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Bet on CSGO death
United Kingdom ruste 
day-month-year Make your bet, Ill be giving $100 for the winner (paypal transfer).
2012-09-15 20:46
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never - give me mah $! ;D
2012-09-15 20:47
Csgo forever
2012-09-15 20:47
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go back to cadred
2012-09-16 09:37
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Hahahaha +1 brother
2012-09-16 10:07
+1 haha
2012-10-11 19:48
hahahahahaha that was so fucking funny man .
2012-10-11 22:39
xD +1 bro
2012-10-12 15:20
dsn | 
India sRik
pwned xD
2012-10-12 17:22
Not sure what's more cringe, your comment/mentality or the ugly gremlins who actually thought it was funny.
2012-12-03 18:25
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+1, what cretin actually thinks that's funny?
2012-12-04 01:38
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A lot of the British scene used cadred didn't they? Not trolling genuinely curious.
2012-12-12 19:15
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Still do
2012-12-12 23:33
for that to be funny you have to be a kid and 1.6 fan...everything else is irelavant..and maybe have brain damage of some kind
2013-05-17 09:46
heh xD bro +1 pwned xD fucking funny bro man xD hehe im india
2012-12-03 18:31
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2012-12-03 18:33
2012-12-03 19:05
2012-12-03 19:06
2012-12-03 23:06
Hahaha, you made my day! Thanks! xDD
2012-12-03 23:10
2013-05-17 09:50
2012-12-04 01:41
Define 'death of CS:GO' When is it dead for you?
2012-09-15 20:47
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before that was born
2012-10-12 08:49
i hope it doesn't die. if it does, there will be no pro cs scene, because by the looks of things 1.6 isn't coming back :/ still, it not a bad game. its not as good as 1.6, but give it time it may suprise us all. i will miss the 1.6 pro scene, but it being old as it is, there isnt much room for players to develop new tactics..
2012-09-15 20:56
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+1 :)
2012-09-15 23:18
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL
2012-09-16 04:21
2012-10-11 22:42
Absolute bullshit, team FPS will never die, hope CS:GO will die soon and we get back to 1.6 until Valve won't create a normal "playable" game for eSports competiting
2012-10-12 00:29
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You can always GO BACK, pro players will not because there arent going to be any tournaments with prizes as before. You can always play cs1.6 so dont wish something which doesnt affect you.
2012-10-12 14:58
Denmark rizc
+ fucking 1
2012-10-12 14:54
can't agree more
2012-11-13 07:33
2013-06-08 19:43
2013-06-30 03:14
2012-09-15 20:57
2012-09-15 21:01
1/11/2013 the day of the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, but in 2013 :p maybe... who knows
2012-09-15 21:04
2012-09-15 21:06
die cs go die now more than 1-6
2012-09-15 21:07
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i laik two taip englisch lettersh
2012-09-16 06:15
21.08.2012 PM ME about payment method IDCBTICG - I Don't Care Because This Is CS:GO. (just in case)
2012-09-15 21:30
i think at this moment its like 60% for CS 1.6 and 40% for GO, to be rly honest
2012-09-15 21:39
NEO | 
Poland camarpl
define death :d
2012-09-15 21:40
2012-09-15 21:41
2012-09-15 21:42
let's define death first. when WCG + ESWC drops it? i'm going with 20.06.2013
2012-09-15 21:43
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Then, what? 1.6 comes back as the main title?
2012-09-15 21:51
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then nothing, only nerd games aka lol and dota
2012-09-15 22:12
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this. sadly.
2012-09-15 22:13
6 months if it doesnt get better soon. To me this game is not even alive tbh. CS 60K CSGO 30K
2012-09-15 21:48
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France pheno71
2012-09-15 22:32
wrong number. 25 K
2012-09-15 22:34
Alive enough to have every pro orga other than fnatic go GO. The fact we've had no major tournaments featuring it yet doesn't mean it's not alive.
2012-09-15 22:42
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ALSO the fact you are ignoring CS:GO is loosing its popularity day by day ..
