2018-08-19 01:39
Netherlands shavedballsack 
stick to one or 2 pairs by dude.
2018-08-19 01:39
France Nez_Aigre 
2018-08-19 15:54
Poland HotMuslim 
are you trans or women? only women have more than 2 pair of shoes
2018-08-19 01:39
lmao i got 4
2018-08-19 15:22
considering #33 he's most likely a kid with rich parents and inferiority complex. i don't see any other reasons to post a list of fucking sneakers on a computer game forum.
2018-08-19 17:06
you only need like 4 pairs my dude, waste of money.
2018-08-19 01:40
No for each day a week you need a different shoe.
2018-08-19 01:42
friendly advice, save your shoe money and invest it into something. Invest in your education or safe stocks. You're welcome.
2018-08-19 01:45
Nepal hpbaxx 
expecting someone with 14 pairs of shoes to invest into education or stocks
2018-08-19 01:54
I know, but maybe just maybeee he'll listen to some reason. Just because of that i'm willing to give good advice.
2018-08-19 01:56
Brush u only need 1-2 pairs of shoes only fucked up people need to have 1 for everyday
2018-08-19 04:21
2018-08-19 01:40
0/8 only off white shoes are good in this collection
2018-08-19 01:41
+air max sean wotherspoon
2018-08-19 01:43
Philippines legbreaker 
1/8 the OWs are cool but paying resell for V2 yeezys when no one cares anymore is an L the last 2 are trash, anything that isnt nike adidas or vans is ass
2018-08-19 01:42
Got all the Yeezys for retail so idc. I only paid resale for the OW 97s and OG Prestos.
2018-08-19 01:43
only :D
2018-08-19 02:32
why wear expensive watershoes? (balenciaga)
2018-08-19 01:43
they are propably the cheapest ones (yeezys might be cheaper) from the collection
2018-08-19 02:34
Cheapest were acutally the white OW prestos or 97/1 SWs.
2018-08-19 12:34
that meens you got the for retail but i you consider resell prizes...
2018-08-19 12:48
I guess yeezys are the cheapest right now :D
2018-08-19 12:55
you just need the triple s and off white jordans to complete THE hypebeast collection
2018-08-19 01:46
I had the UNC 1's but sold them for 700€ a week ago. Also im not a big fan of the triple S.
2018-08-19 01:46
I think the first red/white off white jordans is the best pair out of all the off whites together with the prestos. I'm not a big fan of yeezys or hyped items in general, but one can't deny that you have a good collection if you're into that sort of thing. Can't hate on that. Personally I like the wotherspoons best tho
2018-08-19 01:51
Seans are my favorite rn too.
2018-08-19 01:53
They're also the least played out pair. Too many kids on the gucci aces and speed trainers rn
2018-08-19 01:54
yeah the chicagos are best ones but 1000 euros
2018-08-19 02:36
1k? Show me them for 1k ill buy them right now. They are close to 2k DS.
2018-08-19 12:24
havent checked thw price in a while and i would be completly fine with normal chicagos cuz they are dope af
2018-08-19 12:46
2018-08-19 01:47
all overpriced and ugly
2018-08-19 01:50
natu | 
Finland sadmen 
u are either super gay or grill
2018-08-19 01:53
2018-08-19 12:40
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Cool, now pic them one next to other on your room and I'm down to rate.
2018-08-19 01:53
Its not like its impossible to have an expensive collection. I haven't kept ledger but i spend approximately 3k euros per year on cigarettes and alcohol. (pack a day: 5e *365= 1825e and case of beer per week: 25e *52 = 1300e). Can't even imagine how much alcohol costs for people who visit bars regularily, for me an average bar night costs around 80euros with taxies and fastfood cost included.
2018-08-19 02:29
United States CousinBilly 
Do you want lung cancer or something?
2018-08-19 02:49
Its pretty common to smoke pack a day, at least among the people i know to smoke. According to HIM singer Ville Valo's biography, he smokes average of 4 packs a day :/ Maybe Finns smoke more than americans?
2018-08-19 02:52
United States CousinBilly 
I dont see how there are any benefits to it. It just proves people who smoke are weaker than those who dont. They are so bad at fixing their issues that they need things that will do worse for them in the future to solve them. We dont really smoke cigs in america. No one really under 25 smokes.
