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Budget Gaming Chairs
Philippines RiceBoiiJP 
I’m looking to buy a gaming chair. Do you guys have any recommendations for chairs that look nice and are comfortable? Budget is USD $200. I’ll also accept any recommendations for office chairs that you guys might have.
2018-08-15 05:27
France SplasHg0d 
2018-08-15 05:29
Germany RobiDable 
The chair itself looks great, but would buy it in an other color. Blue/Red looks pretty shit.
2018-08-15 05:58
France SplasHg0d 
Color is just opinion/preference. I actually like the blue white and red theme. But there are plenty of color choices! The chair seems very high quality!
2018-08-15 18:00
Just buy an office chair man, every product that has "gaming" on it is overrated.
2018-08-15 05:53
+1 the term gaming is slapped onto a lot of products to attract people who are gamers and get them to pay a premium. For the guy who made this thread just go on amazon and search desk chair or go to a local store so you can even try out different chairs. this is a chair I found on amazon after 30 seconds of searching that does the same shit as what was listed in #1
2018-08-15 06:16
this chair is a lot more better and seems very comfy, also cheaper but have a nice quality leather .
2018-08-15 06:25
Finland yesyess 
gaming chairs are trash
2018-08-15 06:22
North America Krulcifer 
Secret labs I think they have a chair that's called throne for 200 not positive though
2018-08-15 06:28
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