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hopw to gain height?
coldzera | 
Denmark shinex 
im almost 16 and my height is only 1.80cm =/ its kinda small i think so how to gain height? what i should do?
2018-08-13 18:01
Croatia BCkoGOD 
You need to stretch yourself, it's really easy and you can, without too much effort, grow up to 2.15m within a week. This is scientifically prooven, TRUST ME.
2018-08-13 18:03
one time i accidentally stretched too hard after i woke up and i was 285 cm had to remove my legs just to be normal height smh
2018-08-13 18:11
Netherlands Removed 
Hate when this happens :/
2018-08-14 16:12
damn... you happened to be too early for the new surgery that can just make your body shorter. i stretched once and was like 293 cm but i got the new surgery and now im only 231 cm
2018-08-14 16:18
guys how can u be that short? i cant believe what im reading... im 350cm and the shortest one in the family
2018-08-15 19:40
2018-08-15 20:11
Look in the mirror and cry
2018-08-13 18:03
2018-08-15 06:46
Sweden Stockw0w 
Above world average, you should not complain
2018-08-13 18:03
India Packchallenger 
1.80 cm??? (I live in America so I only know American, but I was born in Asia so I think I got this right)
2018-08-13 18:06
fox | 
Netherlands ohitsporto 
look down
2018-08-13 18:07
Isn't 180cm (5'11 in American) and then 1.80 is like ant
2018-08-13 18:07
u got that right xd
2018-08-15 19:41
fox | 
Netherlands ohitsporto 
5'11 or something
2018-08-13 18:06
change your flag on hltv to usa
2018-08-13 18:06
wtf why i want to gain height not to get murdered in school
2018-08-13 18:08
sry i didn’t see ‘height’, i thought it was ‘weight’. just do a ton of anabolic steroids for height then
2018-08-13 18:09
Yet you fanboy brazilians
2018-08-15 06:14
Haha, you're small kid, average height in Denmark is 1.826m and you're below hahaha!
2018-08-13 18:07
He is cm too 1.8cm
2018-08-13 18:08
Look at comment
2018-08-13 18:08
Eat a lot Exercise a lot Sleep a lot Dont do drugs Relax And wait 10 years
2018-08-13 18:07
drugs will increase your height
2018-08-13 18:09
Xd xd xd xd
2018-08-13 18:09
2018-08-13 18:09
Im 20, and 175 and this kid is crying about being 180 xd Im bigger than 95% of girls, ur probabily bigger than 99,99 of girls why u care.
2018-08-13 18:08
But ru bigger than 95% of guys? Because thats what girls compare u to
2018-08-13 18:10
of course they compare mens to girls LOL
2018-08-13 18:11
who cares about guys are u gay or wath?
2018-08-13 19:04
nt midget
2018-08-13 20:37
LMAO worried about height in a non-caveman era. NT.
2018-08-13 18:09
Not worried about ur looks in social media era Lul
2018-08-13 18:11
The worst era and his words are more appealing
2018-08-14 16:15
Nt midget
2018-08-14 17:35
100% expected reply from a kid Height won't give you anything without intelligence to use it right anyway And I'm not a midget but you're braindead for sure
2018-08-15 06:11
2018-08-15 09:36
Yes, u need high iq to play in the nba, height doesnt matter Women laugh when u pass, midget
2018-08-15 19:38
Made no sense at all, I got a high girl and she likes me You have a name of insta slut pathetic virgin Everyone laughs at you, not only women ;) Sad
2018-08-16 01:48
Pls tell me u are trolling or something because now I feel bad for u Anyway, what metal album do u recommend atm?
2018-08-16 01:50
Wouldn't care wasting time on this, life will take care of the rest doncha worry Dont listen to metal
2018-08-16 01:52
Wait, what music do you listen to then? You made like a billion threads about music.
