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Happy | 
Other Master_Baiter 
Is this guy retarded?? calling c9 major win was hacks xD AS if , they admins are noobs, crowd are blind, and viewers are dumb, and oppo team faze be like "ok c9 u guys use hack and win this major" , and the AC in their PC is shit, and camera on their PC is watching somewhere else. only smart guy in this world u found them using hack is Him. LOL How stupid a guy can be?? really? and beginning he had like viewers from silver - MGE level, who beleived him , Now there are only silver 1 - silver 4 who trust him so much, just look at those utube comments xD =================================================================== With regards, Master_baiter , i will see u on this website A little bit later
2018-08-20 08:51
Who'd even watch that shit? You even more retarded than retards you watching by watching them in the first place..
2018-08-20 08:54
my friend gave this link, claiming Dan M has some soild proofs, and i got baited
2018-08-20 08:57
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
You mad because C9 exposed?
2018-08-20 08:56
u mad , coz silver? xD
2018-08-20 08:57
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
Nono me easy Dan M knows, you should listen and learn.
2018-08-20 08:58
ya right
2018-08-20 09:10
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
stewie is really fishy at times tbh
2018-08-20 08:56
2018-08-20 09:10
dont talk about daddy like that
2018-08-20 08:58
daddy of all bois, bois , bois
2018-08-20 09:09
Dan M is like that infowars tard.. only morons believe them, but they're somewhat decent entertainers/know how to work their respective crowds.
2018-08-20 09:00
who is even sponsoring this guy xd
2018-08-20 09:09
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
> Sharing his content >Ask who is sponsoring 8/8 retardness
2018-08-20 09:25
wow i got 8/8 ty
2018-08-20 09:32
World STEEN_ 
2018-08-20 09:36
Dan M is top1 silver/gold HLTV/Reddit user. Same IQ, same knowledge about the game, same bullshit
2018-08-20 09:44
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