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fnx and felps fight?
Brazil lucasbcg2 
felps going to LA and he is not following anymore fnx on instagram his girlfriend stop following fnx too weird
2018-08-17 03:04
What's your IQ?
2018-08-17 03:05
United Kingdom galaxzy 
look flag he is obviously interested in the brazil scene
2018-08-17 03:07
2018-08-17 03:16
what is your IQ?
2018-08-17 04:30
2018-08-17 03:12
Brazil PrettyMuchIt 
Omg you need a fucking life son
2018-08-17 03:13
i'm from FBI
2018-08-17 03:16
-yel +felps
2018-08-17 03:22
Brazil lokodecrack 
isnt lg based in canada tho?
2018-08-17 03:34
gAuLeS | 
Brazil RSLK 
Base lg in LA, one possibility before results
2018-08-17 03:41
only lucas and hen1 was on canada cause VISA issues... base of LG is on LA :D
2018-08-17 03:49
Finland Vkims 
Joao "twofaced" toledo
2018-08-17 03:31
Guatemala feerzein21 
Honestly FNX should just move on and quit the scene (I think he is in the process to) these people won’t respect a truly legend like he is, fuck felps and fuck the others. Kicking FNX out of the team when he was the one who created it, also because of him and the twins they got hyped up and almost signed by SK.
2018-08-17 04:07
tbf fnx is a effing bot!! People fail to realize,mainly cause they don't watch cs I reckon, that all of his timings are off, his rotations are of no help as he can't get into a great position in time. Also, he's being read like a book for the reason that his style of lurking is now well known to everyone. Not to mention how his aim positioning is now horseshit. Doesn't matter if he's a legend if he can't play the game properly now. He's only harming the ntc team hence why he should be kicked! FFS!
2018-08-17 04:20
Brazil zVIN1 
big deal
2018-08-17 04:26
Looks like his grandma dat grill
2018-08-17 05:21
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