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Stupid Community?
Sri Lanka Coman 
Why the fuck is everyone hyped for the Mp5? This is so stupid. Y'all get excited like it will change the whole game and bring many new players and a big hype. The only good thing will be for VALVE because they will bring new skins for the Mp5 which will many buy. OMG, WOW, WHAT A GOOD UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! We had some good updates lately even if they should come for 1-2 years ago but still they need to bring a big update which includes 1-2 new maps, a new system to hype current players and also new players otherwise nothing will change and CSGO will keep losing players.
2018-08-16 13:08
2018-08-16 13:11
2018-08-16 20:14
NiKo also wrote "I actually cant believe people are getting excited about having another SMG" the community is really stupid
2018-08-16 13:12
Sri Lanka Coman 
lurppis also wrote: "To everyone who are wondering why Valve don't fix longstanding issues in CS:GO, but are over the moon when they add a new SMG: You are the problem." and he's right.
2018-08-16 13:14
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
don’t make this a meme pls
2018-08-16 13:11
f0rest | 
Other b3rg0n1k 
cs go is in perfect state. no need for updates, it will survive just fine, the only game that lives on it s own
2018-08-16 13:11
Please stop dreaming. I remember the time where many said the same about CS 1.6 and the game died after 1 year. No more players = no more hype = no more sponsors = no more money. And if VALVE keep sleeping it will end the same way in end of 2019.
2018-08-16 13:17
cs 1.6 didn t die. valve replaced it on purpose. fucking newfag tries to talk about something he doesn t know
2018-08-16 13:23
CS 1.6 died mostly because of ESL you stupid new fag not because of VALVE if you try to say to someone new fag at least get your informations right kid.
2018-08-16 13:24
no, 1.6 never died. it just got replaced by another game. valve replaced it and didn t stop improving it till everyone had to switch even now 1.6 has more players than most games
2018-08-16 14:00
CS 1.6 were slowly dying even pro players said this many times and this is why many players had hope on CS:Promod which failed. Sponsores were not much interested in CS 1.6 anymore and this is why ESL also had to switch to CSGO and they took a big risk because CSGO was garbage in the beginning but then VALVE came with the idea of skins which gave the game a boost and they also fixed many things. ESL wasn't just a tournament organizer they were also in that time like Faceit and ESEA in one but after they decided to switch many players also had to switch because they wanted to keep playing a game where you can become a pro player or earn money by playing in active ladders.
2018-08-16 15:56
thanks for telling me how valve replaced 1.6 great info, now when did 1.6 die again, newfag?
2018-08-16 17:52
I already wrote how it was but expected from a retard like you who will not understand it. Too funny that a kid like you calls other users newfag while you're the new fag.
2018-08-16 19:31
CIS C9_Nikoldzera 
+1 why even spend a single penny on a new Counter Strike if 1.6 wasn't dying?
2018-08-16 19:39
1.6 was very close to dying, because the game couldn't stand a chance in the future vs the nowadays games. You can't deny that, it's a fact. CS:GO has been also losing a lot of it's players due to new games and poor updates by valve. The only thing they did to "improve" the game is the new UI, but that doesn't really change anything... it's like putting a flower on a pile of shit just trying to make it look and smell better, but I call that a desperate try. CS:GO is a game based on skins, that's what made the game grow in the last a couple of years, and since the new valve restrictions about trading, betting and even selling the skins for IRL money via 3rd party sites (to avoid scams), the skins will kill the game the same way they made it really popular. Now we are going to have a lot more scammers than before, and a new player seeing how retarded the community has become will never touch the game ever again. And as I said stats are showing that exact thing, so we all cannot deny it. And to be honest Valve isn't capable of doing anything anymore to the game that's going to engage new players to its content. The game is based on so many things that cannot be changed because it will ruin even more the game, and at the same time - there is nothing more to be added to make the game interesting. So we are waiting for the game to eventually die and Valve to realize that focusing on dota 2 was the right thing from the beginning.
2018-08-16 20:23
the game is almost perfect. not much they can do. i repeat, you guys suck dick, that s why you are mad. but that s exactly the reason why it s so good, you kids will never ever be able to be better than elite players
2018-08-16 21:04
cuz you are
2018-08-16 21:48
ofc i am. i am too smart for this game to be hard. sorry for you guys tho.
2018-08-16 22:19
you need to work a little bit more on your baits in order to call them under average...
