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best mibr lineup
World shield1234 
MiBR FalleN MIBR coldzera MiBR s1mple MiBR NiKo MiBR fer this would be most skilled linuep in csgo history
2018-08-15 03:12
-fer +loba
2018-08-15 03:15
s1mple | 
Algeria bqrri 
Too much firepower in just fer and s1mple and niko they can even 3v5
2018-08-15 03:17
When atleast 2 of coldzera,s1mple,NiKo will be in same team . second era of cs will start
2018-08-15 03:20
s1mple | 
Algeria bqrri 
bro FER is the real deal here xD
2018-08-15 03:26
Brazil LukeCS 
Too much stars
2018-08-15 03:21
Good one. S1mple and NiKo are Brazilian legendary beasts. Would fit in really well in MiBrazil
2018-08-15 03:23
+1. Don't know why s1mple is wasting time in NaVi, when his Brazilian are very well.
2018-08-15 03:36
Brazil Vitor_IS 
i think you meant portuguese, not b r a z i l i a n and that's actually true lol he can sing a lot of brazilian songs very well
2018-08-15 03:44
Am sorry mate, I meant Portuguese. #MiBRDreamTeam
2018-08-15 03:44
Twistzz | 
Canada KrabbyS 
No stewie no win
2018-08-15 03:35
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