2012-09-15 23:03
if you dont have the view counts/play counts then it will drop soon for the sponsors as well. lets see what DH brings up at viewers
2012-09-15 23:05
Mate, yesterday was a SATURDAY and GO's peak was only 25k, don't speak bullshits like that. It has a pro scene? Yes it does, but let's see the number of specs in the first tournaments
2012-09-16 04:59
10,290 17,658
2012-10-12 14:46
Before 2013.
2012-09-15 21:50
2012-09-15 22:35
2012-09-15 22:37
My bet is around the late 2016. No point in saying the date since no one will remember this thread after a week and the search feature is so bad no one can find it either. If there was a unique topic like "Ballsack buttscrew backflip hs" and you searched it here you would find 120 pages of not that thread
2012-09-15 22:47
2012-09-15 22:48
you know you will never be able to prove a death as long as one person plays it
2012-09-15 23:03
problem of cs:go is that its too much detailed in the maps....simplicity is more better like in 1.6 maps... aslo they made it look like modern warfare crap.... valve are a bunch of tossers for ruining best game ever
2012-09-15 23:05
the only problem with CSGO is that people who hate CSGO can't seem to shut the fuck up about it i hate WoW , i don't talk about WoW .. CSGO didnt kill 1.6 ...anyone who thinks that is fucking retarded. CS 1.6 was going to die regardless , and would probably be replaced by some shitty CoD game's a good thing that Valve atleast made a new CS game to take over esports ...
2012-09-15 23:07
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2012-09-16 00:39
maybe, but too much coincidence that CS dies exactly some months before the CS:GO release.. :/ I think GO killed 1.6
2012-09-16 00:48
But.. they could've at least tried to make it good =(
2012-09-16 00:55
Umm... do you mind reading your post and explaining what it meant? "the only problem with CSGO is that people who hate CSGO can't seem to shut the fuck up about it" What the hell does that mean? It's like saying "The problem with pizzas is that people who hate pizzas can not stop pointing out their hatred" What has that got anything to do with the 'problems' of pizzas? You're actually mad. You carry on to say "i hate WoW , i don't talk about WoW .." So does that mean WoW does not have any problems now because you sit with your mouth shut? I mean, how is that even related? "CS 1.6 was going to die regardless , and would probably be replaced by some shitty CoD game's a good thing that Valve atleast made a new CS game to take over esports ..." Which shitty COD game would you be referring to? I highly doubt CoD is even marketed for competitive play, no it's not. They don't care about the competitive scene. They care about the billions of pounds worth of industry which is console playing teenagers! That is how they advertise their games and make shit loads of money. CS:GO however is stupid enough to even think it can compete against COD and Battlefield. They actually intended the game to be marketed to the same market as COD and BF. Which it will never. Your post actually meant that something namely X will NO LONGER have a PROBLEM if people don't criticise it? ARE YOU MAD? WELL OF COURSE PEOPLE SHOULD SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP and not have an opinion or a voice to criticise ANYTHING and this world would be a problem free world wouldn't it? How dumb can you be to even come up with something like that? I'm a law abiding citizen. I see the government. I notice a few problems in their policy. I should shut the fuck up and the problems will disappear, it will be a 'problem free' country. Basically, the solution to those problems will be me shutting myself up. Are you planning to be a dictator by any chance? You're actually too dumb to be one any way. God, people these days.
2012-09-20 18:37
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What you fail to realise is the immaturity of the average "CSGO hater". When you disagree with a governments policies, you don't go to public places yelling "SHIT GOVERNMENT PREVIOUS PM 4 LYF". You offer constructive criticisms and issues with the policies. "ARE YOU MAD? WELL OF COURSE PEOPLE SHOULD SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP and not have an opinion or a voice to criticise" Opinions and critique of something is fine, when its not just vacuous crap and actually adds to a discussion. Frankly I completely agree with him that the CSGO hate is hurting CSGO. People WANT it to fail, they refuse to watch streams out of stubbornness and would prefer the entire franchise died than CSGO succeeded, which is painfully pathetic. Sure, dislike the game, but don't just sit there hating the game and typing "1.6 for lyf" while jacking off.