2018-08-16 22:33
sorry, intelligence is not for everyone. someone had to sacrifice for me to br superior. so don t be sad that it s you, be happy cuz that s what apes do
2018-08-16 22:41
You know better... it's your habitat.
2018-08-16 23:25
1.6 in 2010-2011 had some of the best raw gameplay from T1 teams, but it was no where near as the behemoth it was in 2004-2008 in terms of teams that played at the highest level. The quality of matches on hltv during those teams were completely different too. You saw more mix-teams/casual games in the late 2000s. 1.6 also decreased heavily in playercount although it still outpaced source.
2018-08-16 17:58
ok so the game didn t die. thanks for your input
2018-08-16 18:00
It was dying in 2010. By 2012 the scene was pretty much nothing. CSGO beta was late 2012.
2018-08-16 18:06
You're 100% right but tbh don't even try to explain this kid something because he's just a retard who acts like he was active in the scene back then but he wasn't otherwise he would know that the game was dying.
2018-08-16 19:42
the game would have survived just fine. just like csgo does
2018-08-16 21:02
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
are you fucking serious there is so much wrong with the game that needs to be fixed
2018-08-16 13:28
nope, you can name it, i will destroy your arguments tho. but yeah, silvers find the game broken exactly because it's that perfect
2018-08-16 13:56
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
How about for starters bugs that haven't been fixed since the fucking beta for starters. All the bugs from Panorama Air accuracy snd_mute_lose_focus being able to use money you earn during the round crouching snd_music* plenty of other things im forgetting too
2018-08-16 14:06
air accuracy=lol all the bugs from panorama=they do fix them, nothing that breaks the game tho snd shit for reddit user. no one cares sadly, i play the game i do not care about nerd shit being able to use money...=idk about it, not gamebreaking and they will fix it anyway
2018-08-16 14:10
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
what? yeah just like the 5 year old bugs they still havent fixed the map change crash from panorama is pretty fucking game breaking for anybody who uses community servers you sound like the real redditor if you dont care about console commands you dont know about it because youre a new player, its not gamebreaking nor a bug its a shitty intentional change that should be reverted basically you use to be able to use money you earned in the current round to buy, assuming you could buy in the 20 seconds still, so sometimes ts on dust2 would wait for a retarded ct to push mid, kill him buy a mac10 and win the round, reddit think its unfair ts get an easy win because they're retarded and died early so valve changed it
2018-08-16 14:18
so let me understand. you are mad because they made it so you can't buy mac10 in pistol rounds? if so you are both dumb and a very bad english speaker also, i just noticed you also think crouching is broken. fucking bot, level 3 on faceit:( also, you called me a new player. i may indeed have less hours since 2013 than you have since 2016 but i am sure you are still silver shit so calm down. i didn t get it because of your broken english dumbo
2018-08-16 14:28
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
Im mad for the fact that valve have been dumbing down the game and fucking over old players. How the fuck is the fact that crouching is broken makes me a bot? ive been playing 1.6 since 2008
2018-08-16 14:38
dumbing down the game? makes sense since they made every gun harder to play except for cz which is the only thing that should be made more skillbased but it s not even close to being op, it s not even the best pistol. you are mad because you are bad. it 's simple. the game is in perfect state. crouching is not broken, not even close? what is broken about it in your stupid eyes?
2018-08-16 18:03
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
The game is perfect but I listed multiple things wrong with it you didn't address. Crouching is broken because of the retarded cool down they added, it's impossible to pull off too many crouch jumps in a row because of it
2018-08-17 01:33
one of the reason they released that update. where is the problem, jump shot against good players and you are an easy kill anyway
2018-08-17 02:08
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
What reason? The problem is crouch jumping is impossible if done too many times in a row, I never mentioned jump shotting.
2018-08-17 02:09
when do you crouch jump more than 2 times in a row which is perfectly doable
2018-08-17 02:20
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
Go and crouch jump 10 times in a row quickly, you can't. I crouch jump more than 2 times in a row when a map requires me to
2018-08-17 03:34
for example when retardo? are we playing different games? you never have to crouch jump more than 2 times. NEVER
2018-08-17 03:43
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
When a map has multiple crouch jumps in a row or has obstacles you need to crouch jump to survive?
2018-08-17 03:46
what map retard? are we talking about cs go or about some retarded kids mods you are playing? kz, surf and normal maps don t require many crouch jumps. also i am pretty sure those mods can bypass the crouch update if they want
2018-08-17 03:49
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
KZ, ZE, MG, JB maps for starters. Those retarded kids mods is exactly what CS originally was, a mod.
