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PC build for csgo
s1mple | 
Other Insertrandomname I'm gonna use i5-8400 as CPU and not the one thats listed. Tell me if its good enough or not to run csgo on ideal fps. No trolls pls
2018-08-13 10:22
Albania blizaardy 
2018-08-13 10:23
Thnks mate
2018-08-13 10:24
no money bruh
2018-08-13 10:24
Ik its budget pc
2018-08-13 10:25
even 7600 will do you good lul, i have almost 300 fps on maps like mirage adn cache while playing with gtx 460
2018-08-13 10:30
I mean 8th generation has 6 cores so in future if I have to upgrade my gpu it won't get bottleneck by cpu And also maybe I'll try other games too
2018-08-13 10:36
nice i have i3 6100 wanted to upgrade to i5 7600. do you ever drop below 200? and how is ffa? does it stutter?
2018-08-13 11:51
It does drop on some maps, inferno sometimes, dust2 also sometimes, nuke always, and ffa I don't play ffa so I don't know, if you have a better gpu then it probably won't drop, but for me, it's enough.
2018-08-13 11:53
i feel like it wont be any improvement over my i3 6100 with hyperthreading. i get +200 most of the time and only in some spots down to 170
2018-08-13 12:07
Laos ropzGOD 
Wouldnt recommend you to upgrade to 7th Gen. Upgrade to 8th gen, its a lot more future proof.
2018-08-13 13:27
yeah but i have to change motherboard and then i think i could also get ssd and a new gpu and and and and. till i buy a full new rig
2018-08-13 13:28
Laos ropzGOD 
Id stick to it then because thatll be a waste of money.
2018-08-13 13:30
yeah right now i get +200 most of time just sometimes 170. i dont think its worth, too. maybe i wait for 10 nm ice lake or ryzen 3000
2018-08-13 13:32
Laos ropzGOD 
Ye you should also there will be new nvidias in september.
2018-08-13 13:33
and ram prices will probably drop too
2018-08-13 13:35
Laos ropzGOD 
Ye I hope so. But maybe nvidia will overprice the GPUs. Like make the 2080 like the current 1080 or smth.
2018-08-13 13:37
France uNLmofo 
As long as you have more Than 144 fps it all fine dude
2018-08-14 08:37
i need 300 fps stable or i blame the game kappa
2018-08-14 10:49
2018-08-14 13:07
United Kingdom drackula 
ok, prob 100fps in 5v5
2018-08-13 10:30
In medium- low settings? :o I was expecting atleast 200+
2018-08-13 10:37
he's lying infact.
2018-08-13 11:56
he's trolling
2018-08-13 11:56
United Kingdom drackula 
ye ok! i have an i5 8600k, 16gb ddr, 1070 Ti 8gb and get 250/300 with everything on low u wont be getting anywhere near that with a 1050, 8gb and an i5 8400
2018-08-13 13:19
Laos ropzGOD 
You will? If you get this much something is wrong with your PC because you should get much more. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and 1060 6GB and I get more than you and I can assure you a 1050 can hit that because I had it aswell. All you need is a good CPU.
2018-08-13 13:28
1. 1070 ti is useless in cs go. 2. i5 8600k isnt that good. 6 cores useless for cs and this cpu cant hit high oc. he gets what he should and r5 1600 is shit, 100% dropping to 150 fps.
2018-08-13 13:30
Laos ropzGOD 
Mine isnt dropping lower than 200 except when im spectating someone when i died on inferno.
2018-08-13 13:32
well it is overclocked? otherwise its 3.4ghz and that sucks
2018-08-13 13:34
Laos ropzGOD 
I have it o 3.8 and 1.3V because I cant get to 4.0 stable except maybe putting voltage to 1.4
2018-08-13 13:35
well thats quite nice
2018-08-13 13:37
Lol wth
2018-08-14 19:28
retard? I have i5-6500; gtx960 4gb; 8 ram and i have 250 fps, i dont know what type of trojan you have on ur pc, but better reinstall it.. p.s. Mr. Insertrandomname dont listen to him, he is worst baiter i've seen on this web.