2012-10-12 00:34
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stfu fanboy :D
2012-10-12 02:10
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Haha. Why would someone fake your nick anyway? Must've been a total no-lifer to do that XD
2012-10-12 10:36
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he posted stuff about csgo i would never post , he impersonates me and writes shit.
2012-10-12 14:44
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Which proves more that he's a no-lifer, right? :P I mean, to fake an account of a normal user's, of someone's who's not even FODDER, and to post negative comments to discredit that original user's reputation, is just a sad way to live a life.
2012-10-12 17:51
Hahaha so true
2013-06-08 19:44
2012-09-15 23:11
2012-09-15 23:12
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not in my birthday dude :-(
2013-05-17 09:51
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2013-06-30 03:16
2013-06-30 07:32
21 12 2012 :))))
2012-09-15 23:13
a few months and tournaments will start dropping it 4sure
2012-09-16 00:14
5 6 2018
2012-09-16 00:36
21.12.2012 all death! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!
2012-09-16 00:38
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2012-09-16 01:06
+ fucking 1
2012-09-16 04:04
2013-06-29 15:56
16/3/13, when IEM announces CSPromod as main title (?
2012-09-16 00:44
2012-09-16 01:16
it is dead and was earlier. pm me for paypal info.
2012-09-16 01:47
Just letting you know that CS GO is taking off Australia. So many lan and online tournaments have come up. With thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Also the 1.6 and css community has united in Australia and pro orgas for COD are playing in CS GO events. In addition to this competitions from the major gaming sites such as Cybergamer, ESL and gametech are yet to release their competitions. For the future we have heaps of nationals coming up including: Gigabyte lan nationals Tt esports nationals Intel nationals MSi championships ACL pro nationals Cybergamer community nationals Then hopefully cybergamer comes out with something along with esl nd gametech. If go does't work out 1.6 wont come back. Due to sponsors nd players. No sponsor wants to sponsor a dieing game.
2012-09-16 02:03
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Those Nationals events have not been announced lol.
2012-10-11 19:40
When will people understand that all this shit won't help if the community doesn't like CS:GO?
2012-10-11 19:41
then how about a some updates from the australia scene?
2012-10-11 22:39
australia relevant pick one stay gazR zyzzfaggits
2012-10-12 00:31
24 May 2013
2012-09-16 02:05
51,925 Counter-Strike 25,313 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the start of a game, thats bad bye mofos btw 11/12/13 nah it just sound cool guess it will be yesterday, oh srs now -> 20 may 2013
2012-09-16 02:15
It will be die when 1.6 tournaments will back =)
2012-09-16 03:22
2 replies
So never?
2012-09-16 03:27
1 reply
i think soo!!
2012-12-03 23:33
I think CS in general doesn't have much left in the tank. Sure if GO never came along we could of got maybe another year or two of a decent pro 1.6 scene. I see CS:GO probably being played through out 2013 and maybe into 2014, but not much after that. There isn't as much interest in a team based FPS on the computer as there was 8-10 years ago when CS was in its prime. People want to play games like SC2 and Dota and if they want FPS games its COD and console shooters.
2012-09-16 03:42
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Sad but true, but CSPromod has good chances to bring together 1.6 and Source community succesfully. Even though that would be the last thing. I hope one day people will rediscover FPS and they will get big again.
2012-10-11 19:44
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2014-06-14 05:07
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Nice bump bro.
2014-06-14 05:50
2012-09-16 04:32
25/12/2012 In Christmas, a gift for us :D
2012-09-16 05:00
2012-09-16 08:27
2012-09-16 08:34
When it fails at the big tournements. So soon begins the death of csgo
2012-09-16 09:42
I'm not going to bet, I'm going to write just one thing. CS:GO's current players number and peak are not so big numbers 'cause the game is out for not even 1 month, how many guys you think that have bought this game in 1 month compared to cs 1.6 being out for so many years? Fuckin' think for one second and stop saying it's already dead. I could say that it's a pretty big number for a game that doesn't have even a month passed since the release.
2012-09-16 09:44
6 replies
But you do realize that back then CS was something totally new? Today everyone knows about CS and e-sport so your comment is simply wrong.
