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Germany Baguette from Ikea 
that VP will win the next major. cry is free.
2018-08-15 22:14
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHH your living in a fantasy bro, see yah after major HAHAHAHAA
2018-08-15 22:15
cause i have my own opinion instead of being a mainstream bitch?
2018-08-15 22:16
no, its because ur either baiting or actually a simpleton to pick VIRTUS THROW to win the major. V I R T U S T H R O W known for plays like THIS!
2018-08-15 22:18
they arealso known for performing great at majors and beating the save winner :) once it was nip, this time it will be astralis. easy peasy.
2018-08-15 22:22
the same way c9 eliminated them last time? and vp beating astralis? your definitely smoking dick
2018-08-15 22:25
reported for insulting. dont know why im even talking about pro cs with someone from murica. this is stupid af.
2018-08-15 22:25
Nice false report, enjoy living in la la land
2018-08-15 22:28
you must have a sad life
2018-08-15 22:28
no YOU must live a sad life, being a VP fan ahahahaha
2018-08-15 22:29
cause im not a plastic fan like most people? ohhhh you are proving it. but one day you will grow up and learn what matters peanut
2018-08-15 22:30
at least he is not mainstream retard like you fucking shitty american die in the flames of DI DO PIČE
2018-08-15 22:32
lol nice insult buddy. and your not a plastic fan for liking any team other than Virtus.Throw. Id rather talk about how delusional you must be to think they will win the major. Your out of your mind
2018-08-15 22:33
i like other teams, but vp is the one i support as they got me into cs. people also said im deluded when i called c9 last time and then they went quiet ;)
2018-08-15 22:35
c9 had a chance, virtus pro has nothing Neo Shit pasha washed up Michu Unluko Maluko Onliner Snatchie Shouldnt have joined Byali washed up AND theyre playing with someone who just joined the roster VP wont be doing JACK
2018-08-15 22:38
love it when novas call pros shit, sweet irony
2018-08-15 22:39
Fuck this the mp5 just got announced!
2018-08-16 01:27
Last major opening match-up didn't go so well for VP did it though.
2018-08-15 22:58
not only the opening match :D
2018-08-15 22:59
being deluded = having own opinion and not being mainstream bitch? you clearly are stupid AF
2018-08-15 22:32
expected from frenchie, go wave your white flag
2018-08-15 22:34
enjoy the report kiddo
2018-08-15 22:37
enjoy the deport
2018-08-15 22:37
great argument deluded fangirl
2018-08-15 22:40
so far you didnt bring one up against my prediction so its still your turn. but it triggers me that i can hear your accent while reading what you wrote.
2018-08-15 22:41 here you go...but stay completely deluded rofl
2018-08-15 22:46
one more gold nova that goes by a broken hltv rating...
2018-08-15 22:46
who cares about freaking rating? look at their placements from big events with actual competition you retarded mong
2018-08-15 22:47
cry is free
2018-08-15 22:48
yea you can cry all day long because your fav team is trash omegalul
2018-08-15 22:48
still no argument, expected from french gold nova.
2018-08-15 22:49
i just showed you their awesome results ROFL:DDDDDD whats your argument biased fangirl hm?
2018-08-15 22:50
im not biased. believing in something is what makes you go further than other people. thats why you are stuck in gold nova hating on pros via hltv. stop being jelly, start doing something to get better.
2018-08-15 22:52
and guess what? still NO ARGUMENT AT ALL:DD i already owned you like 10 minutes ago so i wont waste more my time with completely DELUDED tard. bye
2018-08-15 22:55
i dont need an argument to believe in vp winning the major. and when you get baited so easily you shouldnt call others tard or deluded. take it as a lifelesson or you will get demolished on hltv little frenchie.
2018-08-15 22:56
2018-08-15 22:36
You seriously didn't expect that answer if you make a thread about vp winning major?
2018-08-15 23:16
no but i expected people with an iq below 30 and plastic fans to fall for it and i was right
2018-08-15 23:17
Do you really believe? It's highly unlikely
2018-08-15 23:47
there is always some hope but no
2018-08-15 23:48
no because u were obviously going to be wrong and u were wrong HAHAHAHA
2018-09-17 18:21
oh OK
2018-08-15 22:25
2018-08-15 22:26
United Kingdom tthrowing 
You can believe, but it wont happen. At least in a Year.
2018-08-15 22:27
nothing is impossible, toyota...
2018-08-15 22:29
United Kingdom tthrowing 
btw they dont perform well on majors, last major they performed well was in Poland so it was obvious they have to do well because whole crowd was cheering for them
2018-08-15 22:30
the only bad major they played was last one
2018-08-15 22:31
United Kingdom tthrowing 
Yes they always were in legend spot before but these days are gone and probably will never come back ; (((((((((((((((((((((((((
2018-08-15 22:33
thats why its easy this time, nobody will really prepare for vp and then ez katka
2018-08-15 22:34
I believe one day all stupidity will disappear We can start with you
2018-08-15 22:47 and you are calling others stupid? keep trying plastic fan
2018-08-15 22:49
Yes What's not to like about olomeister or guardian or rain or s1mple or elec or flame or cerq or Ethan or brehze? They are nice guys who deserve what they get
2018-08-15 22:51
yeah and when they fall out of top10 they suddenly wont be nice anymore. newfag nrg fans everywhere outta nowhere
2018-08-15 22:52
Because it's a fairly new roster You can't be a fan of something u haven't seen before rofl Any other donkey comments Mr?
2018-08-15 22:54
isnt it funny that all teams you are a fan of started to perform lately? coincidence? i arent think that. people like you are the worst, destroying other planet with all the plastic
2018-08-15 22:57
Rofl Why wouldn't I be a fan of NaVi one of the founding fathers of competitive CS? Why wouldn't I be a fan of Faze a team always trying to elevate the bar of esports? Why wouldn't I be a fan of NRG a team who try to push through young talent? What I don't understand is how people can b fans of teams who don't build for success or don't work at it like "I watched a demo for the first time in 10 yrs"
2018-08-15 23:00
im a fan cause they got me into cs and unlike you i wont stop being a fan just cause they struggle, i dont want to be a plastic fan.
2018-08-15 23:01
If i was plastic id be a fan of astralis
2018-08-15 23:02
lost a bet probably
2018-08-15 23:02
Rofl Imagine losing bets in one of the most predictable niches in gambling
2018-08-15 23:03
only dumb people bet
2018-08-15 23:03
Doug Polk disagrees Phil ivey disagrees Jason koon disagrees I disagree Only dumb people lose money gambling* Fixed it for you
2018-08-15 23:05
why did you make a list of dumb people?
2018-08-15 23:05
Imagine calling more talented and successful people stupid
2018-08-15 23:06
you dont know me so how do you wanna judge me? also i said dumb and not stupid.
2018-08-15 23:07
LOL I'm done
2018-08-15 23:08
you were the moment you got baited by a random guy saying that vp will win the next major already.
2018-08-15 23:08
I can fly
2018-08-15 23:08
2018-08-15 23:09
2018-08-15 23:14
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