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G2 and Shox
NBK- | 
United States Vix_NBK_FanBoy 
[HLTV Writers] I know shox has been apart of g2 for around 2 and half years give or take but its not all. lots of want to -SmithZz and -bodyy getting rid of smithZz is a very bad idea and would make the team so much worse and bodyy still needs time in t2 to full flesh himself out as a player imo what i actually think G2 needs to do is -shox -bodyy shox has ruined the last g2 lineup that had alot of potential and could have done so much, he has seemed to drop off alot as a player and as a teammate. i would rather +ScreaM +Kio ScreaM and kio have shown to play well together and everyone in this team has had seccuses with each otf the other players i think this lineup would be in every way better than the shox one due to have more constancy and less ego. -Vix_NBK_FanBoy
2018-08-21 01:59
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lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
2018-08-21 02:01
-Grammar mistakes -Dumb ideas -Uncreative usage of words and uncreative title Rating: 1/8 You need to improve your writing.
2018-08-21 07:52
I agree with -bodyy, and obviously you mean after the major, I've seen so many people be like "they lose major spot" and stuff. I think getting rid of shox would tear up the team, kennyS is there because of shox, smithzz is there because of shox, and ex6 is probably there because of shox too (unsure about that one). Dropping bodyy would allow scream to come in and bring back the shox/scream duo that made the pre-NBK/kennyS/Apex G2 so dominant. What do you think?
2018-08-21 02:06
PS. I think that the shox/scream duo would have much more impact that the kio/scream duo, nothing against kio but we've seen the powerhouse that scream and shox bring together
2018-08-21 02:08
So how about: Shox ScreaM KennyS Kio Ex6 All have carry potential (except Ex6). Thoughts? Been saying this lineup a while (although I think Ex6 is exchangeable since shox/ScreaM/kio all have igl experience. If you want you can do smithzz instead of Ex6 and now you Got 4 people who can all igl. )
2018-08-21 02:41
I think you'd have to drop ex6 if you want kio as well, the only reason this roster came to fruition in the first place is because shox wanted to play with smithzz, ScreaM has said in interviews he loves smithzz as a person and a player. Shox won't play without him so ex6 would have to go. If that were to happen I'd say smithzz should igl, he was the G2 coach afterall.
2018-08-21 02:45
Old old g2 with shox and scream..there’s an interview where shox says him scream and smithzz were all coigl. I think if smithzz is Main igl, shox can be freed up, and he can get help from ScreaM/shox/kio if need be. So I suppose the perfect roster would be: Shox ScreaM KennyS Kio Smithzz
2018-08-21 03:15
Yep Legendary Mid-round/clutch Amazing aimer/2nd entry Legendary probably best AWPer oat (not right now) and still in form AWPer Great roleplayer if he can remain motivated (entry) Solid supportive roleplayer that will do anything necessary to support his stars It has the necessary roles strong leadership in Ex6/shox that will be respected and shox can help with some aspects of calling. Supportive peices, star players SHOULD easily be top 5. I've been saying this for a while and I think it will happen after the major but bodyy just isnt talented enough or versatile enough to be on the best or even 2nd best French team.
2018-08-21 03:43
+1 Couldnt have said it better myself
2018-08-21 03:52
2018-08-21 03:54
well if you do that you have 3 players who demand all the room they can possibly get, imo it wont work, kenny and shox would never meet again
2018-08-21 02:09
I disagree, the G2 style with scream and shox could become their style again, kennyS filling the smithzz awping role but with more aggression, and ex6 and smithzz could fill the rest of the places
2018-08-21 02:19
that would be making the best awp/french player ever play a passive role and play nothing like he does.....that wouldn't work and would just make kennys worse
2018-08-21 02:20
it wouldn't make him worse, he'd be different. Yes his stats wouldn't be as insane, and i dont know kenny personally, but I'd assume he'd rather win and perform less, than lose. They've never been on the same team so we have nothing to compare it to, it's always been a shox for kenny, kenny for shox, or when kenny left titan scream replaced him. agree to disagree but i guess we'll see after the major
2018-08-21 02:32
they where in VG lineup for a few months that didnt go to much
2018-08-21 02:33
ScreaM and Kenny were but shox wasn't with them, shox joined when kenny left for LDLC
2018-08-21 02:36
You wouldn't weaken Kenny's role you would lessen screams and make him a 2nd entry where he still has advantages and doesn't have to sacrifice as much and can therefore still take favorable aim duels while also setting up the bigger stars on the team in Kenny and Shox
2018-08-21 03:44
2018-08-21 03:58
yes i agree, all 2016 g2 needed was a sniper. i was hoping to1nou would get a shot for that sweet Belgium roster but kenny is much better
2018-08-21 02:45
the best of all time you mean
2018-08-21 02:46
yeah for sure, thorin even said that if G2 "just got kennyS it would have been a blockbuster move" or something like that, and if i had a say i think it would have been the better move. RPK wasn't falling off till after the G2/NV trades, bodyy was playing eh, shox and scream were gods and kenny would have topped it all off
2018-08-21 02:48
Imo -bodyy +scream and/or -ex6 +kio Idk why show picked up nbk instead of scream back in 2017 or it should've been a much better G2.