2018-08-19 02:54
United States CousinBilly 
The only people u ever see smoking are like 35+
2018-08-19 02:54
Oh, thats pretty good. I think in Finland people under ~20 don't really smoke. I was a bit late to that train i guess :) And when it comes to benefits, everyone knows there are none. Its just that the habit is hard to stop without proper motivation. "Why not continue? i have done just fine up till now and its proper pain in the ass to stop"
2018-08-19 02:59
United States CousinBilly 
You dont typically get lung cancer until u get in your older years. So the whole doing fine point is really dumb. I respect you though and hope you find a way to stop soon.
2018-08-19 03:00
Yeah, i 100% agree the doing fine point is dumb. But that's how people are wired i guess :/ Nobody i know has ever developed lung cancer, might be different story if someone in my parents/grandparents circles caught it. Young people tend to consider themselves immortal, "its not gonna happen to me" etc.
2018-08-19 03:03
Lithuania ateivis 
No wonder why everyone takes ferry to Estonia lol
2018-08-19 15:11
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Man these sean wotherspoons look sick 10/10
2018-08-19 01:54
1/8 i didn't bother checking them all but seems like you have some sort of overpriced sneaker fetish, and you're making yourself look like a jersey shore guido with gucci sandals. Atleast get a pair of proper leather shoes.
2018-08-19 01:54
I've got 2 leather designer sneakers and a pair of BV Chelsea boots. Don't need more.
2018-08-19 01:55
They werent in your picture collection i suppose?
2018-08-19 01:57
Gucci and MMMs were. BV weren't.
2018-08-19 01:58
jkaem | 
Lithuania GayPride 
BV Chelsea boots OMEGALUL faggot confirmed
2018-08-19 02:00
I think they are the single pair of shoes in his collection that look good :/ Those gucci sneakers come close but i'm not a fan of silly snake pictures, or the brand/imago gucci has.
2018-08-19 02:08
Sandals Gucci AHAHAHAHAHA u mad dude so much money to spend on overrated shoes
2018-08-19 02:00
Out of curiosity, how much did your collection cost?
2018-08-19 02:08
Dunno tbh.
2018-08-19 02:22
Any idea how long these designer shoes last in use? Do they have any reselling value? I have met men who collect brand watches and women who collect brand purses. They re-sell pretty well without really wearing out either. If designer shoes have similar "investing capabilities" i'll start looking at shoe fanatics in new light :/
2018-08-19 02:45
Czech Republic prokda 
Dawg dont believe him he didnt prove shit he just posted some links
2018-08-19 03:20
7/10 too much hype and no jordans + are those gucci ace sneakers as bad as people say ?
2018-08-19 02:38
Heard some people saying that the leather on the heel support starts to fray in a couple of wears, but I'm still not confident enough to say that's how it is as the person got a replacement pair from boutique.
2018-08-19 03:43
Brazil IguiN 
Damn you're rich bro. (o.o)
2018-08-19 02:36
Czech Republic prokda 
because he posted some links? xd
2018-08-19 03:13
Brazil IguiN 
Well, i assume it is true .-.
2018-08-19 07:05
2018-08-19 12:25
Czech Republic prokda 
1:1 succ
2018-08-19 12:41
Portugal R0cketOG 
0/10 Seriously, no baiting, but you choose the ugliest designs, even for classics like air Max, plus you only own sport shoes, Wich is ok if: A) you are a teen B) you are a PE teacher (then again you would probably want to have a pair of proper pair of classic shoes)
2018-08-19 02:47
Canada PwnNewb 
no man I dream of being a PE teacher and I would never get that ugly pair of air max 97s...there are so many nice colors they come in and he still fucks them up somehow...so even if only wanna have sport shoes can't have UGLY AF ONES
2018-08-19 04:20
Portugal R0cketOG 
Agree with you. In fact that's what I wrote. Being a PE teacher is an excuse to have sport shoes only, but I still think he chose the ugliest ones, even for classics.
