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french superteam
forsaken | 
Croatia BCkoGOD 
There will literally be NO good french CS:GO team untill these idiots realise a team cannot be good if NBK, happy, boddy, ex6tenz, smithzz or boddy are a part of it. /thread
2018-08-17 07:10
shox private kennyS awp rpk/apEX entry zywOo private any supportplayer. igl is not needed since sonar offsetaimlocks is doing the work
2018-08-17 07:12
+1 even though i believe shox pussied out, he's really, really bad after the classic model aimlocks stopped.
2018-08-17 07:16
no kio=no superteam
2018-08-17 08:10
Austria goodyear93 
true no kio no party
2018-08-17 08:37
Turkey rumpis 
tf is private
2018-08-17 10:35
private cheat bypass everyanticheat edited for lan tournament cost around 15k$+
2018-08-17 18:46
0/8 thread by bcko again ResidentSleeper
2018-08-17 07:15
Finland T3ME_ 
Scream Shox KennyS Zywoo Rpk/apex Ez top2 because ENCE TOP1 ;) #EZ4ENCE
2018-08-17 07:20
Ex6tenz - IGL KennyS - AWP NBK - Support Shox - Rifle apEX - Entry
2018-08-17 07:24
There will literally be NO good french CS:GO team untill these idiots realise a team cannot be good if NBK or ex6tenz are a part of it. Stop living in the past.
2018-08-17 07:26
If they both put aside their differences and truly embraced each others strengths, it would form the basis of a French Super Team. People who think the best French Team can function without either NBK or Ex6tenz (preferably both) are just wrong.
2018-08-17 07:27
You are overrating these players. Their basic aim and in-game decisions are just too bad to be in a tier 1 team, CS has evolved a lot during these last few years and they didn't.
2018-08-17 07:35
I think you're a bit retarded since you banned all the top IGL that are in France NBK is the most complete player in France and i don't know why he wouldn't be a part of the French superteam. Happy's playstyle as an IGL is outdated but he still can prove what he can do when he's not IGL as he's soon playing with NBK apEX RpK and ZywOo. NBK as IGL failed in G2 but he still can prove the haters wrong soon in his new line-up Also, Ex6 is the best French speaking IGL right now
2018-08-17 07:35
IGL's are overrated and ex6 clearly isn't as good igl as he's bad in-game otherwise new g2 would work :) Look at the stats a bit and stop thinking about the past glory.
2018-08-17 07:36
"IGL's are overrated" Na'Vi after kicking Zeus said the same LUL
2018-08-17 08:10
bump 2nd account
2018-08-17 08:11
kio apex zywoo hadji jackz
2018-08-17 08:10
im agree kio always, but why u kicked shox? roflanHater?
2018-08-17 10:01
im not hater, i made a team from players who u can buy pretty ez, dont think g2 will sell shox
2018-08-17 10:30
im thoed we just created dreamteam. so, from this perspective, this looks really good
2018-08-17 10:31
Poland Friim 
KennyS- sniper Zywoo - entry APEX - Lurker Shox - rifler Ex6tenz - IGL
2018-08-17 08:12
- ex6tenz + ScreaM or anyone who can actually shoot the rifles and doesn't make retarded decisions in-game Shox can IGL again.
2018-08-17 09:42
France ManuelFerrara 
shox IGL = retarded thats the whole reason of french cs struggle since months/years
2018-08-17 09:49
Still a better option than having a literal bot in the team.
2018-08-17 09:50
France ManuelFerrara 
no, ex6 is doing good, I must agree he is below average but it is important to have a real in game leader, even if he sometimes underperforms
2018-08-17 10:03
This is absolutely not true, one player can drag the whole team down.
2018-08-17 10:06
France ManuelFerrara 
then explain me why Faze started to become relevant when they added a real igl while they always had been a puggy playstyle team? karrigan is dogshit, zeus is dogshit but still their team are top2 and top3 in the world...
2018-08-17 10:08
the old G2, just -smitzz and +kenny ez
2018-08-17 09:53
Germany remind00 
kennyS ex6 ZyWoo NBK RpK bench ScreaM ( because he is only for 6/12 months good a year) best possible lineup shox is old and always brings trouble to french teams ZyWoo is young and fresh
2018-08-17 09:58
no kio = no wins
2018-08-17 09:59
kio(no kio = no wins) shox zywoo(young talented player) igl expect happy apex. maaaaybe scream but im really dont sure
2018-08-17 09:58
Denmark Lev1ce 
scream shox kennys mixwell kio igl kio or shox -mixwell +zywoo maybe
2018-08-17 10:15
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