2018-08-17 03:58
so fucking retarded. it s pointless. i am not gonna waste my time on a stupid silver that doesn t even comprehend english
2018-08-17 04:02
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
Yeah because you're wrong, you've only attacked one of the multiple points I made and now you're resorting to ad-hominem attacks
2018-08-17 04:03
just so we make it clear for every point you made i pointed out why it s retarded, but you have all the qualities that won t allow you to understand:low iq, no skill, no game knowledge, poor english. thanks and good bye. i will ignore your dumb shit from now on.
2018-08-17 04:09
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
Except you haven't. You've literally just resulted to ad-hominem attacks and ignoring the rest of my points.
2018-08-17 04:10
just saying, crouching isnt broken, and if they were dumbing down the game then it would help out the older players as it would be easier for them.
2018-08-16 18:04
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
why would i want new players?
2018-08-16 13:12
Because new players keep a game alive is that so hard to understand you brainless kid?
2018-08-16 13:16
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
cs go has already enough players to stay alive and most of them will never quit until valve release a new cs.btw can't you talk without insulting people ?
2018-08-16 13:18
If you ask a stupid question then you get a stupid answer. And no you're wrong. CSGO is losing players and it will keep losing players especially if other games come out next year. Even lurppis and NiKo wrote something about it. lurppis: "To everyone who are wondering why Valve don't fix longstanding issues in CS:GO, but are over the moon when they add a new SMG: You are the problem." NiKo: "I actually cant believe people are getting excited about having another SMG"
2018-08-16 13:22
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
when pubg had 2.5 m players, people said cs go is dead.when fortnite at it's peek people said cs go is dead.Pubg is dead, fortnite is slowly dying as well but cs is still alive as always.This game has a special thing that makes you keep playing, it is like a drug and imo no game can replace it
2018-08-16 13:24
Fortnite is slowly dying? This just proves that you have no clue. Fortnite is getting bigger and bigger.
2018-08-16 13:26
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
bookmark this and come back after 3-4 months
2018-08-16 13:30
Do you even follow Fortnite? They bring like every fucking week/month new updates if you really think the game will die in 3-4 months then you're seriously a retard.
2018-08-16 13:31
Norway Hydropanic^ 
2018-08-16 13:47
this guy must be retarded... he says: cs go is losing players atm (they gained) cs go is shit (best game atm by far) he thinks cs 1.6 died (it got replaced by valve, had no problem before that) he is saying the exact same things as people said about pubg that it will kill cs go and that it cannot die (pubg is almost dead, few more months and it will be done) he compares a hard tactical fps with a battle royale which i mastered in a week
2018-08-16 14:07
United Kingdom galaxzy 
+1 if casuals wanna leave csgo fucking let them
2018-08-16 14:45
I never wrote that CSGO is shit you stupid kid and also never compared BR with fps first learn to read and then write something. You're just a retard the fact that you bring up lies just proves it. I'm right with CS 1.6 but you're just stupid to understand it and there are also many other people who said it but you're still trying to deny it.
2018-08-16 19:49
nope, cs 1.6 was still alive when cs go came out, which replaced 1.6 "cs 1.6 died because of esl" yet 1.6 never does that work in your little silver brain? get good newfag
2018-08-16 21:07
me: "CS 1.6 were slowly dying" you: "nope, cs 1.6 was still alive" I'm so done with you brainless kid who can't even read.
2018-08-16 21:20
nt kid. i quoted you already
2018-08-16 22:17
actually cs isnt losing players atm
2018-08-16 13:58
CSGO was losing players but since they bring updates it's going up and down. This month was a higher peak because of the Panorama Ui but if VALVE get lazy again the game will keep losing players again if new games come out next year and this is the point.
2018-08-16 19:55
Well, considering it had average playerbase of ~350k for 2016-2017 and average for 2018 is under 300k, past 3 months 270k id say it has lost players, even if its currently regaining them. (hasnt had under 300k players since april 2015, when csgo started peaking.) New maps would bring a fresh wind, ladder could be much better as well, 128 tick servers and visible elo for global players would make the top of ladder less stale. The fact we have to rely on 3rd party servers feels off (faceit/esea).
2018-08-16 20:00
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
Why do you act so mad, no need to call anyone brainless :(
2018-08-16 13:27
I act mad because I can't believe how stupid and blind the Community is.
