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Myth or does it actually have benefits?
2018-08-19 22:59
Fapping does have benefits Zero risk of stds No prostate cancer
2018-08-19 23:00
2018-08-19 23:00
Ukraine crmax 
If you're like 12 to 18, it's definitely important for you to explore your sexuality and your body, so Fap. It has benefits for your testosterone making etc. But if you are older that 18 for example, it would be definitely healthier to fap like a once a week. It's never healthy to not fap at all. If you fap once a week, your testosterone flow is 100%, and it's proven that your testosterone is highest in like 7th day of not fapping, then it's slowly decreasing/stagnating again. You should fap then.
2018-08-19 23:03
Ukraine crmax 
Remeber, fapping is not the problem, porn is. It's very healthy to have a schedule and fap just with yourself, without watching porn. That's the best you can do. And if you can, sex with another human, is the best obviously.
2018-08-19 23:04
Ukraine crmax 
Testosterone is very important for your confidence, energy flow and other things. So fapping everyday and keeping it low is not very good obviously.
2018-08-19 23:06
United States BigmacAttack 
this is hltv, sex with another human doesnt happen here
2018-08-19 23:10
wrong, everyday i have sex with my boyfriend jason
2018-08-19 23:12
Expected from a monkey
2018-08-20 10:54
ur pulling stuff out of your ass. nofap has literally no benefits other than maybe some discipline but u can also get that from other stuff (like gym). fapping is important because it's healthy and you wont get prostate cancer from it
2018-08-19 23:06
Ukraine crmax 
wtf, that's what I said?
2018-08-19 23:06
No it doesn't and you should avoid it. Results: You will get much more boosted in terms of inner energy. You will become more confident and focused in real life. You will be more motivated in terms of real relationships + seducing/pickuping girls. Your sexual stamina will become stronger. You can last longer. You can better control your sexual behaviour and will not be like a sexually concerned/anxious. Have regular sex.
2018-08-19 23:08
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
The last thing I want is debating with someone on here Yes, I’m pretty sure it works. But it doesn’t work without a consequence. Nofap alone IS NOT going to change your life. But if you apply it AS you conquer new challenges, as you conquer new routines and mindsets, it does help you. Laying in bed fapping vs not fapping doesn’t mean anything. But if you use your sexual energy and apply it for something else, there you have your benefits.
2018-08-19 23:09
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
If you dont have normal sexual activities, then no. So since you have a hltv account -> its a myth
2018-08-19 23:17
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
If you see your self doing it every 5 hours then it can be beneficial
2018-08-20 10:45
by fapping you will be less horny and thus able to focus on things that actually matter
2018-08-20 10:49
Sweden newerth4nu 
ModerateFap > NoFap
2018-08-20 10:51
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