2018-08-21 05:01
Shox probably wanted to play with KennyS which he hadn’t done before. NBK used KennyS as leverage and/or bought into the hype that NBK wasn’t a washed up player that he is. Original g2 was #2 in world with a bot as an awper...just needed KennyS
2018-08-21 05:25
+1 exactly!!!
2018-08-21 07:27
France Leskines 
Name's checkout
2018-08-21 02:13
how??? didnt even mention nbk, dont think he fits here
2018-08-21 02:15
Hungary R0TH 
Literally zero chance. I mean... If shox leaves, SmithZz does as well.
2018-08-21 02:20
im not saying its gonna happen..just wish it would
2018-08-21 02:22
Hungary R0TH 
Oh, gotcha.
2018-08-21 02:41
shox is ok, but he shouldnt be consider as star player, just average riffler but much better than two bots bodyy a smithz
2018-08-21 02:23
smithZz is playing better than shox and doing alot more for the team 0/8
2018-08-21 02:23
North America AlanSmith 
2018-08-21 02:41
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 Tell me that you are baiting please you cant be that biased and ignorant 0.87 playing better than Shox ok I dont want smithzz to be cut though, simply because of Shox who is the best French player in history of cs and we both know that they are a package deal ( tbh I dont know whether you do because if this nonsense youre saying, i'd guess that youre a newfag ( assuming this isnt bait )) and you all will be assured of his potential soon. DH Valencia showing signs of his dominance. The problem in G2 is the lack of the third star, bodyy isnt performing well enough since he is given a more free role. He is simply a below average player. What they need is someone like Kioshima
2018-08-21 02:47
he did good vs t2 i do know he has so much fucking potential butttt do you really think hes gonna hit it? and yes smithZz has been doing better, shox only killed stuff at DHV
2018-08-21 02:48
2018-08-21 02:50
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
You cant write him off after 2 events, if he continued to perform like those first two against t1 for a few more, I would agree with you. But you have to cut the man some slack, he hadnt played professionally for 4 months before those two tournies, he came back from a surgery and you have to understand that everyone needs time to find their groove back, he said he still feels some pain when playing for long periods of time, its not like the surgery never happened is it? Even if he was at 100% you'd still have to give him time for not playing for so long and he sad that he has mental problems in the game rn he mentioned he felt scared to do the things that made him the player he was and that he was too reserved and lacked confidence in his game after being out of it for so long, he got a mental coach after Cologne, and DH Valencia seemed to show a good sign, 1.43 against t2 while losing 3/5 maps against tier 2 is still impressive
2018-08-21 03:00
all those events before he step down mean nothing? or him destroying g2 ? k
2018-08-21 03:05
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
Before he stepped down he was freed from some of his igleading responsibilities and he was G2's best rated player for two t1 tournaments, the major and Katowice???? Before that he was overall the second best player after Kenny since Kenny, NBK and Apex joined. He was the second best rated player overall after Kenny while he was igleading what the fuck are you on about Ok you either have serious mental issues but it seems like more evidence to your baiting, whichever of the two I wish to no longer engage with discussion ls with you as i'd like to keep my brain cells intact, thanks.
2018-08-21 04:29
2018-08-21 02:47
2018-08-21 02:50
United States FlagMaster 
G2. KennyS- AWP Ex6- IGL SmithZz- Support Kio- Support/Lurk ScreaM- Entry Untitled CSGO Team (Cough SK Cough) Happy- Lurk/IGL RPK/Body- Support Zywoo- awp apEX- entry NBK- IGL/Support Shox-> mouz to replace Snax
2018-08-21 02:27
United States FlagMaster 
just my opinion, dont hate <3
2018-08-21 02:26
i dont like happy having any power over a team but everything else is very strong
2018-08-21 02:28
United States FlagMaster 
maybe Happy could secondary call, or even apEX could do that. NBK is a good player but his IGLing is a little rocky.