2012-10-11 19:46
1 reply
Not everyone plays fps games and not everyone has the money from the start to buy a game.
2012-10-12 15:23
The game was released on 21st August. What are you talking about?
2012-12-03 18:52
3 replies
Did you even try to check the date when I've written that?
2012-12-03 18:55
2 replies
No, it's safe to assume that every post in a CS:GO thread makes no sense. I was just keeping up with the trend ;)
2012-12-03 18:58
1 reply
Oh, I see. Well, sometimes, you find posts that break that rule :).
2012-12-03 19:00
21.05.13 all-in
2012-09-16 09:45
2012-09-16 10:01
How do you define death?
2012-09-16 10:11
2012-09-16 10:36
CS:GO is shit
2012-09-20 17:55
When they release the next Counter-Strike.
2012-09-20 18:09
21.12.2012 ~
2012-09-20 18:25
It isn't alive yet?
2012-09-20 18:26
Everything is dead on
2012-09-20 18:29
12.08.2014 (max)
2012-09-20 18:45
Winter, next year. In 2014, it will be totally dead.
2012-10-11 19:32
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This loser been bumping all negative csgo threads , he must be so mad ;))))))))))))
2012-10-11 19:42
3 replies
2012-10-11 19:44
2 replies
he mad
2012-10-11 19:47
1 reply
2012-10-13 08:26
Seriously, get a girlfriend, stop that hate
2012-10-11 19:47
9 replies
Says someone with a fake account. Umadtooo????
2012-10-11 19:51
8 replies
fake? lol. Its my 2nd profile
2012-10-11 21:50
7 replies
2nd account to keep posting bullshit cause your other one got banned. and you tell him to get a social life while you're the guy who MUST defend csgo on a forum? :D
2012-10-11 22:19
6 replies
Must defend? Ahahah, thats my way making fun in virtual life. You took it too serious, pal
2012-10-11 22:25
5 replies
all i see you doing here is bash other games and say how great that shit game is , you and your forum team formed by grimbob/bloomberg/etc's like you guys vs 100~ and yes you have no life , you are constantly here defending your beloved game and you can't deal with a ban , you just have to come back and reply to every csgo hater if not you don't feel acomplished , you are the one taking it seriously , and we can note that because you even "troll" by writing in perfect english with commas + dots just to sound like a perfection faggot. when i got a ban(or someone else) , i just waited till my time was up , but i presume from what you are doing that you can't stand to see someone bashing csgo , so you must do everything in your power(create new acc and login) just to defend it. You sir are lame , report me , do whatever the fuck you want , just know that i pity you :)
2012-10-11 22:32
4 replies
WTF seriously? I would never think anyone can be serious as you in the internet. And my English is far from perfect.
2012-10-11 22:55
3 replies
i wasn't saying "pefect" in the real meaning of the word , i was using it to describe how you tend to be soo "precise" while writing to make you seem more serious. Something like this , but I don't know if you can understand. Anyway , you've improved a lot from the last time I corrected you.
2012-10-11 23:22
1 reply
Sure I have improved.
2012-10-12 10:05
2013-05-17 09:29
it will never die- you can most possibly get the game from steam for free at the year of 2050
2012-10-11 19:44
For me it's not alive !!! But i think --- 21/12/2012 Surely !!!
2012-10-11 19:48
Venezuela Riikards
late 2013 maybe.
2012-10-11 20:04
17.5.2014 I will turn 18, start paying taxes, can go to jail, and see GO dying. Easy..
2012-10-11 20:12
2 replies
awww puberty...soo cute
2012-10-11 22:19
1 reply
2012-10-11 22:40
spring of 2013, at least it will start then.. it will die when its dropped from IEM... then other big tournaments will disband it... just like 1.6.. in 2 weeks dropped from wcg and iem.
2012-10-11 20:15
2012-10-11 20:20
2014 shortly after dh winter 2013. Hopefully it stays but im realistic :)
2012-10-11 20:42
24th March 2026 Give or take like 14 years lol :D
2012-10-11 20:48
This game is already dead and has never born. It be alive only by pro players and a very little community of normal players. B Y E
2012-10-11 22:17
2012-10-11 22:34
You guys do realize that if GO dies no CS game will ever be in any big tournaments again?