2018-08-13 16:16
Ah okay thanks mate :D
2018-08-13 16:41
United Kingdom drackula 
hehe wait and see, come back once you've bought it and let me know :D
2018-08-13 19:04
2018-08-14 18:23
Spain migueel_ 
yep 150-250 fps all time
2018-08-13 21:06
1060 3gb is wayyyyyy better than 1050 4gb, even it costs little bit more
2018-08-13 10:38
Its 1050 ti bro
2018-08-13 10:45
Yes i meant, but the difference between 1050ti and 1060 3gb is HUGE
2018-08-13 11:49
Okay I need to research that now :p
2018-08-13 12:24
Sweden aer1aL 
No it isn't, it's a %20 difference.
2018-08-14 08:16
Its huge if you look the price difference, 20% more power for 20-30$
2018-08-14 13:51
Its actually 80$ difference where I live :/
2018-08-14 14:24
2018-08-14 17:21
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine krays 
Its 250 300 fps rig at low settings
2018-08-13 10:43
Thanks man was really curious how much fps will i get
2018-08-13 10:47
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine krays 
Check youtube for benchmark vids
2018-08-13 10:47
Will do thanks
2018-08-13 10:51
Considering you are building a budget PC keep this in mind. I don't go with AMD unless its a budget build. For you I would purchase either the 2600 and overclock or go with the 2600x considering it will bring down the price of the motherboard aswell. You will probably save $100 and never have to change CPUs for 6 years and if you ever do need to change CPUs you can use the old motherboard more likely.
2018-08-13 10:43
Thanks man for helpful details but I think I would go for intel as many people have suggested that intel is better than AMD :/
2018-08-13 11:45
Not when you compare them with price to performance. For a budget build, AMD is often better and might be more "future proof" in the sense that you get mores cores / threads.
2018-08-13 13:57
use dual channel memory ram
2018-08-13 10:48
Memory ram :>
2018-08-13 13:57
this is how we call in London School
2018-08-14 03:47
Pasha london school? :p
2018-08-14 06:18
Exactly yes!
2018-08-14 06:52
If you wanted to save money you could go with slower ram as with Intels the ram speed doesn't make much difference. Otherwise seems good at first look.
2018-08-13 10:48
You mean its okay if I use 2666 or maybe 2400 ram?
2018-08-13 10:50
Yes. Obviously ask someone else to confirm what I am saying but the ram speed will make very little difference. With AMD however it is far more important.
2018-08-13 10:50
Ok thanks :D
2018-08-13 12:23
there's like 1-3% difference in the actual gameplay between 2400 and 2666, going beyond 2666 on intel doesn't really make a difference
2018-08-13 14:24
Hey, thanks.
2018-08-13 14:24
The motherboard and the cpu are not compitable. Intel 8xxx CPUs require the 300 series chipsets. Get a ryzen, you might be able to buy 1060 with the extra money. CPU performance would be almost the same with intel and you'll get more fps in every game. Always get a better gpu for gaming people, an okay cpu would be always enough.
2018-08-13 10:56
He asks for PC build of CSGO. CSGO is CPU intensive, so he should get better CPU.
2018-08-13 11:21
he CANNOT use that CPU with that MOTHERBOARD. That is why i simply told that he has to change the motherboard as well. z370 motherboard will cost atleast an extra 70$. I simply suggest he can buy better GPU with the extra money, instead of a motherboard. And ryzen 2600 performs almost the same with intel 8400. so he will have almost the same fps. And with the better gpu, he can play other games on a better quality. you can even play on 240 hz with 1060 and ryzen 2600, so why would he get a better cpu instead of a better gpu. No difference at all...
2018-08-13 13:03
No dude there are a lot of cheap 3** series mobos. Ryzen performs almost the same as 8400 in any other game but CSGO. I think Valve hates AMD thats why their CPUs suck in CSGO.
2018-08-13 13:07
I didnt know that, well thank you then. can u share a link with me, im from turkey, i dont know those websites and prizes are really weird in these days in turkey...
