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Europe aNCIOn 
Is it worth waiting like 2 months for new intel cpus or do I get 8600k for €240 right now ? I only have around 250€ for a cpu regardless so unless new cpus are cheap or they make prices of current cpus drop I don't think it's worth waiting
2018-08-21 00:49
China wusif 
the performance increase you'll get for $260 in 2 months from now will be negligble
2018-08-21 01:44
United States small__dude 
id just wait, theres not gonna be a performance increase but theres a good chance it'll last longer
2018-08-21 01:46
Poland HotMuslim 
buy now and send it back to amazon when the new ones come out
2018-08-21 01:46
XigN | 
Korea BeastFeed 
IT here, just get one of the current CPUs. The newer ones will be expensive due to Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow. Unless you’re very anal about information, just get one that’s out right now. The performance gap between current and future CPUs from Intel will be marginal at best.
2018-08-21 01:49
Ukraine kek1 
If you know how to oc then wait when i7 8700k is gonna be cheap If you dont know then just take i5 8400
2018-08-21 01:51
If you're just playing vidya then CPU's ain't shit. There isn't really a perceptible difference between $150 and $500 current gen stuff at 1080p/med settings and especially not in esports titles like MOBAs and Quake and CS and so on.
2018-08-21 01:52
Europe aNCIOn 
playing pretty heavy games that are lagging me right now thats why Im upgrading
2018-08-21 04:09
What CPU do you have right now?
2018-08-21 04:37
Europe aNCIOn 
i5 4670k problem is also my gpu gtx 770 also i like to play smooth, 200fps+ at low graphics. can't stand playing lower than 120 on most games casue it feels unsmooth
2018-08-21 05:37
Your GPU is a bigger problem than your CPU mate... You should either upgrade both or neither as whichever one you don't upgrade will become a huge bottleneck. I'm in a similar situation myself where no matter what I upgrade it won't be a huge boost as something else will become a bottleneck.
2018-08-21 05:50
Europe aNCIOn 
ye I know but with gpu I will have to wait for price drop, while cpus are pretty fairly priced right now, I can get a nice ass cpu for 240€ right now. but obviously if it's gonna be lower priced or better cpus at same price are gonna come out in 2 months I might as well just wait
2018-08-21 07:55
Latvia melnraksts 
buy it now
2018-08-21 04:16
get a 2600x eidt: if you can
2018-08-21 07:56
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