2012-10-11 22:34
2 replies
So what? If there's no decent enough CS to be supported, then so be it (CS totally dies). If the game is bad, then there's no point pretending to like the game, even if the game's name is "Counter-Strike". For fuck sake man, it's just a name. If in the future Activision releases "Call of Duty xx" which has new stuff but also has the similar feel to 1.6, I'll play it. The quality is what matters, the game's name is not.
2012-10-12 08:48
1 reply
Question: Are you not afraid that CSPromod may split the community even more? Alexander Garfield: No, because ultimately we think that people play games because they are fun, not because of what they are named.
2012-12-12 19:13
2012-10-11 22:36
2012-10-11 22:39
when the lovers to really bad games dies :D ... CS:GO isn't a competitive game so...
2012-10-11 22:51
2012-10-11 23:33
losers.. cs go is a crap
2012-10-11 23:41
2012-10-11 23:58
21.12.2012 On this day CS GO is history, by the way anything else is dead too...
2012-10-12 00:01
cs:go will die a few months after the release of CSPromod. And I quote: " CS:GO is not meant to be an eSports or competition-focused title, but rather an easily digestible, fun-to-play team-based FPS targeted at a mainstream gaming audience. CSP, on the other hand, is designed to be the perfect team-based FPS for eSports and competitive play. We view CSP and CS:GO as two very different games, targeted at completely different audiences. As such, CS:GO won’t impact Counter Strike in any significant way. " can´t wait :)
2012-10-12 00:21
1 reply
2012-11-13 06:00
butthurt sprayper mario diehard?
2012-10-12 00:25
i thought it was already dead?
2012-10-12 02:09
i love how my post got do i love the internet i guess people cant handle the truth.
2012-10-12 02:36
11 replies
go away 741blabla :(
2012-10-12 02:38
10 replies
ahahahah, so every nickname which says the truth about CSP is my account?
2012-10-12 10:08
9 replies
high probability since your level of "retardness" is very high
2012-10-12 14:45
8 replies
Still lower than yours
2012-10-12 14:48
7 replies
well , deeply excuse me if im not the one making multiple accounts to keep protecting my precious game :< say wtf you want , people still consider you one of the dumbest users :D
2012-10-12 14:50
6 replies
And thats your biggest excuse that some people with 90 IQ think I'm dumb.
2012-10-12 15:00
5 replies
how can you know what IQ do other people have? lol? and wtf has this to do with what i said? you still are pathetic.
2012-10-12 15:13
4 replies
How? Because you didn't get what it has to do what you said. Please, stop ths nonsense replying, we had enough bullsh*t about CSP by you and your friends.
2012-10-12 15:17
3 replies
Please , stop this nonsense replying , I(we hundreds) have had enough bullshit about CS:GO by you and your source friends.
2012-10-12 15:20
2 replies
Your IQ is lower than I expected.
2012-10-12 16:50
1 reply
sure , judging by an online post :D kewl story bro , now go defend csgo :p
2012-10-12 17:19
It's already dead.
2012-10-12 02:47
this game is not dead LOL look at how many people signed up on cevo
2012-10-12 04:12
1 reply
well , i think that site is full with all the steam players in csgo :D AHAHA 10,290 | 17,658
2012-10-12 14:52
The day CSP takes over, whenever that'll be.
2012-10-12 09:39
7 replies
I hope you are sarcastic
2012-10-12 10:20
5 replies
I'm most certainly not. CS:GO is an inferior game and will most likely be replaced when something better comes up, enter CSP.
2012-10-12 11:29
4 replies
Yes, better, so it won't be CSP
2012-10-12 14:47
1 reply
It doesn't require that much of a game to become better than GO.
2012-10-12 18:52
y0 nsis :D don't you just love this pathetic csgo fanboy ? ahaha :D
2012-10-12 14:53
1 reply
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I personally hate the game :P
2012-10-12 18:59
2012-12-03 17:58
2015 or later
2012-10-12 10:20
once valve fixed the basics in CSGO, i bet my ass they'll go F2P ;)
2012-10-12 10:21
1 reply
looolo not gonna happen!!