2018-08-13 13:25
LOL omfg... first, thanks for sharing. those motherboards are 110$ in turkey... fck me. He's right OP, you should get a cheap motherboard and the intel cpu. You can always upgrade your gpu, that doesnt matter that much.
2018-08-13 13:34
There are some z370 mobos under 110$ btw :)
2018-08-13 14:23
Kaby Lake mobo doesn't support Coffee Lake CPUs like 5-8400.
2018-08-13 10:58
What mobo should I use then? Can you suggest some with similar price or maybe lower?
2018-08-13 11:43
h310. By the way, Coffee Lake isn't compatible with older gen CPUs, so it won't be able to run that i5 7600.
2018-08-13 12:55
Ive seen people getting h310 mobos w/ i7-8700(non-K) and they are fine w/ it. So i guess h310 is enough for i5-8400 but i still recommend to get h310 mobo only w/ i3.
2018-08-13 13:10
Ukraine AnarchyInHLTV 
take Pentium G4560 it will enough for 1050 Ti
2018-08-13 11:01
Ukraine AnarchyInHLTV 
and then take 16 GB RAM
2018-08-13 11:02
Poland Htcobakel 
I know it's polish site but I really like it: He makes the best setups in every price. Btw. 1 euro = 4,3 złotych.
2018-08-13 11:06
Thanks man
2018-08-13 12:30
Get at least 650W power supply for the future.
2018-08-13 11:11
650 seems too much for my build and even if I'm going to upgrade my gpu it's not gonna be close to 650 But yes I need to upgrade and get 550 instead of 450
2018-08-13 14:35
if u go for i5-8400 buy better gpu like 1060 6 gb or 1080
2018-08-13 11:45
I don't really have budget for it :/
2018-08-13 12:13
Get the cpu cooler out buy a b360 motherboard and a better gpu like gtx 1060 6 gb or rx 570 or 580
2018-08-13 11:58
I've used cooler master cpu cooler
2018-08-13 12:18
Do you own it or are you gonna buy it because if you dont own it its a waste of money the stock coller gets the job done
2018-08-13 12:54
I don't own it so I guess I'm saving 30$ thanks to you :D
2018-08-13 14:11
save money dont play cs go
2018-08-13 12:21
You're funny xD
2018-08-13 12:26
it's not a joke biggest mistake of my life was to buy a computer for grind cs go
2018-08-13 12:27
Maybe you waste too much time playing csgo , well its not the case with me I play csgo max 2 hours a day, and only at night time and I've completed my studies so its not a problem xD Also I won't be onlyyyy playing csgo, I'll try some other games as well
2018-08-13 12:30
Try getting 2×4Gb RAM. There are many tests showing that one RAM slot is mucg worse than 2 slots of the same capacity.
2018-08-13 12:23
Okay I'll try that, thanks.
2018-08-13 12:27
i3 8350k 5ghz gtx 1050 ti
2018-08-13 12:53
Boombl4 | 
Croatia otvo 
U also need newer Motherboard for i5 8400
2018-08-13 13:08
Msi H310 good?
2018-08-13 14:17
Boombl4 | 
Croatia otvo 
Should work fine
2018-08-13 14:18
Alright thanks
2018-08-13 14:25
i have i5-7500 and gtx 1060 i would say if u mainly play csgo, buy used gpu or use ur current geraphic card for now because new generation is coming in 2 months i5-8400 is very very good
2018-08-13 13:33
I guess new generation will be quite pricey?
2018-08-13 14:07
i5 - 6500 8GB DDR4 GTX 1050Ti 1280x960 low/medium settings ALLWAYS 200+
2018-08-13 14:03
Alrighty, so I'm gonna get 200 fps atleast
2018-08-13 14:17
bottle | 
Asia Ace_Y 
dude, upgrade the PSU the one u chose is like one of the worst out there 70 USD for some Corsair VS is a major scam. Rest is ok, would get i3 8100 with B360 or Ryzen 3 2200G and B450. You don't actually need that cooler, the box coolers of Intel 8th and Ryzen are good enough.
