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Is the CZ75 OP?
ropz | 
Canada deadass 
I havent been active in CSGO/hltv for a few weeks. I see a general consensus that the CZ is op but it seems fine to me? Why do people think its op? its been nerfed enough
2018-08-18 02:13
25x better than rek9 5x better than the five seven i think every pistol (except deag) should be at p259 level or worse
2018-08-18 02:18
Canada Timings 
P259, how do I get that?
2018-08-18 05:59
Bulgaria Pixeland 
2018-08-18 15:16
Canada Timings 
Wow toxic
2018-08-19 01:36
Bulgaria Pixeland 
2018-08-19 01:50
Canada Timings 
2018-08-19 03:29
u can still frag 3 or more armored people with 1 mag, for 500 bucks.
2018-08-18 02:26
You can do that with a usp too
2018-08-18 02:28
not within like 2 seconds doe
2018-08-18 02:29
Why didnt you say that then
2018-08-18 02:50
Canada Timings 
Well that is not harder to do at all.
2018-08-18 06:00
Croatia Hbq 
the rapid fire of the CZ in a short range is an ez kill
2018-08-18 02:25
Canada Timings 
Bursting medium/long range works exceptionally too.
2018-08-18 06:01
Denmark Xipingu 
No. /close
2018-08-18 02:53
Not really imo, just learn to properly play anti-force better.
2018-08-18 03:01
not op but far better than any other pistol aside from the deag at long range
2018-08-18 03:09
The problem with the cz is that it continuously win versus all the other guns in the game despite the fact that Valve keep nerfing it. It's not supposed to be used/work on long distances yet you see people use it for that all the time and it works far better than it should. People have said this since csgo came out but it's as true now is it ever was; a pistol (that barely cost you any money) should NEVER have an advantage over an opponent who's on a full-buy with armor and everything. But the really strange thing about the cz is that it's not even a pistol really, it's a very small smg. It should never even have been in the pistol category, it should have been in the smg category. I say buff it (maybe), increase the price and move it to the smg category.
2018-08-18 03:15
Canada PwnNewb 
no way...ruins point of it
2018-08-18 03:20
What is the point of it?
2018-08-18 03:21
Canada PwnNewb 
to bring a strong gun for forcebuys etc
2018-08-18 03:40
I disagree. I dont think that Valve would intentionally create a gun specifially for forcebuys. Forcebuys are not necessarily part of the actual game, it's just a common strategy that people use. Forcebuys are not even a good thing. You are not supposed to win/have an advantage with a forcebuy, it's desperate last resort. You are on a forcebuy/eco for a reason, it's to punish you for not playing well enough when you had rifles and snipers. This game would look ridiculous if it was just a constant trade of rounds and where it doesn't matter if you are on an eco or a fullbuy. Sure, you should be able to kill someone with just a pistol but you should never have an advantage over a fullbuy. That's what the whole thing is about and it's also why the cz is in such a strange position.
2018-08-18 15:13
Canada PwnNewb 
so you think cz is = or better than a rifle?
2018-08-18 15:16
I'm not sure what exactly you mean but I see people win against aks and m4s with a cz all the time. Even fights that they shouldn't win, on long distances or even if the rifle shot first, the cz wins far to much for comfort. You can even see it in the pro scene. Remember that not so long ago, the cz was infamous in the community and known by most people as the ''pocket ak''. Thankfully, Valve did change that at least. Edit I read your comment again and now I know what you mean. I read it the wrong way the first time.
2018-08-18 15:28
Snax | 
United Kingdom LFX 
Imo they need to nerf the running accuracy w it u can outgun an ak if u run strafe at him
2018-08-18 03:28
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
+1 increase running accuracy, lower rng/spread/less random recoil
2018-08-18 03:49
Poland Htcobakel 
Valve nerfed CZ so you don't kill somebody after hit one headshot. You need one more hit in body to kill. For me it's fair now. Atm IMO CZ is balanced.
2018-08-18 03:49
Dominican Republic Tacred 
I think is perfect, cuz you can use CZ to hold sites and do pretty well but in long distances, it sucks against rifles (almost everytime)... in force buy rounds is perfect and in save round too, it gives the game an opportunity to win fights against better weapons. I don't know how to explain it xD
2018-08-18 05:49
five seven is better i prefer tec9 over cz too, won more rounds with it than with cz
2018-08-18 06:04
If they add some recoil or lower damage cud be better
2018-08-18 06:16
ropz | 
Canada deadass 
damage is already fucked, cant even 1 hit kill anymore with armour my changelist : Lower firerate to 535 from 600rpm Change kill reward to $300 (default) Slightly speed up draw animation (not how it started, a middle ground between now and then) price increase to $650.
2018-08-19 01:44
Yeah, not sure about the fire rate, cos it's gonna be too slow then. Also, the price change is still insignificant tbh.
2018-08-19 01:56
2018-08-19 03:38
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