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Learn from Brazil
Belarus hltv_slayer I know EU betacocks are masters at talking shit about brazilians,but here is something EU guys could learn from them. EU guys are such a beta population these days that in 50 years there will be a khalifat under sharia laws. But still these women talk shit about brazil,russia,china
2018-08-19 19:00
What's wrong with sharia law???
2018-08-19 19:01
Russia deadforest 
It's not Swedish.
2018-08-19 19:37
Ukraine kek1 
Br did a great job I dont care alpha or beta
2018-08-19 19:02
Japan Toyot@ 
Just sad. I thought Brazilians were warm people and tolerant. Lost all respect.
2018-08-19 19:03
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Stvn_ 
Only with white immigrants. Brazil is racist as fuck.
2018-08-19 19:05
i have to agree with you loool , not only black or poor immigrants for example here in my city a lot of people don't like northeast and north people hahaha
2018-08-19 19:08
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Stvn_ 
You're from RS, SP or PR, right?
2018-08-19 19:09
curitiba ** hahaha
2018-08-19 19:10
Brazil PrettyMuchIt 
We have reason to dislike Northeast people, they only like partying and are noisy af. Tbh South + SP + MG and the rest is trash.
2018-08-19 19:13
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Stvn_ 
Your second phrase doesn't make sense at all. About the first, xenophobia is never justifiable. But i don't really care if you hate them as long as you do not harm them. Peace
2018-08-19 19:21
Brazil PrettyMuchIt 
"xenophobia is never justifiable" So now you just make up premises? Almost everything is justifiable if put in context. I live in a midsize city in PR, and last year some people from Northeast started coming here. I'm not making this up, they just started seeling stuff in the middle of the streets, throwing all kinds of garbage in it, the city just became full of trash, literally. They turn on loud music (forro), these people are actually worthless.
2018-08-19 19:23
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Stvn_ 
Yeah... Those are idiotic indeed, but they don't represent every Northeastern. Northeast region have 9 different states with alot of dfferent habits, bro. It's impossible to everyone be good nor bad. I know alot of people from alot of places around the country and there are nice and annoying people everywhere. Just don't let that prevent you to know nice people.
2018-08-19 19:33
fnx | 
Brazil vtrrrr1 
dude, you are a subhuman who lives in sao paulo, shut the fuck up.
2018-09-04 05:36
ppl from northeast sucks, they're dumb.
2018-08-19 20:12
i dont see anything to learn
2018-08-19 19:16
Europe cArn5 
Its not about Turkey
2018-08-19 19:44
2018-08-19 19:56
I know geography is not something teach in Americas but, just in case : countries were immigrants are coming from don't share a border with EU (except Brazilian immigrants with France, but we use shotguns to stop them).
2018-08-19 19:20
What has geography to do with that post? Its not about which borders your country has. Its about how people in Brazil are willing to protect their own culture, their own country. You beta cucks in France do not even have more than 3 REAL french men on your national team, stop talking bullshit
2018-08-20 05:58
Read again the article : "Residents of Brazilian border town attack Venezuelan immigrants" Still nothing to do with borders? Are you sure?
2018-08-20 08:02
The main tjing I am trying to say is that at least they fight back. EU do fight back? Hell no. People from africa come by gummy boats to the open gates
2018-08-20 08:28
Why would we fight back? It is more cheap workers for us, and better life for them. Win win
2018-08-24 09:31
Brazil is the most racist country in the world and i like that.
2018-08-19 19:23
Euro cucks are beta its been confirmed
2018-08-19 19:36
Europe cArn5 
2018-08-19 19:43
Croatia Hbq 
Ofc we are beating these fokers brazil is surrounded by poor countries, but BOLSONARO 2018 will stop these venezuelans from coming.
2018-08-19 20:02
Greece deST) 
Are you sure you wish to report this thread? Ok
2018-08-20 06:03
United States TriHardSeven 
BR, why isn't your border being protected??
2018-08-20 06:11
Croatia Hbq 
cuz most of the politics are leftist, but this will change, BOLSONARO 2018 this year
2018-08-20 08:30
2018-08-20 08:32
Ukraine d1m1tr1 
Brazil looks like a imigrants wtf wrong with br ?
2018-09-04 05:39
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