brazil LukeCS 
Coldzera was consistently great, the best in the world for 2 years in a row lol I'm proving my point, you just have to read it
2018-08-11 00:22
Germany Stolzzee 
Olof ?
2018-08-09 04:39
For me 1- olofmeister 2/3- get_right 2/3- coldzera 4- flusha 5- f0rest 6- guardian 7- device 8- kennys 9- shox 10- krimz/fallen/edward/jw
2018-08-09 04:53
edward? not even top 30 lmao
2018-08-09 05:56
"For me"
2018-08-09 12:55
LMAO definitely not Olof, he is just an average player that had high ratings for once
2018-08-09 08:37
+1 was once truly top 5 for 1 year
2018-08-09 10:08
device or cold /close
2018-08-09 08:40
hard choice between olof, gtr and s1mple :l
2018-08-09 13:07
1. Olof 2. Gtr 3. Cold /
2018-08-09 23:46
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
God Olof <3
2018-08-10 09:01
Sweden Maddafakka 
CS:GO: GeT_RiGhT CS 1.6: f0rest
2018-08-10 09:58
go - get_right 1.6 - neo /closed
2018-08-10 14:32
2018-08-10 22:58
United States lockerboit 
people who voted cold or s1mple are slow
2018-08-10 10:00
Where is rainGOD?
2018-08-10 14:29
name checks out :/
2018-08-11 00:26
2018-08-11 01:19
s1mple most overrated player of all time !
2018-08-11 01:23
192 retardeds voted s1mple. How s1mple is the besterest, since he got BANNED from ESL in 2015 ?
2018-08-11 01:26
apEX | 
Europe Dax1e 
LUL device cant even be in top 20 of all time
2018-08-11 01:28
2018-08-11 03:33
2018-08-18 08:12
Olof or gtr
2018-08-18 08:10
CS:GO? Then you are looking at Get-Right, S1mple, or Olof. Nobodyt else, Get_right got in that trifecta because of the guy's commitment producing gold. Aside from that, the most talented aimer out of this list, S1mple, has been through hell and back to get where he is now. I am too tired to continue on what I mean in regards to S1mple, just respond if you are curious.
2018-08-18 08:14
Macau Bent0 
I know coldzera is a god but i feel like half of his vote is coming from br fan . . . I voted for olof btw
2018-08-18 08:25
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