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world of warcraft
United States Aquafier 
ive never played the game before, should i just buy a standard membership with no expansions to get used the game, or should i just go all in and buy all expansions for like 40$ more
2018-08-14 01:03
Wait for wow classic maybe
2018-08-14 01:05
United States Aquafier 
is that like what wow was in 2004-2005, but remastered and shit
2018-08-14 01:11
2018-08-14 01:15
so trash
2018-08-14 01:16
Probably harder for you to understand, but over time as you can imagine the game has changed a lot. There's a whole community of millions of current and former players that want to experience WoW as it was back in the day. If you break it down, it really is just a timesink. Everything takes longer but isn't necessarily harder (despite what some people will say due to nostalgia). There were definitely some positives to it, it was a lot more social and focused on doing things in groups than it is now. These days you either do something with your guild or you look for a group for a specific raid and difficulty of it. Back then for not only raids but also for dungeons you would just gather a group of people in a city or do it with a guild, this often took forever but it was social.
2018-08-14 01:40
current wow is trash, only filthy toilet cleaners play retail
2018-08-14 01:22
Belarus Renegade_ffs 
Don't get me wrong, but Wow is a type of game that died long time ago and somehow holding on because of newcomers like you and old players who paying subscription fee just because "they have accomplished so much". Don't be stupid, this game is like smoking: easy to pickup , but hard to abandon. Easier not to start in a first place imo
2018-08-14 01:24
It's hard to say. As a veteran, for me the worst part of the game is levelling, but at the same time it is required. It's a difficult game to learn because there is so much to learn in terms of both your class mechanics and all the aspects of the game. Due to this, levelling is very beneficial, but it's so time consuming that it really may not be worth it. Buying the current expansion allows you to not only skip to better content (as the first 60 levels are like 20-15 years old in terms of when they started creating those areas) and the quality goes up the further you go. Personally, for enjoyment, I would say buy the full edition (60 bucks for everything incl. expansion). Use the level 100 boost instead of the 110 one, you'll need the extra 10 levels to learn the game well. Aside from that trouble with the game, WoW is a great game and can take a lot of your time. Some people say it's trash, but in reality most people that quit just can't deal with the costs of playing the game. If you can, it's arguably the best game to play. It's definitely a very active game and worth playing, now would be a good time to start playing due to the new expansion of course.
2018-08-14 01:34
If you like playing CS a lot too this game isnt for you, it's the kind of game people skip class for 4 weeks in a row
2018-08-14 01:35
rain | 
Norway Muttrick 
Buy it, period.
2019-02-09 11:51
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