2012-12-03 23:34
United States velocityy
It was never alive, so it cant die.
2012-10-12 15:05
The first year of CS:GO game gonna be Awesum tournaments everywhere and so on, but CS 1.6 will be dead only on Progaming scene, but always will have more peaks than CS:GO, after the first year in 2nd year of CS:GO tournaments will go lower and lower, and on the 2nd year people will start to re-make cs 1.6 with better graphics(like promod) that will kill totally VALVE with CS:GO and on the third year 2015-16, game will be totally dead. games with new graphics will kill every CS version, including CS 1.6. and im going to be happy after this since, Valve killed CS 1.6 something that made them BIG and they thank the game by killing it so they will pay for doin it by failing in any new version of Counter Strike. There won't be any Counter strike in any Competiton scene after that. but cs 1.6 versions will be still played with new graphics not famous on CS competition but for fun and so on. Nostradamus told me. :)
2012-10-12 15:10
1 reply
Its not gonna happen. Just because its completely nonsense
2012-10-12 15:10
You do realize that GO is the only hope we have to get CS on the big stage again?
2012-10-12 15:13
1 reply
we have other alternatives
2012-10-12 15:14
I like it how this paulo retard, goes we have alternatives, and doesnt name them..........Idiot. CSGO the future or fps is dead. please name the alternatives.
2012-10-12 15:18
1 reply
csp :) and stop saying names , i didnt say you are idiot/retard (yet) :D
2012-10-12 17:20
21.12.2012 Give me my money in the hell or paradise.
2012-10-12 15:21
i bet with 9999999999999$ that it will die in less than 1 year
2012-10-12 15:21
13.10.12 Just gimme a steam gift or something.
2012-10-12 15:21
2012-10-12 15:24
1 reply
latest comments CSGO = SOURCE = SHIT LOL nice delay <3 nice man f**king delay troll lmao fanboy of kalle OMG GLOBAL CS GO TEAM lol
2012-10-12 16:53
dsn | 
India sRik
march 2013 a new game shall replace that shit :P
2012-10-12 17:25
how can die something which is already dead
2012-10-12 18:29
1 reply
2013-06-08 18:56
India h8or
Much earlier than 1.6.
2012-10-12 18:32
cs:go born dead
2012-10-12 18:40
2012-10-15 11:39
It was never alive. It's just a bullshit charade.
2012-10-15 12:18
I think it will be cometitive for 2 years then its gonna be boring !!! CS 1.6 will reborn stronger than ever before !! CS:GO - Born [21.08.2012 Based on steam] Death : end of 2013-start of 2014 !!! True story ... 11 years vs 2 years !
2012-10-15 12:35
The day when 2GD finish his FPS game.
2012-10-15 13:44
2 replies
2012-11-25 17:11
1 reply
He's working on developing an fps game called Reborn. Currently working on getting the funding worked out by talking to investors from what I heard last.
2012-12-03 18:56
GO was dead before it started, probably. If they will change some things like movement, and all of the game to be more similiar to 1.6 - more 1.6'ers (i tink that) will try to play this game, and practice as hard as in 1.6. That's my opinion. Cheers
2012-10-15 13:56
you guys are all mongs lol get used to it go's here 1.6 isn't these pointless threads are irritating
2012-10-15 14:15
21.12.2012 Zyzz comes back. CS:GO dies. 1.6 back on main title eswc, wcg, cpl, estars seoul, etc. And i'll win 150 millions that day. see you.
2012-10-15 14:18
2012-11-25 18:55
1.6 will NEVER come back. Why is that so hard to understand? If csgo dies, so does CS.
2012-11-25 18:57
Fact: Even if GO dies, 1.6 won't come back
2012-12-03 18:10
2 replies
so what? o_O
2012-12-03 23:11
1 reply
A lot of the 1.6 fans believe that if GO dies 1.6 will revive.