2018-08-13 14:07
Which PSU do u suggest? I'm getting H310 with i5-8400 Okay, I've removed cooler from list.
2018-08-13 14:16
Okay thanks
2018-08-13 14:53
How about: You could choose a cheaper GPU, ofc.
2018-08-13 14:19
That's looks solid but as I'm building this pc to mainly play csgo, I won't use AMD cuz valve hate amd :/
2018-08-13 14:27
Dude, a 2600 is more than you need for CS:GO. I used a 1400 and it worked great. You'll also be great-full for having an SSD as well. HDD's can be really slow at times. You get an SSD + HDD for the same price (if not even lower) by going for AMD. AMD's cooler is also really good, unlike Intel. The RX580 has almost the same performance as the GTX 1060
2018-08-13 14:38
I don't know much about AMD, I guess I got some researching to do! And thanks dude
2018-08-13 14:58
Bro he is right, in longterm u wont make a mistake with an amd setup. the latest products from amd are realy solid stuff. a lot of my friends switched to ryzen cpu and they all have enough fps to play this game without any issues. ofc we all know the intels are a bit better in singlecore benchs but for csgo there is nearly no difference if u cap the fps to 300 on top, intel scams their customers by updating cpu structure and force people to buy a new mobo at every cpu update??? bullshit! same story with the nvidia gsync and amd freesync stuff. i will buy new setup within the next weeks and guess what, it will be an amd system i had intels for the last 4 years and i am very happy amd finaly brought out some realy good cpus
2018-08-13 15:11
I've heard amd has heating issues
2018-08-13 15:19
if you listen or read stuff people write in forums or whatever all day u will hear a lot dude .. u wont know unless u do your research noone of my mates with ryzen cpu has any cooling issues. and all of them using boxed cooler except of one mate with a big noctua cooler
2018-08-13 15:22
I guess you're right
2018-08-13 15:26
gabesson | 
Hungary Envo. 
decent, nothing is overkill, they are suitable parts with each other you actually want an SSD with it too, because it is already 2018, and significantly smooth out every action you do on a computer, you should never buy PC without ssd nowadays (240GB is enough, you dont have to install anything on it, only windows, games on hdd)
2018-08-13 15:16
Yes I'm going to save for ssd and get a 240gb later :D
2018-08-13 15:22
perfect then (if you have m.2, you should consider it, it is the same price as the sata one, but the latency is lower with it)
2018-08-13 15:23
Ok thanks :D
2018-08-13 15:29
i would invest in 1060, 1050 is pretty crappy, i had one.
2018-08-13 15:16
still enough to run csgo at 200+ fps even at 1920
2018-08-13 15:18
yea but anything else its shit for.
2018-08-13 15:18
I dont have budget for 1060 and maybe if u misread its 1050ti and not 1050
2018-08-13 15:21
ofc its ti, there isnt a 1050 normal i think. Still, for any other game 1050TI is shitt
2018-08-13 15:26
Actually there is 1050 normal xD But yeah maybe I have to settle with shit cuz poor ;-;
2018-08-13 15:28
oh ya im stupid lol. id wait and get money and buy 1060/1070
2018-08-13 15:51
2018-08-13 16:42
for csgo gtx 950 is enough bruh ,gtx 1050 is overkill. lower your graphics card quality and change your hdd 1tb to ssd 255 mb and hdd 500mb. SSD is way faster bruh trust me.
2018-08-13 15:38
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
500 MB, nice
2018-08-14 08:08
2018-08-16 08:58
Are u from 1999?
2018-08-14 13:56
United Kingdom AlywOw 
2018-08-13 15:53
Ofc it is bc you're probably very rich :D
2018-08-13 16:42
United Kingdom AlywOw 
2018-08-13 16:44
120gb storage? XD
2018-08-13 18:47
One game
2018-08-14 08:48
pls do 2x4 GB RAM and NOT 1x8 GB. dual channel is always the better option
2018-08-13 19:07
Alright thanks :D
2018-08-13 21:01
+1 IMO i5 is a great processor. I myself have a i5 6600k processor that runs really smooth.