2018-08-21 03:07
i think its better than he gets credit for but hes only ever been one is the worst times possible
2018-08-21 03:35
+scream -botty
2018-08-21 02:38
See #21
2018-08-21 02:43
-shox -ex6 -boddy -smith +Happy +zywoo +nbk +scream Ex6 to coaching Top 1 ;)
2018-08-21 02:48
who would igl..cuse that makes or breaks the team
2018-08-21 02:49
2018-08-21 03:44
2018-08-21 03:57
Remind me who led all the best french teams in history, what IGL managed to win all the Majors France ever had?
2018-08-21 03:59
and who has been playing in t2-t3 for 2 years and still looks really bad? i respect what happy DID but those accomplishments dont matter right now with how shit he has became and it shows his style doesn't work
2018-08-21 04:01
If he's given the chance alike Kevin's he will be twice the EX6 could ever be. It's a humane factor, Ex6 was always shit and look at him now, doing good Now calculate it with Happy's achievements and skills YEAH
2018-08-21 04:02
he had scraem and kio and did fucking nothing with team and put scream as a fucking support yes happy is washed as shit and doesnt deserve a spot in a top french team as an igl atm
2018-08-21 04:03
SCREAM had to do what he was told, his mates didn't listen to him as mates should Of course nothing will work and the blame is on IGL When they listened to Happy, they used to win Majors Feminine french bitches are so pathetic Happy is #1 at the moment historically, the most prolific leader your country ever had
2018-08-21 04:04
that doesnt mean shit right now he has shown to be out of date and bad. sorry bruh
2018-08-21 04:06
Ex6 was any different? He was picked up because he's in a good relation with ass licker shox Now imagine Happy in his place That's it boy
2018-08-21 04:06
Macedonia nemanyacs 
the thing is you cant cut smithz and keep shox the reason smithz was coach is just bcs of that and thats why he is playing right now
2018-08-21 02:51
See #21 and that convo. Solves that problem.
2018-08-21 03:16
France uNLmofo 
Shox mvp at the major
2018-08-21 04:07
Need to get rid of bodyy for sure.. he does not fit.. Need some new blood n talent.. Not scream.. someone better skills.. scream does stupid shir.. as much as i want to see scream/shox reunite..
2018-08-21 04:35
France 1Faren 
Why would -smithzz be bad
2018-08-21 04:35
North America LedwigCS 
I wish we'd see a -SmithZz and -bodyy for +kio +Scream but we definitley know SmithZz isn't getting a boot. If we had to comprimise I'd say -bodyy for +Scream, and -Ex6TenZ for +kio possibly. I'm just unsure of how this would go over tbh with how touchy the French scene is.
2018-08-21 04:42
CeRq | 
Canada Timings 
Do you honestly think Smithzz is good?
2018-08-21 04:53
yes, its very oblivious
2018-08-21 04:57
Are you in fact part of HLTV Writers?
2018-08-21 07:34
from what i know im trialing
2018-08-21 07:39
Oh I see
2018-08-21 07:39
2018-08-21 07:39
Good luck, my friend and have a good day.
2018-08-21 07:41
you too my friend
2018-08-21 07:42
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
Because of french drama you cant make a proper team. Shox doesnt want to play with scream Smithz wont play without shox NBK wont play with shox or shox wont play with nbk List never ends... If they one day understand that in order to win big tournaments they are going to need the best players, they will have to stop acting like girls.
2018-08-21 07:47
NBK won't play again with Scream or Ex6, Shox will only never play with Happy again he will play with everyone.
2018-08-21 07:53
NBK will play with ex6, tried to get into the g2 team
2018-08-21 07:57
"lots of want to -SmithZz and -bodyy getting rid of smithZz is a very bad idea and would make the team so much worse" that's some hiqh quality arguement
2018-08-21 07:58
getting rid of smithZz would take away the 2nd best support player in france and a very strong tactical mind, somone who can keep everyone calm and egos down(ei..shox scream kenny ect) he also has very good skill inside the server and has shut down people like s1mple when hes in beast mode people who want to get rid of him do not know what they are talking about and need to not talk about the french scene. didnt think i needed to explain SmithZz value
2018-08-21 08:02
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