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PC became too slow suddenly
Luminous | 
Tunisia why_always_me 
I was playing yesterday and suddenly windows crashed and my pc had to reboot. Since then, it took forever to reboot and became so slow, any help? My specs: G4560/8Go/gtx 1050Ti
2018-08-15 11:14
Edit: my disk usage is 100% although nothing is running
2018-08-15 11:14
reset pc
2018-08-15 11:19
I did like 20 times and it turned out to be a waste of time
2018-08-15 11:23
check if ur cpu is overheating
2018-08-15 11:23
temps are completely normal
2018-08-15 11:24
did u try to uninstall newest windows update cause there was an update yesterday
2018-08-15 11:24
Okay i will try it and see if it works, thank you
2018-08-15 11:25
Germany mosstt 
hard drive is probably dead
2018-08-15 11:19
But i bought it 2 weeks ago...
2018-08-15 11:22
Germany mosstt 
is this your only disk in the pc?
2018-08-15 11:35
yes i don't have an ssd
2018-08-15 11:36
Germany mosstt 
try a different disk if that doesnt help exchange your ram
2018-08-15 11:41
2018-08-15 11:42
Bro i had same issue like yours i solve this but im busy now contact me later
2018-08-15 11:20
when exactly?
2018-08-15 11:24
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
2018-08-15 11:24
Lebanon Delsol 
Sadly this doesnt work (at least for me it didnt)
2018-08-15 11:43
I had an update yesterday and PC usually boots slower when I start it after isntalling it.
2018-08-15 11:21
I don't think i did any update
2018-08-15 11:23
Check temps. If that's not the problem then run diagnostics for ram.
2018-08-15 11:25
Temps are fine, I'm trying to update windows now but it seems like the problem is with the disk usage
2018-08-15 11:28
Disk usage should be a problem unless you run out of RAM space. So I wonder if your RAM works properly, hence RAM diagnostics. But if disk space is the problem, I usually use this to resize partitions:
2018-08-15 11:31
I call hax
2018-08-15 11:26
you're funny aren't you
2018-08-15 11:29
2018-08-15 13:12
RAM/HDD probably
2018-08-15 11:32
I doubt that beceause i bought it 2 weeks ago
2018-08-15 11:52
Doesn't matter, hardware can fail at any time randomly.
2018-08-15 11:55
mSx | 
France Xpens1ve 
HDD for sure! you need to change it, it happened to me, was panicked.
2018-08-15 11:36
i don't think it is a hardware problem since i bought it 2 weeks ago
2018-08-15 11:37
mSx | 
France Xpens1ve 
may be it's a recycled one ! or it's just a forced update (win 10), i mean when u pause win 10 update, it will force the updates when u turn On ur pc.
2018-08-15 11:41
I doubt that, but it seems kinda back to normal now that im doing the update (it goess back to 2-5% but goes to 99% for few secods rarely)
2018-08-15 11:41
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
Windows 10? My friend updated his and then some Windows services started using 100% after a few minutes. Probably some fucked memory leak from Windows that they have yet to fix. Re-install Windows and pray to the gods it doesn't fuck up again.
2018-08-15 12:11
I'm updating atm but yeah windows is apparently using it all
2018-08-15 12:32
maybe it has cancer?
2018-08-15 11:36
JJ | 
Nepal Besto 
Rip, Try to reinstall Windows.
2018-08-15 11:43
2018-08-15 11:43
Last time i updated my windows it was 17 october 2017, so, if i update it, i know it will lag the shit out of my pc. Might be it
2018-08-15 11:54
#29 I think that's the problem since windows is using it all apparently
2018-08-15 11:56
Sometimes update fails and messes whole os
2018-08-15 12:00
I think that was the problem I'm updating rn but if it doesn't work i'll have to reinstall windows
2018-08-15 12:02
Yea it always happens to me update runs in background I forget and shutdown The half update wrecks my mood and pc
2018-08-15 12:03
Lol same I was so worried last night
2018-08-15 12:06
Xd it ll b fine Have a nice day
2018-08-15 12:07
Thank you mr EosTheGold You too have a great day
2018-08-15 12:08
If you are using win10 just go back to Win7. And imo just buy SSD. Its the best.
2018-08-15 12:41
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
get an SSD, they are cheap af now, 500GB for like 100€
2018-08-15 12:42
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