2018-08-16 13:29
Vocal minority
2018-08-16 13:30
the stupid in the community are people like you who actually think valve will make changes based on listening to what the community wants, games been on a downwards spiral for ages now so maybe it's time to get over it and quit crying like a little bitch
2018-08-16 13:57
United Kingdom galaxzy 
oMG valve dont upDate game so shit dev 'valve update the game' omg such a shit update revert back no pros want 1-2 new maps, they struggle with 7 as it is elaborate on a new system
2018-08-16 14:44
Astralis doesn't struggle with 7 maps. Besides you could rotate maps, say remove mirage and bring subzero, 3 months later remove cache and bring tuscan, 3 more months and you can remove train and bring new refreshed mirage and so forth to keep the mappool at 7 without being stale.
2018-08-16 20:10
United Kingdom galaxzy 
so give pro teams less time to work on maps so we get worse cs level and more teams that just play faze style cs by adding a map every 3 months lol? what they are doing right now is fine, take a map out and add the remastered one back in, maybe if they did it a little bit quicker it would be better but we dont need a new map every 3 months, its too short, thats only like 2-4 events depending on how many events are in a 3 month period. also astralis have 5 pros, i said pros in general, astralis are literally the only team who can play every map in the game.
2018-08-16 20:31
Yeah, i guess you have a fair point and i just provided a hasty example, 3months might be too fast. Its just that there are maps that have been played for 5 years without any noticeable changes, and the baseline has existed for over 15 years for some maps :/ I would argue its getting stale, and the reworks wont be enough forever. Especially the D2 rework, that was basically just new textures :(. Nuke and inferno got proper remakes. There is a reason why these MOBA games have "taken over": the gameplay stays fresh with consistent updates once every few weeks.
2018-08-16 20:47
United Kingdom galaxzy 
i agree, we need more consistent reworks and if we get no rework we should get a a whole new map, maybe since the start of one season to the end of the next season, so say they add/rework a map and add it back in at the player break every year, would be cool maybe, but i agree it becomes stale.
2018-08-16 20:57
I’m not excited simply because it is a new SMG, I’m excited because recently we’ve been getting a string of updates over the past 3 months and things have gotten slightly better. I just hope we can keep getting updates like these, it’s exciting to see the game getting more updates and hopefully more proper and outstanding issues after the major, they’re handling the game better than they have in a while
2018-08-16 15:55
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
+1 Valve clearly showing some support for the game right now and it's about damned time, too. xD
2018-08-16 17:56
why you care u not play csgo ?
2018-08-16 18:02
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I've not touched GO properly since 2015, doesn't mean I still don't keep up with the scene or keep in touch with those I used to play with. Very daft question, friend...
2018-08-16 18:04
sry for assuming
2018-08-16 18:31
+2 Its indeed nice to see ANY changes in game, even minor changes feel fresh. I have been happy with nuke for example, moderate yet not game breaking changes every few months.
2018-08-16 20:12
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Referring to the entire community as "stupid" just because you disagree with other peoples opinions says more about you than those who you accuse and berate. The update was simply testing the waters and trying to make the guns more fair. If people want to be hyped about it, let them... They shouldn't have to change the way they feel because YOU think otherwise.
2018-08-16 17:55
Please procrastinate more efficiently
2018-08-16 17:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Don't give my own advice to me when I know perfectly well when to be respectful to others. Take the advice, don't squander it and send it to me uselessly.
2018-08-16 17:58
Malaysia byaIi 
+1 also poeple happy because of histrry
2018-08-16 18:03
100% agreed
2018-08-16 17:57
It would be a fun comeback, but not when it's silenced. Also, people have been asking for a MP5 for a long ass time...