2012-12-04 00:16
30 NOV 2013
2012-12-03 18:23
Jesus christ, bunch of kids crying over 1.6
2012-12-03 18:27
2 replies
Denmark Danny D3
Oh look, another smart guy from England. Wonder which sites he like
2012-12-03 18:42
1 reply
What site he visits doesn't matter in the least, he's right about a bunch of nerds crying about a video game.
2012-12-03 23:01
1.6 kids, keep crying, in 6 months, there would be no GO and no 1.6
2012-12-03 18:59
2012-12-03 19:01
heh xD bro +1 pwned xD fucking funny bro man xD hehe im india (c) roope- Cringeworthiest comment I've ever seen in my entire life.
2012-12-03 19:01
This thread will die before the game will so shutup.
2012-12-03 19:05
Bulgaria J4R
Now that is NOT and i mean NOT a stupid topic...
2012-12-03 19:06
If CS:GO dies you can kiss competitive FPS games goodbye for a long while. At least any serious ones, it will be all LoL and DOTA. No tournaments will take another chance on a PC FPS. As much as you guys seem to hate it it's really the last and best shot we have.
2012-12-03 19:17
2012-12-03 23:07
CS:GO will continue to grow over time.
2012-12-03 23:09
Go F2p is the future!!!
2012-12-03 23:38
About the same lifespan as Source when it was still alive competitively. It could be earlier though.
2012-12-04 00:07
late 2013 it will cease to sponsor big events, after leeching the last life units left over by the massive success of 1.6 wich csgo tried to expand on, but now there will be nothing left after being corrupted with the bad game, the foundations will shatter, the interest and comunity will drop lower than ever. december 15 2013, i want my money then. i hope im wrong and some update to rescue csgo iminent future
2012-12-04 00:28
when csp comes out.............. (that means never....)
2012-12-04 01:22
Its already deaded. r.i.p. csgo
2012-12-04 01:24
The game is already dead, people just can't accept the game is a total fail cause the "pros" are playing it.
2012-12-04 01:26
2012-12-04 01:39
Meh , CS:GO is like an abortion. It was dead before he was born
2012-12-04 01:42
16.12-2012 next sunday
2012-12-12 23:40
so stupid... how do you define the death of a game? What needs to happen in order to get the 100$ from you?
2012-12-12 23:43
2 replies you provide your email adress that is linked to your pp account silly german
2012-12-13 00:50
1 reply
Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism Games cannot be dead.
2012-12-13 08:23
With all this money pumped in from sponsors, I can't see it's end..
2012-12-13 00:37
2012-12-13 00:51
31/12/2013 -optimistic
2012-12-13 01:26
21.12.2012:D, or somewhere next year. anyway, as it goes, the game was never alive and i doubt it will ever be. 5k spectators / game at the biggest lan is nothing.
2012-12-13 08:33
1 reply
Biggest lan? It was SLTV Finals where beat Nip 3-0 and viewer count peaked @ 52k
2013-06-08 19:49
i will never play cs:go whether it dies or thrives
2012-12-13 09:00
hi wil bi deded proli at 113377
2013-05-17 09:47
i actually think cs go has alot of potential, all they need is afew changes eg silencer, better maps etc and it will be better
2013-06-08 19:10
The day LoL2 comes to life.
2013-06-08 19:59
1 reply
LoL changes all the time with updates for freely. They never release LoL2, they changed the maps looking for 4 times already.
2013-06-29 15:14
When Valve releases EP3 obviously, lol
2013-06-08 20:01
CSGO dies in 12.1.2014.
2013-06-29 15:15
1st of January 2014
2013-06-29 15:22
3 august 2027
2013-06-29 16:37
CS:GO will die when CSP gets released. CSP is such a big hit, its the future.
2013-06-29 16:51
true csgo is dead already
2013-06-29 16:58
1 reply
2013-06-29 17:01
Greece her-1g
2013-06-30 03:23
born dead!
2013-06-30 03:38
2/3 years from now,you can keep ur money ;)
2013-06-30 06:26
2013-06-30 09:10
was alive on the first day, then died on the same day.
2013-06-30 09:18
for me GO is dead all the time
2013-06-30 09:22
2014-06-14 05:18
2014-06-14 05:48
Quality necro.
2014-06-14 06:07
2017-12-03 01:12
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