2018-08-16 01:54
Now we're talkin' I listen to pop, jazz, swing, psychedelia and blues All the genres that require talent, skill, soul and creativity Unlike today's shit fiesta
2018-08-16 01:57
Psychedelia = psychedelic rock? Rate this
2018-08-16 01:59
Yes, it could also be psy-pop Nice track, I like it Excellent (4/5)
2018-08-16 02:09
Ty for rate You should try metal, there's some excellent stuff in there
2018-08-16 02:11
I liked it when I was younger but I want to hear the beauty of a melody now and not just heavy riffs I need soul, not the nerve
2018-08-16 02:12
but the ballads tho
2018-08-16 02:12
Drags for way too long to keep me intached, I need to hear a song and not an opera or musicle requiem Short metal songs are nice but long paced ones are a drag
2018-08-16 02:16
Well as long as u dont listen to modern crap it's better than the vast majority of demented animals out there, imo
2018-08-16 02:18
Was it suspicious ever? I'd rather go deaf 100%
2018-08-16 02:21
I'd rather bomb myself
2018-08-16 02:22
That's what a true music lover would consider doing, gain soul and you'll be unstoppable
2018-08-16 02:23
u made me cringe m8
2018-08-15 16:33
Nt midget
2018-08-15 19:37
nt midget
2018-08-13 18:11
be dutch
2018-08-13 18:09
And gain 1cm?
2018-08-13 18:13
nice maths he said he was 180cm average dutch height is 183 183-180= 3cm
2018-08-14 13:12
nice maths he said he was 180 average dutch height us 183 average danish heigh is 182 183-182 = 2 cm
2018-08-14 15:08
183-182 = 2 cm?
2018-08-14 16:09
Get fucked kid, you couldn't spot the irony? You're dumb as fuck.
2018-08-14 18:24
No u
2018-08-14 20:24
Get destroyed
2018-08-14 20:25
haHAA 12 btw
2018-08-14 20:25
Netherlands Removed 
183? Maybe if you count the children aswell
2018-08-14 16:15
Reply needs to have actual content
2018-08-14 18:24
Lol, little midget. I'm 1.85 tall so I'm tall af bloody fuckerino.. JK, bro, be happy you're 1.80 or above. Got a lot of friends around 5'11 (180) and I've never heard anyone call them short.
2018-08-13 18:11
Wtf retardo 180 aint short you fuck nugget asshat delusional cuntbag
2018-08-13 18:11
Murica 5'6?
2018-08-13 18:13
its kinda short ah didnt notice your flag
2018-08-13 18:14
us average height is only 2 inches less than Denmark
2018-08-13 18:19
Netherlands Removed 
Can you use normal units please
2018-08-14 16:15
Can you use normal units please
2018-08-14 16:34
Can you use normal units please
2018-08-15 06:29
buy one of these
2018-08-13 18:14
What is his hand doing on the other person's genitals?!
2018-08-13 18:22
Macau ILoveWeed 
If they are gonna stretch his height, might as well stretch his length
2018-08-15 07:46
2018-08-15 12:30
First of all you will still grow up to 21 years old. Maybe another 2 to 3 cm I dont know. The only way to actually grow more is through hormones but I doubt an endocrinologist would recommend you do it since your height is fine.
2018-08-13 18:16
hahahah midget, real men are above 200cm
2018-08-13 18:19
For 16 y/o kid 1.80 is pretty good... You have a couple more years to grow in height, so you will get at least 5cm+ in height.
2018-08-13 18:21
still 185 isnt enough i want to be atleast 188 =/
2018-08-13 18:28
Who cares about height. Penis size is what matters
2018-08-16 04:24
Thats retarded to say without knowing hes mom/dads, grandpa, uncles etc heights. He can still grow until 17-18ish when most ppl are full grown, it all comes down to his genetics.
2018-08-15 06:48
Well... the majority of young people grow until 19-21 depending on the genetics (as you said), but that's the first time I've heard that to accrue at 17-18.
2018-08-15 12:31
Most people are full grown at 17-19ish.. some ppl grow alot in a few years while some ppl grow over longer time periods, depends on when you hit puberty aswell if you hit puberty late it will ofc take longer for you to grow then an average joe. He may very well be full grown rn if his height genetics isnt great, thats why its stupid to say he will grow atleast 5cm as if there was a guarantee to that w/o knowing the height genetics of his family members etc.
2018-08-15 19:46
play basketball you will get an athletic look, endurance, height.
2018-08-13 18:30
Poland neyd 
God you people really have big problems in life...