2018-08-14 06:59
Thanks dude! Also 8th gen has 6 cores so it would be slightly better than you xD
2018-08-14 08:00
Yeah, I kinda decided on the i5 since it was cheaper for the cost of a bit less performance. It works out I guess.
2018-08-14 08:02
Yeah. Which gpu you use?
2018-08-14 08:20
Nvidia I believe, not sure which one though to be completely honest.
2018-08-14 08:26
Cool xD
2018-08-14 08:53
Indonesia ro2a 
i use i7, gt840m 8gbRAM laptop, its not superrior bit it enough to run the game without laag, 90-170fps sometime can reach 200 :-)
2018-08-14 07:03
i have i5 4670K and 970gtx and runs csgo smoothly no problem, so yea
2018-08-14 08:32
Okay :D
2018-08-14 08:53
United States 4PP135 
This PC is fine, but I'd get rid of the cooler, get a cheaper case, and get a cheaper PSU; no reason to spend so much on items that aren't going to increase performance at all, especially if you're on a budget.
2018-08-14 13:54
United States 4PP135 
Still, my last two points stand, I got my case brand new for $15 US after mail-in rebate and my PSU was $20 US after rebate, you could take that remaining money and get an SSD.
2018-08-14 14:29
Which psu are you using?
2018-08-14 14:56
United States 4PP135 this isn't my exact PSU, but it's by the same company. The PSU i use is not on the store for some reason .
2018-08-14 15:03
Okay thanks :D
2018-08-14 15:13
United States 4PP135 
Also, you are spending way too much for that 1050ti...
2018-08-14 14:31
Can you tell me whats the difference between my 1050ti and yours? I'm noob in this :(
2018-08-14 14:55
United States 4PP135 
The clock speed may be a bit different and it looks different, that is absolutely it. You can overclock your GPU easily with MSI afterburner, w/o having to mess with voltages if you are afraid of doing that.
2018-08-14 15:01
Thank you so much !
2018-08-14 15:03
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
PSU is a thing that is not worth cheaping out on
2018-08-16 09:27
United States 4PP135 
Its not like i game him a shit psu. He doesnt need all the bells and whisles. Its his first build i assume. I gave him an evga psu. Very reputable.
2018-08-16 12:24
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
If it has enough A on 12V then I guess it's ok. I've heard good things about EVGA, but I don't have any experience with it either.
2018-08-16 13:09
United States 4PP135 
The only PSUs I've used are from EVGA and Corsair, I have spent no more than $35 US for a PSU on my builds; I've built about 6 PCs, if you count friends and family.
2018-08-16 13:15
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
How long do these PSU last? Are they noisy?
2018-08-16 13:25
United States 4PP135 
I've never had any issues with any of my PSUs over 2 1/2 yrs, keep in mind though, it's still possible to get a bum unit, in which case you just need to send it back and get a new one. If its your first time building then I would recommend going to a physical store, if possible, It'll probably make you feel more comfortable with what you are getting; that's not always an option though and I understand, the online stores should do you just fine as well.
2018-08-16 13:28
$700+ to play csgo that is a yikes :)
2018-08-14 14:25
Not just csgo but mainly csgo :p I will try other games as well :D
2018-08-14 14:27
Have fun :D
2018-08-14 14:29
Ty :D
2018-08-14 14:53
United States lockerboit 
get a ssd, helps alot
2018-08-14 15:03
Will do but later D:
2018-08-14 15:12
United States lockerboit 
when u do look for a ssd, m.2 isnt necessary despite what some people say
2018-08-14 15:27
Okay I'll keep that in mind thanks!
2018-08-14 17:20
Ukraine kek1 
200+ fps
2018-08-16 12:40
Thats all I need :P
2018-08-16 12:43
Ukraine kek1 
2018-08-16 12:44
I5 GTX 1060
2018-08-16 13:32
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