2018-08-16 19:32
Still Mp5 is good weapon but it needs to get buffed cuz you need to hit 3 headshots from mid-range also kinda closeby
2018-08-16 20:12
Is this a meme or what, every damn smg takes 3 bullets from mid range, and mp5 seems to be the most accurate of the bunch :/
2018-08-16 20:19
mp7 has the exact same spray pattern as the new mp5
2018-08-16 20:53
Mid-range MID not long mostly even Bizon on Mid-range needs to headshots
2018-08-16 21:29
It's a 1.6 wepon, of course we got hyped with it, whats wrong with getting hyped? Should we be in crippling depression or something? I got hyped with the update, and I wont hide anywhere not showing it. And about not changing the game.. they are changing it, but they wont just do a huge patch, simply because It's CS:GO and you cannot touch stuff that much. (compared to Dota2..). -VACnet is working as intended, there is actually a pretty big reduction of cheaters. -Cache and Cbble are being reworked and will return with something fresh to the scene. (both are not far away from being finished for what I know). -128 tick servers, Valve already gave a proper explanation of why it cannot be done right now. (they said maybe in future it can happen). -hitboxes like everyone complain.. are actually pretty good, just learn to shoot properly. -And MM? Well, maybe there does need more work into it, and give us a point based system or something else, as when u get to global elite, then there is nothing to do. So, no. Game is perfectly fine, and is not going anywhere, It's not losing players, neither it wont die. And Yea being hyped over a legend wepon from 1.6 (it was used quite a lot), is a moment to get hyped about. Fucking hell, enjoy the "small" things a bit too, no?! :D
2018-08-16 20:44
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
+1 I agree with u
2018-08-16 20:55
Sometimes tou just miss everytime and moslty I say this guy has Hitbox changer but after that rage I just shoot as accurate as cold (Nah only 10% colds accuracy but at my rank it's really enough)
2018-08-16 21:33
Good ol' Navy is back and it's awesome. Of course we are excited. But that kind of update you mentioned needs 1-2 years.
2018-08-16 20:55
"CS:GO will keep losing players" Nice try retard, go back to Fortnite.
2018-08-16 21:08
From "715,850, 686,588, 523,262" to "425,588" is not losing players? Nice try retard. If VALVE don't come with something more interesting next year the game will lose players. The reason why it hasa higher peak this month compared to the last month is just because of the Panorama UI. CSGO should be at least at "600,000."
2018-08-16 21:28
>The reason why it has a "425,588" higher peak now is becuase of the Panorama UI. So it's NOT losing players. Brainless retard. Give a list of what you want them to add.
2018-08-16 21:26
You are the retard because you can't read you fucking kid. First read, understand what other people mean and then write something.
2018-08-16 21:30
>First read the and then write something did you never learn this in your life? Ironic. All I see is a player increase in the last three months. Because they're adding stuff to the game and not listening to idiots like you.
2018-08-16 21:30
"Because they're adding stuff to the game and not listening to idiots like you." as I wrote before first read you're so brainless it hurts to read what you write. I even wrote #1"We had some good updates lately even if they should come for 1-2 years ago" and you just write "Because they're adding stuff to the game and not listening to idiots like you." wtf is this stupid logic
2018-08-16 21:33
Such an insightful reply Maybe you should try reading, I asked for a list of what you think Valve should do and instead you're just showing off your extra chromosome.
2018-08-16 21:33
Yes I should give an idiot a list who can't even read the first comment. Makes sense.
2018-08-16 21:34
>bring a big update which includes 1-2 new maps, a new system to hype current players and also new players otherwise nothing will change and CSGO will keep losing players. You've suggested something that comes in every operation (and there's already been references to the operation in the game files so Valve are probably working on it) So your list is: - big update.
2018-08-16 21:37
>"We had some good updates lately even if they should come for 1-2 years ago" Your English hurts, you know updates take time right? So stupid.
2018-08-16 21:34
You're so fucking clueless. Panaroma UI is nothing new, it should come for months but they were lazy as fuck or why do you think people get mad at VALVE even pro players? This was also the big reason why they lost so many players not because just of gambling. After they realized it suddenly they started to bring updates even banned many cheats/cheater. I'm done with you especially after your "updates take time" comment. I can't take kids like you serious.
2018-08-16 21:40
>You're so fucking clueless. >Panaroma UI is nothing new Such an idiot. >it should come for months but they were lazy as fuck Again, did you even bother reading my comment? How do you know they were lazy? Do you work at Valve? No, "you're so fucking clueless"
2018-08-16 21:40
bruh are u new to the scene? pana ui should be released for almost 2 years ago. valve was very lazy the last years this is also nothing new.
2018-08-16 21:51
Sri Lanka i think i saw this place on Uncharted series, no?
2018-08-16 21:34
dont worry operation is coming out in December-January
2018-08-16 21:41
CSGO is known for autism bruh, you new? jk ik.
2018-08-16 22:57
yeah i would be hyped about new operations, or just new maps. thats not that difficult. and also an unranked mm!
2018-08-17 01:35
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
+1 its just an another silenced weapon
2018-08-17 07:06
>sri lanka >calles smb stupid
2018-08-17 07:08
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