2018-08-13 18:34
you're fine, 180cm 16yo, it'd be sad if you had less than 1.72
2018-08-13 19:24
f0rest | 
Europe Skookey 
Play more cs eat junk drink beer
2018-08-13 20:45
180 is good lol, im 19 and only 1.75
2018-08-14 16:15
+1 lmao
2018-08-15 21:16
Finland Vauhtimasa 
Just grow lmao
2018-08-14 16:16
I'm less than 170 and I don't care A taller stature won't give you anything except for confidence that will be useless if you have no talents or intelligence to use it anyway So your crying in vain
2018-08-14 16:17
nt midget beta male
2018-08-15 06:31
Everything you said is wrong, just like always Take care or you'r gonna be a failure in life
2018-08-15 06:33
2018-08-15 06:37
I just forgot to add a letter, it's not like I was wrong completely or made an actual mistake, idiot
2018-08-15 06:42
Did I say you were wrong completely? LUL
2018-08-15 06:49
You meant that by correcting me which was pointless Like your existence pretty much, ain't it
2018-08-15 07:08
You forgot to add a period at the end of your sentence. nt midget pasta man axaxaxaxaxaxa
2018-08-15 07:12
I'm not into this fucking with dots and pots, you better be off that You lost everything you could, sad
2018-08-15 07:12
? Reply needs to have actual decent rhymes
2018-08-15 07:20
I'm actually about 168-169 I know many peeps of this height and they didn't care much so why should I I got compensations and other benefits which I'm almost sure you don't have How tall are you?
2018-08-15 07:42
nt midget
2018-08-15 08:43
Have fun being rekt
2018-08-15 09:22
nt midget u have ED and I don't also I'm 6 and 150 cm by the time I grow up to be a big boy I'll be bigger than u
2018-08-15 16:29
Being short doesn't excuse you being a pedo. Sorry jovik.
2018-08-15 21:16
Be quiet there
2018-08-16 01:48
1.80 is perfect, I'm 15 and 1.88 and having serious problems with it.
2018-08-14 16:21
What the fuck dude You're an ogre
2018-08-15 21:17
That'S what everyone says, my teacher thought i entered the wrong class on my 1st day at my new school
2018-08-15 21:48
I bet your 165cm, fat lonely nerd sitting on your computer 24/7 fapping to new Selena Gomez music videos. Why dont you just do us all a favor, and get off the internet.
2018-08-15 06:24
nice englado
2018-08-15 06:32
american talking about englandic lul
2018-08-15 20:22
2018-08-15 21:09
2018-08-15 21:17
Your almost 16 so you can still grow a bit, most ppl are full grown at 17-18 ish. Whats interesting is how tall are your parents, grandpa, uncle etc? Any tall ppl on mothers/fathers side? Nothing you can do atm but to wait until you're a bit older.
2018-08-15 06:50
Just hang in a tree
2018-08-15 07:38
United States gtmaniacmda 
tall people don't live as long long live short people!
2018-08-15 07:39
is that a bad thing
2018-08-15 20:22
North America SwifterGames 
I got no clue, Im 5'9
2018-08-15 07:40
that is not too short
2018-08-15 07:43
Can't its genetix u can't gain height by anyways coz dna doesn't change
2018-08-15 08:45
2018-08-15 20:16
Yea i saved a letter for genetics Genetix Spells same u know ;)
2018-08-15 20:29
It doesn't spell the same. Genetix. Genetics. It might be pronounced the same but as you can clearly see you do not spell them the same way.
2018-08-15 22:28
Ok friend sorry for that i ll take care next time. Have a nice day bro/sis
2018-08-15 22:28
have a good day sir
2018-08-15 22:29
shut up you bitch
2018-08-16 02:10
fuck u fag
2018-08-16 04:20
United States small__dude 
go to gym noob
2018-08-15 08:46
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Eat healthy and get lot of sleep
2018-08-15 08:55
Im 190cm alpha
2018-08-15 08:57
Canada neesah 
TFW i'm 166
2018-08-15 09:09
nt midget
2018-08-15 20:21
Canada neesah 
nt Finland
2018-08-17 04:21
If u cry about that u should commit sudoku. There are ppl in world who are 1.5m xddd and shorter
2018-08-15 16:31
Be alpha male
2018-08-15 20:20
Im 1.71 and I feel fine. 20 yo
2018-08-15 20:31
1.80 is short af for denmark
2018-08-15 21:12
thats kinda high in denmark
2018-08-15 21:12
Liechtenstein parish 
The 5'11'' virgin vs. the 6'0'' chad.
2018-08-16 02:02
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Height is one thing you cannot control I'm afraid... You either grow or you do not, but you will always shrink when you get older due to your entire skeletal infrastructure basically ageing.
2018-08-16 02:07
attention seeker
2018-08-16 02:09
Netherlands poeya 
drink soda its alot of sugar and makes you gain weight really quick, dont need to eat alot just drink soda like coca cola or fanta
2018-08-16 02:22
go gain muscle not fat.
2018-08-16 04:26
Colombia AlejoBuh 
"only" 1.80 okey
2018-08-17 04:24
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