2018-08-19 04:26
Canada PwnNewb 
its like he tried to spend as much $ as possible for the ugliest ones possible...i hope he is just memeing
2018-08-19 04:36
Korea KasPro 
me likey
2018-08-19 03:14
Czech Republic prokda 
Prove it fool
2018-08-19 03:15
African Union fgxnNn 
beluga-2-0 wins it, myfavo one :) thats why i bought it 2x
2018-08-19 03:16
Not like I don't believe you, but I'd prefer you posting a picture. Also, which ones did you cop yourself and which were bought from resellers If any?
2018-08-19 03:37
abload.de/img/img_9347wdiva.jpg Copped all expect of the OG Prestos and OW 97s for retail.
2018-08-19 12:29
Good, still don't get what people like in 97 SW.
2018-08-19 15:06
Best shoe of 2018 tbh
2018-08-19 15:47
2018-08-19 03:46
Is stockX the best place to get OW nikes?
2018-08-19 03:58
Not for EU, taxes. These guys have a physical store in London and somwhere else in Europe: presentedbyklekt.com
2018-08-19 04:31
Get them from Facebook groups like Sneaker Myth or local ones.
2018-08-19 12:18
Canada PwnNewb 
1/8 for taste, 4/8 for practical use cause at least didn't buy cheap trash you can't use
2018-08-19 04:19
Czech Republic Frostw3r 
0/8 you didnt even have one of them, lul
2018-08-19 04:20
Balenciaga, Gucci Sandal, Nike x Off-white ones, Maison Margiela All are ugly as fuck. Probably you just bought them coz the hype. Yeezy Boost is overrated. Air Force 97 is ok. The Gucci sneakers are great. Probably the unique pretty piece from Gucci, and overrated luxury brand for stupid people.
2018-08-19 04:38
0/8 real photos or fake
2018-08-19 07:08
2018-08-19 12:25
culture vulture, damn why do eu kids think they r black or american.
2018-08-19 07:15
Almost all of these brands are European, so if anything black people want to flex their riches in white man goods
2018-08-19 12:22
lol,i only see addias and nikes,and we all know if black ppl never wore those guccis and stuff,these wiggers,hippies,and dork wont buy them.
2018-08-19 19:49
I agree that white kids wear it because of their black idols, but all the American rappers rap about driving in Paris in European cars wearing European watches and designer brands. They are heavily "advertising" Europe, so let's not make it a continental thing. But thanks for doing it, cus Lord knows Europeans CAN'T RAP.
2018-08-19 20:10
You know the person is a retard when he has gucci flipflops and a pair of sneakers.
2018-08-19 12:37
nerd shoes. you nerds have no style. bad looks and bad style go hand in hand.
2018-08-19 12:39
way2sexy | 
Belgium wiikz 
Wanna buy my Semi Frozen? :D
2018-08-19 12:49
Nope Yeezys are dead tbh. Only Yeezy I want is the 700.
2018-08-19 12:55
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
most of these shoes look fucking retarded i cant belive people actually pay hundreds of dollars for these. just why?
2018-08-19 12:58
These shoes aren't my choice either, but in their defence they do look different & fun, at the cost of elegancy. I'm not a fan of big brand logos either, makes it feel like you are advertising the clothes rather than the clothes advertizing you. (gucci, dolcegabbana, louis vuitton, nike, adidas, hellyhansen etc love to put their big ass logo somewhere). The actually nice looking bottega veneta boots arent in the picture :(
2018-08-19 15:32
Ukraine petruska 
1/8 superstars are best
2018-08-19 13:09
Turkey rumpis 
farfetch.com/de/shopping/men/maison-marg.. LOL wtf is this awful gay shit
2018-08-19 15:25
worst one from "his" collection
2018-08-19 15:29
He did post a picture of all the shoes :/
2018-08-19 15:44
ok worst one of his collection than
2018-08-19 15:45
Not gonna deny that, but its a tough competition for whats worst :D
2018-08-19 15:51
Looks like a baby shoe, maybe he can’t tie his laces yet
2018-08-19 19:22
2018-08-19 15:30
How old are you?
2018-08-19 15:35
2018-08-19 15:47
Czech Republic prokda 
expected yeezys are for lil kids
2018-08-19 15:51
Air Prestos and Maison Margielas are gross but the rest are really nice. Nice collection overall :)
2018-08-19 15:55
Europe topkekkker 
2018-08-19 16:54
Nice collection for 12 yo not trolling
2018-08-19 19:23
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