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Lquid at major
Lithuania sqvar3 
Will they reach major final and choke ?
2018-08-18 00:23
gonna choke like all lithuanian players
2018-08-18 00:27
We no scene country but somehow have top 20 core. Frenches not doing great imb4 ex6 major curse srrikes. Also Esperanto= zywooo
2018-08-18 00:35
2018-08-18 00:40
Dude legit don't remeber when french team won event.
2018-08-18 00:42
Don't compare espiranto to zywoo plz
2018-08-18 00:43
Well we will see how he do in t2 lans.
2018-08-18 00:46
yes we will see how lithuanian team in t2 lans..... oh no yeah no scener you have no team xD
2018-08-18 00:47
LUL dude stop cry plz cause at least France won a major ^^ and lithuania won what ? nothing LUL
2018-08-18 00:43
Im not crying. I actually like French scene lol.
2018-08-18 00:55
Finland raivokkuus 
I hate to be that guy, but Imperial are ranked #21 so technically not top 20
2018-08-18 00:46
Well that sucks.
2018-08-18 00:55
They'll climb the rankings soon, dw
2018-08-18 02:01
United Kingdom galaxzy 
they go 2-3 at major qualifier and lose to Spirit 23-25
2018-08-18 00:41
Estonia VeTox 
i have seen this before
2018-08-18 00:49
United Kingdom galaxzy 
2018-08-18 00:52
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2018-08-18 00:52
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