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New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
NEO | 
Macedonia ElGanchoK1NG 
The new (possible) French roster can work out: So DeKay posted something about a new incoming French roster consisting of Happy, ZywOo, apEX, NBK- and RpK.. After the French scene and shuffles rotating around the exact same players, we finally have fresh blood in the name of ZywOo.. the guy is really good, he proved himself against lower tier competition and won FPL multiple times so I'm sure he can do good against tier 1 opponents.. And besides that it's not like there is any other decent AWPer in France rn.. If NBK- is ready and wants to play with some of these players he is the best addition to this roster.. He has some IGL experience from G2, and with the help of Happy he can become a great leader..apEX is a great entry fragger known for his fearless style and can bring a lot within the team Happy can help with his experience as an IGL and he will most likely be the lurk/second AWPer for the team.. we all know that he is a great lurk.. And there is RpK as an all around great and calm player who I think won't have any problems with the players and playing with them.. The French scene is a mess.. if people forget about their problems with each other and start working together there can be 2-3 decent t1/t2 teams.. TLDR: This team can be rly good ======================================= Twitter: @ElGanchoK1NG =======================================
2018-08-18 00:30
Org TempoStorm?
2018-08-18 00:31
DeKay said Vitality.. but TS have been trying out french players so it can be TS as well
2018-08-18 00:42
best french team : -tk78 -Arouf Gangsta -KQLY - Hamza - PNL
2018-08-18 00:32
No! Efrog best french team ever!
2018-08-18 00:51
2018-08-18 00:51
I mean just NpK is worth like 2 players NBK+RpK=NpK.. not to mention other legends haha
2018-08-18 00:54
France ManuelFerrara 
dekay lol, neLendirekt knew everything first, he knows them personally
2018-08-18 00:44
he sucks their dick too ?
2018-08-18 00:46
France ManuelFerrara 
nan c'est le job de ta daronne ça
2018-08-18 00:47
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN very very very sale Xd BIG argument coming from a 12 yo
2018-08-18 00:48
France ManuelFerrara 
j'avoue que c'était petit comme réponse comme ta bite
2018-08-18 00:49
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN AGAIN OMG THIS GUY IS UNTSTOPPABLE OMAGAD !!!!!! go to rap contenders dude you gonna be the best
2018-08-18 00:52
I saw it from him, so i said it was him.. i mean its not like that small detail is worth criticizing
2018-08-18 00:52
France ManuelFerrara 
yes I ain't blaming you Don't worry, it just makes me laugh that DeKay acts like he is the one who knew about it first or smth
2018-08-18 00:59
Yeah, neL is french right? Bc when there is smth about french scene he is always the first one talking haha
2018-08-18 01:08
this team can be good as long as NBKry doesnt fuck the tema over with his ego and hapy doesnt turn into a bot
2018-08-18 00:52
Yeah, france has a lot of talent, but as i said french shuffles are with the same players.. shox, nbk,apex,kenny,ex6,smithzz, rpk, happy and someone else from time to time
2018-08-18 00:56
African Union slaking 
Its the same in every country wtf
2018-08-18 10:05
Only 1 t1 french team allowed. Can G2 rise again or leftovers with fresh blood takes over.
2018-08-18 00:58
They can make 2-3 teams as good as north for example.. can be counted as t1 at their peak otherwise, t1.5-t2, And about what u said g2 will prob be the team that will rise.. others dont have a good leader and good chemistry
2018-08-18 01:07
If Kenny and shox both performs above average. This team can do damage.
2018-08-18 01:30
Yeah, kenny is performing, now only shox needs to step up big
2018-08-18 01:32
They both inconsistent imo. I hope ex6 system makes best of them.
2018-08-18 01:43
Yeah, my only problem is smithzz, i rly like him, but dude isnt good enough.. i think he needs to grind hard to at least try to keep up with other players
2018-08-18 01:53
lol do u remember fnatic vs nip finals ?
2018-08-18 01:21
nice read my friend Mr ElGanchoK1NG, my post about this will be up tomorrow
2018-08-18 01:05
Hahah i hope you liked it, looking forward to your post mr happy_2_major_niko_0_major
2018-08-18 01:07
United States JustBitsy 
I really do hope that NBK is lead and not Happy.
2018-08-18 01:13
France ManuelFerrara 
Nbk will lead
2018-08-18 01:16
United States JustBitsy 
2018-08-18 01:39
It will be NBK, but Happy can help him with his many years of igling behind him
2018-08-18 01:20
United States JustBitsy 
I don't doubt Happy's mind for the game so it definitely will help.
2018-08-18 01:40
United States FlagMaster 
This team reminds me of the 2014 LDLC pre-shuffle team where they got top 4 at Cologne despite being the “#2 French team”
2018-08-18 01:49
United States FlagMaster 
Also top 8 at katowice
2018-08-18 01:49
I wasnt watching cs back then but wasnt it VP - LGB, and NiP - dig as top 4 Edit: u corrected urself, all okay
2018-08-18 01:52
They beat vp in quarters Edit wrote before u edited
2018-08-18 02:14
Im talking bout kato and u talking bout cologne haha.. nvm we got the point
2018-08-18 09:52
Greece hekzy 
My favourite team ever, rip KQLY
2018-08-18 10:02
But efrog>>>>>ldlc xD
2018-08-18 10:04
Kio >>>>>>>>> rpk he has been terrible since the year started and wasnt fragging very good in nv academy either
2018-08-18 02:16
But NBK would choose RpK over kio
2018-08-18 09:52
African Union slaking 
We already know why he was terrible, he said that he can perform only when the team have a structured way to play cs and in the nv with hadji and kio they didnt had any structure
2018-08-18 10:08
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